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  1. What is going to happen with the snaps Woodyard was they all go to DJ Williams...if so, does he resume beasty status as a weakside linebacker?
  2. I need a huge week

    I was wrong on all accounts....move along....nothing to see here!! Unreal...pick sixes and everything else. I hope you ignored me!!!
  3. I need a huge week

    in your start 3 Lber league, I go with Wagner, Zac Brown, and Spencer. I start Spencer over David because Denver just doesn't run much and I do not see David being in on sacks as much as Mason Foster. Spencer is going to be facing a rookie QB being protected by a line that is almost as bad as Chicago....Spencer should get 2 sacks....but possibly an Aldon Smith explosion type game. Normally, David is a shoe is, but I like Spencer matchup better. As for your start one league, I would go with Rubin or Spencer. I think there is going to be a monsoon type of situation in Oakland, so that could bode well for the tackle numbers of a DT because cutting will be difficult and there will be a ton of straight ahead runs. I also like Spencer because of what I mentioned I say coin flip there. Good Luck!
  4. Big game this week, need advice

    How many DL do you have to start....if just 1, then you drop Wake....and start Watt every darn week and forget about a bench player unless Watt gets hurt. He is that damn good.
  5. Lb and Db question

    without knowing anything at all about how your league scores different plays, let me enter this opinion: Lber: Luke Kuechly and Mason Foster DB: Morgan Burnett paired with William Moore. However, depending on tackle opportunities, Curtis Lofton could supplant Mason Foster. Good Luck!
  6. What do you need tonight?

    Oh yeah!!! I need Megatron > 13 as well....and so far a goose egg....not looking promising.
  7. What are gas prices where you live?

    $3.39 just south of Chicago
  8. Lawrence Timmons on the waiver wire

    I look forward to reading it tomorrow then! I just don't like the guy because of his 30 point games.....then 5 straight milk carton games.....then another 30 point game.
  9. Was this trade "Unfair"?

    Tell the moran that he got the better of the two quarterbacks....maybe the one who finishes in the number one position....he got the better of the two tight ends when Hernandez is healthy again making Gronkowski relevant. And got a light years better running back...making this a possible even steven trade...or one slightly biased toward you. Certainly not a trade to be called bad or anything like that. And if he meant to not accept it...ask him if he knows how to read...cause I assume he had to accept it....then hit the are you sure you meant to do that button. Sheesh
  10. Is Timmons worth picking up off waivers. I have the ability to free up a roster spot. If so, who should I dump to get him. Luke Kuechly London Fletcher Colin McCarthy Akeem Ayers Mason Foster Derrick Johnson Vontaz Burfict Lardarius Webb Atari Bigby I also have Javon Ringer who is likely going to IR after his injury. But I kinda wanted to pick up a sleeper RB or another WR since I have Amendola, Simpson, and Steve Smith (Car). I need to find another contributor since I only choose to start 1 RB and 4 WR/TE. Thanks!!!
  11. Aflac

    Just have one question.....why on earth would you buy life insurance and have it double as a retirment account? If you are looking for life insurance, buy life insurance....if you are looking for retirment accumulation...make investments....they should and always shall remain two different endeavors. I will leave you with a couple of other thoughts that may or may not help you with your decision to allow AFLAC come in and speak to your employees. 1.) don't even read the posts of the folks who talk about people not being disciplined enough to set aside money to take care of themselves in the event of a one has the ability to predict when a disaster will happen or how severe can it be. 2.) Being an employer is a tough gig. You will have a ton of insurance folks knocking down your door to try and "help" you employees. Just remember, if the benefits being offered are good....and you are willing to take on the extra administrative payroll deductions....employee morale will be the biggest factor for why to offer this. 3.) to your description of people who sell insurance making it is bad. You, I assume, make money selling food and I to believe your food and drink is bad?? That type of thinking is neanderthal and makes very little sense from a logic standpoint. Also, how on eart can you compare buying insurance to going to the casino??? If you buy, and something happens that would trigger benefit, it pays out. However, as BC stated, if it doesn't happen, then those folks do have peace of mind that in case it does happen in the future, their lifestyle and the lifstyle of their family is covered. However, what type of peace of mind do you get going to a casino and losing money...all you did was lose money??? If you are lucky enough to hit it big, then did that get you peace of mind or financial security?? Bottom line, quit making financial decisions for your employees based on your bias. Include them in the decision making process and ask them to review whatever AFLAC dropped off. Let them decide if they would actually purchase the protection. Let them decide if it is important in their lives. They will respect you much more for that....and since AFLAC is voluntary, it doesn't cost you a dime to provide access....except for the 2 hours per month doing the deductions and bill reconcilliation. Take care Detlef....nice seeing you again.
  12. Yep, saw the assist...then they credited him with the tackle on RGIII. so it was a negative of 2 points there...which means I would have lost by 3....then give me the two tackles he plainly no one else hit the players....and I still win by 1. it is not relevant though as my league does not do stat corrections. To make things better....I have Amendola as my WR3 and he got me 5 before he broke something....year is turning out awesome!!
  13. Well, I lost by one point this week on that play....but if the official scorer from the Washington/Tampa Game would have given Mason Foster credit for all three of his tackles on the field goal winning drive....I would have won by 3. Hell, just give Foster credit for the tackle where he decleated RGIII on that scramble and I win by 1. It really doubly sucks when you lose to scorers in the booth versus players on the field. Am I rationalizing...or do I have a legitimate beef?
  14. Well, Dez Bryant scored 20 points last night....all because of the ho hum defense on the 2 point conversion with 30 seconds left in the game. Lost my week by one point. I am 2-2 this year and my loss are by a total amount of 2 points! My first one point loss was my fault...started Dwyer over McGahee....but this one I should have won by 3...hell...even 1 if the scorer gives Foster credit for those two tackles on the last drive. It just sucks.