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  1. Here we go Team One Dillon or J. Jones Team Two Westbrook Not sure what I am going to do. I'm not inclined to bench any of those guys just yet, but last week has to make you think about it.
  2. Willie Parker over . . .

    On second thought, I don't care.
  3. Willie Parker over . . .

    I cry bs to whoever moved this. The emergence of Parker raises a dilemma for nearly everyone that owns him. It is probably THE issue of week 2. I thought that it might prove insightful for some of us to discuss this. I thought the main NFL Fantasy Football forum was one in which, in part, we were to discuss "hot topics." If you can show me a hotter one than this at the moment, please enlighten me.
  4. Willie Parker over . . .

    Really. I don't recall axing for anyone's advice - certainly not yours.
  5. Who Ends Up the Pittsburgh Starting RB?

    Staley will get some carries when he gets healthy (at least until he is injured again shortly thereafter.) Bettis will get his carries. Parker will get his. I see a three-headed monster modified by injuries. Still, it looks like Parker is the man to have right now
  6. Who Ends Up the Pittsburgh Starting RB?

    I just snapped up Willie Parker, so I hope that it's him.
  7. Weekly Blitz

    I'm probably the suckiest suck that ever sucked at this, but what's one more year? CAR GBP IND NYG STL
  8. DMD and WW share a man crush.

    <cough, cough> Willie Green <cough, cough>
  9. Matt Jones

    The guy hasn't played one meaningful game at the position. And you think that he is going to put up comparable numbers to the guy with nearly the best (if not the best) rookie numbers in the history of the league? Other than not having experience at WR (not to mention not being one of the greatest WRs in collegiate history), and not having a potent offense, and not having a good QB and not being black, I'd say that Moss and Jones are pretty much identical.
  10. Why I Might Start Parker Over Edge

    The problem is that you'll never likely pick the 3 or 4 times. The only way that you'll be sure to benefit from all those points that James is going to score this year is to start him.
  11. M. Faulk Value

    It became apparent to me at the end of last season that he is done running the ball. He doesn't seem to be able to make anyone miss. He doesn't have the speed to turn the corner. He doesn't really have the power to get extra yards. I suppose that he is still a receiving threat.
  12. your greatest FF team ever?

    Winning the East St. Louis Elementary School League Championship ain't much to brag about. I hope that he didn't take everyone's milk money.
  13. your greatest FF team ever?

    2000 - led by Lamar Smith, Mike Anderson and Elvis Grbac, of all people. I'd have to look up the rest of the guys.
  14. M. Faulk Value

    Faulk is out of gas. I wouldn't expect much out of him even should something happen to Jackson. I suppose that he is worth a late round pick though.
  15. Cancelling out your opponent's QB points

    Anybody remember that Stud Kicker thread in the Advise forum a year or two ago?
  16. Which fans are the biggest Homers?

    Even though we know that they are going to suck every year, there probably ain't no fans that get into their team as much as Lions fans. If Detroit ever won a Super Bowl, this place would rock.
  17. Cancelling out your opponent's QB points

    If its a coin flip, flip a coin.
  18. No TE Required-but u can use them

    If you look at projections, you'll see that the only TEs likely worthy of any consideration are Gonzalez, Gates and maybe Witten. And even in that case, they are likely the equivalent of a #3 WR. If you're drafting a #3 WR in the 4th round, you're in trouble.
  19. Cancelling out your opponent's QB points

    Here we go again.
  20. Cancelling out your opponent's QB points

    Now, why would you even have found this?
  21. -------------------------------------------- 1. Peyton Manning 2. Carnell Williams 3. Peyton Manning 4. Shaun Alexander 5. Terrell Owens 6. Peyton Manning 7. Shaun Alexander 8. Terrell Owens 9. Mike Vanderjagt 10. Indianapolis 11. Baltimore 12. Kansas City 13. Carnell Williams 14. Carnell Williams 15. Braylon Edwards 16. 59 yards 17. Dick Vermeil 18. New England 19. Philadelphia 20. Philadelphia ------------------------------------------------- Tiebreaker: 53 yards
  22. Peerless "I have no Peer" Price........

    Mr. Price moves on:
  23. Brian Westbrook?

    I think that yer nuts if you draft Jordan over Westbrook. But that's just me.
  24. Old School WWF

    King Kong Bundy Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart Jesse Venture Randy Savage Bobby Heenan Billy Jack Haynes Nicolai Volkoff Don Muraco Jake Roberts Tiger Chung Lee