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  1. 2018 LLD Rookie Draft

    If anyone sees any trades with me, send me a message. I'll always look.
  2. OTB : let's trade!

    In the time honoured tradition, offer sent.
  3. OTB : let's trade!

    Let's Christen the new forum.
  4. changing the franchise tag system

    DAD is on the right lines to me.
  5. BOTH IDP League has 3 Openings

    One team left.
  6. BOTH IDP League has 3 Openings

    We are still looking.
  7. Hello everyone. If you're interested in IDP fantasy then BOTH league Dymonds are Forever is here to tempt you. We have three (now one) openings, info below. URL: http://www21.myfanta...16/home/25244#0 Open Teams: BYoder Dr. Know-So-Much Ron Jaworski's Nickname This is a contract league with public bidding on RFAs in the forum - think slow auctions, which add a new dimension. There's no team D or kickers, there's a full slate of IDP players and a longer rookie draft. We're in our third year, and someone's got to defeat our only champion. There's a James Bond theme, and this is the fourth league in the Bond BOTH family. Key points: $55 a year, 16 teams, TE premium, very friendly. Email or message me any questions, and if you know someone who's interested, please let them know. Full Rulebook: http://forums.thehud...ook-for-daf-13/
  8. The 2014 Huddle InterBoard League (IBL) is now forming, where a team of Huddlers compete against other fantasy boards for year long bragging rights. It's a one of a kind system. If you are interested in joining this fun, competitive, and absolutely unique league please follow this link for more details You can also PM WashingtonD for more details
  9. Breaking News - Saints players have won their appeal

    Wow, these players need to be in a court of law for these allegations, and now they're free to play? Cheating does pay.
  10. Minor tweak to CAR logo

    It was one of the better logos to start with.
  11. Greg Schiano next coach of the Bucs?

    Yep, they might pay him up to 4 million. Not close to what Fischer was hinted at. I'd have preferred them to not even bother with him. As for Belichick's report, that doesn't convince me. Still the hire should certainly provide an interesting few years for us.
  12. Greg Schiano next coach of the Bucs?

    He's probably cheap.
  13. Greg Schiano next coach of the Bucs?

    Should be interesting. Better than Childress.