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  1. Full point PPR, Samuels killed me last week so I have a bad taste in my mouth with him. Penny looked awesome last week, but Caroll said that Carson is still the man and Slayton has been boom or WDIS?
  2. Title says it all, I have Hopkins and Cooper as no brainers. WR3 is between Cole Beasley, Corey Davis or Darius Slayton...WDIS?
  3. I keep flip flopping, currently have Winston in...thoughts?
  4. Ugh...

  5. WDIS at Flex this week?

    Bears fan here, I think Breida by a hair. Bears O-line is not playing well and Trubisky scares no one...
  6. WDIS QB & Flex

  7. WDIS QB & Flex

    QB: Wentz or Winston Flex: Mixon, Beasley or Allison? Full PPR league, team in sig...
  8. G. Allison, D.K. Metcalf or A. Peterson. I keep flipping...currently thinking Allison.
  9. I just traded Leveon Bell and Dede Westbrook for Joe Mixon and Deandre Hopkins. On paper it feels like I won this trade, but I’m a little freaked out that I am relying on past performance and both Hopkins/Mixon are busts this year. Westbrook has been a disappointment, but he has gotten a lot of targets the last couple weeks. Bell is a PPR monster, even when he does nothing he gets 15-20 points just on catches. My team is in my sig, PPR league. I started the year 3-0 and have gotten smoked the last three weeks. Did I do the right thing or was it a panic move?
  10. 2nd team not in sig, full PPR, wavering between Kupp and Waller (love matchup with Chiefs)...thoughts?
  11. Start Lamar Jackson or DeSean Watson?

    Watson all the way
  12. I’m thinking it’s Breida all the way...but having typical last second in sig, WDIS?
  13. Team in signature, debating on WR starters. Full PPR league with 3 WR starters. Cooper is a given, question is WDIS between Westbrook, Metcalf, Beasley or Pettis for the other two?