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  1. SOFA

    not a great day for the huddle.
  2. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    We need to meet for a beer, and solve the worlds problems in about an hour, because ironically I feel the exact same way.
  3. Fantasy Football

    You can say that again. This game was homecoming for the Cowboys, and they dominated for 55 minutes but didnt put the game out of reach when they had the opportunity. I lost 1 league by 1 pt, and feel the same way.
  4. Just Won/ Just Lost

    Won 11 leagues lost 2, 1 of which is a free league I could care less about, and the 1 loss by 1 pt 190.5 to 189.5 hurts more than the other 11 wins combined. I swear I take the wins for granted and only feel the loses. :violin:
  5. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    27-9 Dallas there was already a 27-13, so Ill go with 27-9
  6. Texans Fire Offensive Coordinator

    Its about time to fire the HC for that matter. He is the one who hired the OC, and gave away his defense because of age for a faster group that is pathetic.
  7. Larry Johnson

    I hope it does hit 50-50, as I have them both in several leagues and am actually starting them both over Portis this week in 2 different leagues.
  8. S.Davis

    Lets just say he was very fortunate today with 3 - 1 yard TD runs.
  9. Thats going to leave a mark

    Stoops loses his first game in September in his 6 yr stint as HC. Peterson was injured, and didnt look the same when he came back, though he did nothing with the exception of the opening TD drive of the 2nd half. Bomar is the better athlete at QB, but continually underthrows his Wrs, while Thompson over throws is. Neither QB can hang onto the ball, and this is at home vs unranked TCU. The OL is outright terrible outside of Joseph, and the Secondary plays 8 yds off on every play still thinking about the 4th of Jan. Long year for Sooner Nation, but most of us knew this was coming. Bomar is the future, so they should just let him play as a freshman, and put in those kids from the #1 recruiting class after enrollment in and play for 2006. Now back to the bat cave until January......
  10. You will see him next week for sure. Morrison is a rookie who wasnt a given he was starting, let alone playing every down, which BTW, Danny Clark did not do. I love the guy, drafted him in Fusion and GMX in those rookie drafts, and missed him to SlickWillie in both DW and DW II, where he went in round 2 of those 2 rookie drafts. Morrison and Clark are both going to have monster yrs with teams trying to salt the clock on them late in the game. Dont worry Morrison will be in the Report next week.
  11. What the FUALK!

    I played against Dillon last night and knew he would get the cheap TDs, but to only get 41 rushing yds, that was a surprise.
  12. Collins deep ball and the Freak

    Man I dont know about that. Collins threw it up a couple of times and let Moss go get it, which is what Culpepper did as well. Im not comparing the two, but Collins can chunk it and Moss can definately go get it. Jordan also looks like the real deal, and once they start using him more, this offense is going to put up some serious points in my opinion.
  13. That's my boy!

    Let me guess the other person in your league has Culpepper, S Alex, Deuce, TO, Holt, Gonzo, Ravens D
  14. Well yes, and that had nothing to do with your sleeper report. BTW, find me on AIM today.
  15. Why I Might Start Parker Over Edge

    Ill make an arugment to start Edge Who is the QB for Baltimore. thats right Kyle Boller, who will be harassed all day by Freeney outside and couldnt hit a wide open target without any pressure. This game is not going to be as close as many expect. I could easily see Indy win this game 24-10, with a heavy dose of Edge salting the clock in the 4th qtr. Im prediciting 90 yds rushing, 1 TD and 3 receptions for 30 yds. in my scoring that is 21 points. Willie Parker may very well score that many, but he may be benched after the first series too, and Edge isnt going to the bench regardless of how unproductive he is.
  16. King Of The Mountain

    St. Louis
  17. Redskins | McCune Released Sat, 3 Sep 2005 16:12:41 -0700 Gary Fitzgerald, of, reports Washington Redskins LB Robert McCune (groin) was released from the team. accoding to KFFL
  18. Everything I have read, says Brackett was starting by default. Calmus will be starting by week 4 if not sooner, if he stays healthy which has been his problem.
  19. And what experience would you have to base that statement. What do you know about Brackett, Calmus, or the Indy LB situation. please tell us.
  20. Sarge's 2005 NFL predictions

