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  1. Week 8 milk carton

  2. Started McCray (goose egg so far) over Mikell, who promptly had a sack and a FF.
  3. WR Decision

    Thanks. Going with Britt based on the matchup. Just can't risk Cassel coming out of the game early.
  4. flex position

    I like Welker here. Brady is on fire and Welker will get plenty of targets, IMO.
  5. WR Decision

    I can't afford another disappearance from Bowe and Cassel seems very iffy. Leaning toward Britt right now. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  6. Hold 'em for playoffs or dump 'em?

    I've had Lynch riding the pine for weeks and finally dropped him for Goodson yesterday. Seattle's running game is just horrid and doesn't look to have much chance of improving.
  7. McNabb doesn't appear hurt. Grossman fumbles on the first play. Suh returns it for a touchdown.
  8. Andre Johnson Week 4?

    I have AJ and Murphy - both 4 pm GTDs. Decided to go with Murphy and put Braylon in for AJ. Seems like AJ is a bigger risk here.
  9. What do you need tonight?

    Need these type of performances out of Alex Smith and Fitz: Smith: 250 yds., 3 TD Fitz: 100 yds., 2 TD Obviously, I'm hoping for a shootout.
  10. Kevin Smith: Likely torn ACL

    Saw this earlier. As a Smith owner this hurts, but FF relevance aside, I hate to see this as he was playing hard and putting up solid numbers despite playing on a horrible team. Hope he makes a full recovery and comes back strong.
  11. Moss!

    Sorry, but I think it's fair to expect Moss to put up more than 1 catch for 16 yards and a fumble when his team is fighting for a playoff spot.
  12. Official Phi/NYG thread

    I need Steve Smith to break Marshall's new reception record to have a prayer in my first round game.
  13. Steven Jackson

    Sweet. Appreciate the info.
  14. Moss!

    Yep. First round of the playoffs and I'm still in it but I'll need big things out of S.Smith tonight and Fitz tomorrow to have even a slight chance. Not a good time to "shut it down," Randy.