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  1. Trade: Octoskins/ Oddjobs - Processed

  2. 2.05, 2.06 OTB

    Yeah, what are you looking for?
  3. 2.05, 2.06 OTB

    Offer sent.
  4. Mr. Big | Opie Year 2020 Draft Pick 3.07 Year 2020 Draft Pick 3.08 Year 2020 Draft Pick 3.14 Year 2020 Draft Pick 4.05 OddJob's Hats | MonkeyOne Ingram, Mark BAL RB Sat May 30 9:00 a.m
  5. Buying 2nd rounders

    If you're thinking of selling a 2nd i'm looking to buy them. I mean if you're selling a first hit me up but there's some mid to late 2nds that interest me.
  6. FROM FRANCHISE PLAYERS/PICKS TO FRANCHISE PLAYERS/PICKS EXPIRES Thunderballs | electricrelish Anderson, Robby CAR WR OddJob's Hats | MonkeyOne - Tue May 26 8:00 p.m. Comments: Monkey gives $10 - I see you bought Anderson for $25 in DAF if your interested let me know. Also open contract.
  7. I am a buyer. Or if you're selling TE.
  8. Trade Opie and monkey - Processed

  9. LLD Trade: Brentastic & MonkeyOne - Processed

  10. Discussion if no season in 2020

    I'd be okay with either rolling the whole season forward, or not rolling it forward at all. I think everything should be treated the same.
  11. Just an innocent question. Who in your opinion has greater value Dalvin Cook on a 2 yr contract or Nick Chubb on a 4 year contract?

    1. MonkeyOne


      Chubb on 4 years to me.

  12. For sale

    I have all of 2021's draft to trade for useful pieces. Maybe money.