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  1. who's returning?

  2. when do we draft?!

    Jesus mate, I hope you're doing okay.
  3. LLD 2019 Payouts

    The answer is a firm yes
  4. LLD 2019 Payouts

    Do what needs to be done.
  5. LLD Playoffs 2019

    Well done Brent!
  6. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
  7. LLD 2019 Roster Moves

    Promote M Brown. 6 years. Thanks.
  8. Note for commish.

    Hi, my extension of Jon Brown for a year was never processed (copied below). The money wasn't taken off my total. "Extend Brown by 1 year (cash total enough after trade I previously posted)" Thanks
  9. Trade monkey and Opie

  10. Trade: Scaramanga /Odd job

    Brown moved to Taxi from whence he came.
  11. Sorry, was on a non vpn mobile all day. Accept.
  12. Trade: Honey / Oddjob

    The Honey Ryders proposed a trade with OddJob's Hats: The Honey Ryders will give Brown, John BUF WR Chark, D.J. JAC WR To OddJob's Hats for Hilton, T.Y. IND WR Woods, Robert LAR WR Extend Brown by 1 year (cash total enough after trade I previously posted)