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  1. Trade: Big / Oddjob

    Mr. Big proposed a trade with OddJob's Hats: Mr. Big will give Year 2020 Round 2 Draft Pick from OddJob's Hats To OddJob's Hats for Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WR
  2. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    Terrelle Pryor FA WR – 0 years
  3. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    Daniel Carlson OAK K – taxi
  4. We have adopted the heavily clarified DAD rulebook, which allows players accepted in a FT bid to be extended like normal trades. Just saying.
  5. Jeez I nearly didn't log in tonight. Offer sent.
  6. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    Randall Cobb DAL WR – 1 year
  7. LLD Rule Book Update Discussion

    Sounds good to me.
  8. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    Best wishes to Troy, it was great to have spent some time in a league with him.
  9. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    Austin Hooper ATL TE – 1 year
  10. Trade: Big / Oddjob

    Mr. Big will give Adams, Davante GBP WR Rudolph, Kyle MIN TE To OddJob's Hats for Thielen, Adam MIN WR Kelce, Travis KCC TE I pay to extend Adams a year. Thanks.
  11. LLD 2019 Franchise Tag Thread

    Tag the newly acquired M Ingram