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  1. I like NE as well. They need a win and will be playing hard. Atlanta may just have that bounce back game to end their season. I picked up the Colts this week for the Championship game.
  2. Witten or Julius

    Does Witten become the go to guy for Orton, or run with the hot hand in Julius? Dallas may be playing a lot harder to win than Denver, but both still need victories. Also starting Demaryius as well.
  3. I pick 9th in the snake. Either way, I lose a 1st (and a 2nd with both). Both go back into the draft pool after this year. Kaep would offer two more years of keeper eligibility with losing a 10th each of those years.
  4. We have a new rule this year where your keeper cost is based on where that guy was previously drafted. I have Megatron and Rice that will cost me the first two rounds of the draft. On the other end, Keapernick will only cost me a 10th. Can only keep two. Do I keep the best two guys, or take a flyer on Keap and drop either Megatron or Rice? Gonna be a long first two rounds watching guys fly off the board.
  5. Roethlisberger or Kaepernick?

    I'm in the same boat - have Kaep starting now, but will probably change it 30 times before Sunday.
  6. Have to start 3 of these 5 studs

    I too like Rice, Wayne, and Jackson.
  7. Leshoure or D Murray?

    Tough call, but there will be weather in both games. Snow in GB and Rain in Cinci. I'd lean towards Murray, but close.
  8. Big Ben or Kaepernick

    I'm in the same boat and going with Kap - without hesitation. He's coming off his "first" loss and will be anxious to "prove" himself again - and playing at home. Ben is one sack away from the bench. Too much risk.
  9. Freeman or Ryan

    Tough call, but I like Freeman here. Nice home matchup and Philly has basically mailed it in for the year. A lot of younger guys getting looks now.
  10. White and Welker (Edelman out). Wouldn't do Ridley as that's too much stock in one team.
  11. Standard PPR scoring.... Lynch - has a nice matchup at home vs ARZ, but doesn't get many PPR points Wayne - looking to bounce back and usually has monster games at home - nice PPR guy too AJ Green - been down a few weeks and weather calling for 80% of thunderstorms? Tough decision as I've been running with Wayne and Green all year, but might plop Lynch in this week over one of the WR's. (Rice and Megatron are other starters) Thoughts?
  12. Weather in Green Bay ?

    The Huddle newsletter just mentioned the possibility of two inches of snow during the game. Does that effect your starting players? Megatron? Jennings? Cobb?
  13. WDIS @ flex - Fjax or Fitz WHIR

    Thanks for the other reply - I'd go with Fred as well. ARZ is just aweful at the moment and going to SEA is not an easy task these days.
  14. Flex - Reggie or Lynch

    It is full PPR....
  15. Reggie Wayne or Marshawn Lynch at Flex? Both projected at around 20? Other starters are Megatron, AJ Green, and Rice (must starts)