    AFC East 1. New England Patriots 11-5 2. New York Jets 10-6 3. Buffalo Bills 6-10 4. Miami Dolphins 4-12 AFC North 1. Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6 2. Baltimore Ravens 10-6 ( WC) 3. Cincinnati Bengals 8-8 4. Cleveland Browns 4-12 AFC South 1. Indianapolis Colts 13-3 2. Jacksonville Jaguars 8-8 3. Houston Texans 7-9 4. Tennessee Titans 5-11 AFC West 1. San Diego Chargers 10-6 2. Kansas City Chiefs 10-6 (WC) 3. Denver Broncos 9-7 4. Oakland Raiders 7-9 NFC East 1. Philadelphia Eagles 11-5 2. Dallas Cowboys 9-7 (WC) 3. New York Giants 5-11 4. Washington Redskins 5-11 NFC North 1. Minnesota Vikings 11-5 2. Green Bay Packers 9-7 3. Detroit Lions 8-8 4. Chicago Bears 5-11 NFC South 1. Carolina Panthers 10-6 2. Atlanta Falcons 10-6 (WC) 3. New Orleans Saints 7-9 4. Tampa Bay Bucaneers 6-10 NFC West 1. Seattle Seahawks 9-7 2. St. Louis Rams 9-7 3. Arizona Cardinals 7-9 4. San Francisco 49'ers 3-13 MVP - Peyton Manning ROY - Cadillac Williams Playoffs AFC Wild Card #6 Kansas City over #3 Pittsburgh #4 San Diego over #5 Baltimore NFC Wild Card #3 Carolina over #6 Dallas #5 Atlanta over #4 Seattle AFC Divisional #1 Indianapolis over #6 Kansas City #2 New England over #4 San Diego NFC Divisional #5 Atlanta over #1 Philly #3 Carolina over #2 Minn AFC Championship #1 Indianapolis 24 #2 New England 17 NFC Championship #3 Carolina 24 #5 Atlanta 20 Super Bowl Indianapolis 31 Carolina Panthers 24 MVP - Peyton Manning
  21. S.O.F.A. Draft

    First off I invited him here to check out this site, and second you obviously found this place and prove you are not leaving anytime soon, so word about the huddle is definately getting out.
  22. IDP Projected stats

    I asked DMD about doing them, and he stated the rankings were all he wanted. I believe its something about having to have a different software package to have them formatted on the page cleanly.
  23. S.O.F.A. Draft

    Hey Champ, the title is about to change hands, hope that is alright with you. Glad I could lead you to the promise land. Just get rid of the Handbook as your IDP tool. Its outdated already and some tool wrote all the stuff in there.
  24. S.O.F.A. Draft

    Similar approach is not the same approach. I also grabbed value of top tier players as he did, thus we both have top tier TEs, LBs, where others were taking tier 3 and 4 Wrs and Rbs, but that is basically where it ends. He has a top tier QB in Culpepper, but there is still 2nd tier Qbs on the board in round 8 and 9 who will be much closer to Culpeppers #s than any WR left compared to that of Holts at WR, thus Culpepper in round 1 was terrible value as it turns out. I have Rod Smith as my #2 WR, he doesnt have a #2 yet. His #1 WR is Travis Taylor in round 6, maybe the worst value pick of the draft, unless you count his other pick Michael bennett in round 5. Taylor may turn out to be a good pick, but when you take a sleeper in round 6, he really isnt a sleeper anymore, hes your #1 at the position. J Peppers isnt even the top rated DL, and he took him in round 4, when there is equal talent still available in round 8. So that is not value either. Culpepper in round 1 vs a tier 2 QB I get in the next few rounds A Green vs Deuce M Bennett vs Ronnie Brown and Chris Brown T Taylor vs Tory Holt ? vs Rod Smith Gonzo vs Gates Julius Peppers in round 4 vs equal talent in round 8 (Charles Grant) Donnie Edwards vs Ray Lewis Lets just say he may be your boy and hes a super nice guy, but based on this above, plus many other teams I see as superior, his streak is over.