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  1. crossroads

    The decades are starting to blend together.
  2. crossroads

    I thought that this was going to be about the Ralph Macchio vehicle from 1996.
  3. Well, The Pioli Era Most Likely Over

    I don't know. They held an Elite Quarterback™ and his team to 3 field goals. That's gotta be worth something.
  4. White wide receivers

    I had Bill Schroeder on a team or two.
  5. The Wine List and bargain bin

    2010 Bila Haut Les Vignes de Bila Haut Cotes de Rousillon Villages My first Cote de Rousillon. Carignan, Grenache and Syrah. Dark red fruit. Chocolate. Fig. Very earthy. It needs a little more time. About 13 bucks.
  6. Its worked. Everyone on this planet knows that pink=breast cancer. Time to move on to something else. You don't know me, fool. You disown me, cool. How's my street cred now? I'd be surprised if a gay dude took offense to that.
  7. Hankk likes pink more than the next guy. But its gotten silly.
  8. What's the angle with the four weeks or whatever of the pink accessories? To your knowledge, has anyone wrote a check or volunteered or whatever after taking a gander at the St. Louis gay caballeros (with their striking pink sashes) or the like? Wouldn't it be better if the NFL just donated all of the $$$ that they spend on that gear? I'm giving respect to the players who are bucking the trend. That even includes that backward baseball cap wearing buffoon, Tony Romo. [And for you sensitive sorts, I have family and friends with cancer, etc. And I have black friends too.]
  9. Kevin Kolb

    The guy can't even spell his own name right.
  10. 40th Anniversary

  11. White wide receivers

    [JimmytheGreek] Its all about the breeding. [/JimmytheGreek]
  12. Rams and Cardinals Official Thread

    Blow me, Mr. three word post editor.