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  1. would anyone chance playing Stafford (possible Calvin out) versus Dalton....and the windy conditions in CInn?
  2. I’m leaning Stafford as well. At home, controlled weather environment, Season on the line. He has got to come through worse case its average stats. However I think he has more upside
  3. PPR league. I guess I could get Cutler of WW to. Anyone?
  4. Nothing like a PLAYOFF BUST when you need Vereen the most he takes a crap. This will probably cost me the win, Ughh!!!
  5. anybody watching this game? where the heck is vereen?
  6. Really stinks to have waited on Harvin this long!! Hoping.... You might be right. thanks for the input.
  7. PPR league. I like a lot of owners have stashed in hopes of helping in the playoffs. Unfortunately it is not looking good. Crabtree is still on waivers. Only thing is I have Vernon Davis as my TE. My WRs: Demrayius Thomas, Marshal, Torrey Smith, Keenan Allen, Harvin I have a first round bye, so I play week 15. Thoughts?
  8. Thanks all! I think Im going to not do it. Losing a top 5 WR in thomas is a lot for the little gain at RB.
  9. PPR league. Would you? My WRs: Marshal, Demaryius, Keenan Allen, Harvin, Torrey Smith My RBs: Zac Stacey, Fred Jackson, Vereen, Ivory My QBs: Stafford & Rivers
  10. Not close, VEREEN! if you like Sproles..4pts. then 20pts. then 6pts. then 17 pts. etc. He is behind Thomas and now Ingram cutting in. WAAAY to inconsistent. Vereen is going to be in on all 3rd and some 2nd down situations getting plenty of opportunity. And possibly taking over Ridley. Vereen way more upside!
  11. PPR flex: Sproles or Torrey Smith? Sproles vs. NYJ Torrey vs. Cleveland Thanks!
  12. PPR league. Anyone? Sproles vs. NYJ - Sproles going to be utilized for a change? He has done nothing for weeks. Torrey vs. Cleveland (Haden?) - Tough matchup with Haden but has fared well in the past against him Thanks!
  13. Good input. He does not want Marshal but I can stall until Friday. Hope by then Fosters health will be more clear. Thing is I have plenty of WR corps to role three out regularly especially if word on Harvin is a go.
  14. A banged up Foster for Thomas a good deal or not? PPR league. Guy wants to trade me. He is weak at WR and I’m weak at RB. My RBs: Fred Jackson, Sproles, Zac Stacey, Vereen My WRs: Demaryius, Marshal, Torrey Smith, Harvin, Keenan Allen Thoughts?
  15. I’m dropping him sadly. He has had plenty of cushy matchups this year and has not produced even at 100% health. Given he comes back at what 90%, 75%, and how will he produce at that? He has been a marginal RB2 production since 1st week, can hardly see that improving at all and most likely a flex play at best when he does come back. I’m dropping him and getting Vereen. Upside baby!!