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  1. Flex help please

    10 team ppr....we don't have points over 17 weeks wins. I am tied with 1 other owner.1 for 10 rush/recBrady/McCaffery/Kamara/Theilen / Cooks/Gronk/Tucker/Pats DThose are all set....luckily they are all good and all playing for something.At flex I can pick from :Baldwin vs. ArizonaAkeem Hunt @ DenverMalcolm Brown vs SFFitzgerald Toussaint vs ClevelandPlease pick 1 of the 4Thanks
  2. no ppr do I start Olsen vs Minny or Steven Anderson vs San Fran? Thanks for your help!
  3. 10 team redraft ppr...we start 1 qb 2 rb 2 wr 1 te k d. Trade deadline is this coming weekend. I am in first place by just a few points. Brady/Rodgers Gurley/Kamara/McCaffery THill/BCooks/Baldwin/DJackson/Coleman/Fuller Gronk/Olsen I have been shown Adam Thielen for THill. I am torn....what is your opionion? Thanks
  4. 10 team redraft. No ppr 1for10 rush and rec 1 for 20 passing 4 for a passing td...6 for all othersI just got an offer.....DeSean Watson/Demarco Murray/Henryfor Aaron Jones/DCarrmy roster:Brady/CarrGurley/Mixon/Lamar/Aaron JonesCooks/Dez/THill/KuppGronkI think I should accept. GB and Tenn are both on bye....Murray will have time to healThoughts?
  5. non ppr. 1 for 10 rush/rec 6 for td'sTevin Coleman @ DetroitorChris Carson @ Tenn?Thanks
  6. non ppr....1 for 10 rush/rec 6 for tdGolden Tate vs Atlantaor TY Hilton vs. ClevelandThank You
  7. non ppr Sammy Watkins @Jets Tevin Coleman vs New Orleans Steve Smith @ Cincy Thomas Rawls @ San Fran Need to pick the one with the most upside today for my flex position. I could make a case for all....I need help. Thanks
  8. 10 team ppr 1 for 10 rush/rec 6 for td's we go for all 17 weeks....most total points over the 17 weeks gets 60% of the prize pool. I am in second place but within striking distance. The guy in 1st place loses Elliot....Antonio....Ben and Hyde. So I have a chance. I have a lot of strong plays this week....I need some help deciding on the right combo. Roster: Brady McCoy/DFreeman/Tevin/Rawls Evans/MIchael Thomas/ Watkins/ SSmith Rudolph I know I am playing Brady McCoy DFreeman Evans I need to pick the right wr2 and the right flex. Please help. Right now I am leaning towards Tevin and Michael Thomas but I can make a case for SSmith/ Watkins / and Rawls. What would you do? Thanks
  9. non ppr which WR2 would you start? Watkins vs. Cleveland (cold) Michael Thomas @ /Arizona (Brees on the road and Thomas coming off an injury) Steve Smith vs. Philadelphia (would be a real gutsy call....but who doesn't love Steve Smith?) I am very torn....would love to hear some opinions Thank You
  10. non PPR.....I need help with my WR2 this week my choices are.... Michael Thomas @TB He would be the easy choice for me but only 1 limited practice this week and a 4:25 start Sunday Sammy Watkins vs Pittsburgh broken bone in foot and it will be snowing. 1PM start Sunday Steve Smith @NE Plays Monday night in Foxboro I am leaning towards Sammy but Thomas has been so good. New Orleans is more secretive about injuries than the Patriots!!!
  11. no ppr. 1 for 10 rush/rec 6 for TD I need to pick a RB2 for this week and I need help please. Carlos Hyde vs New England Thomas Rawls vs Philadelphia James Starks @ Washington Who should I start? Thanks
  12. 10 team ppr I give up Rodgers and Evans to get Brees and Julio.... Would you accept? Thanks
  13. no PPR..... team pretty thin this week....for my flex would you choose Knile Davis @ Atlanta Michael Thomas vs. Seattle Ryan Mathews @ Dallas Thanks.
  14. no ppr for my flex.... McCoy @ Miami Gillislee @ Miami Jarvis Landry vs Buffalo Thanks!
  15. no ppr. I need to pick 2 of these 3 and I would love some second opinions. Gurley vs. Buffalo McCoy at Rams JHoward @ Indy Which 2 would you start? Thanks
  16. no ppr...1/10 rush/rec 6 for TD's Please help me pick the 3 to start today Hyde vs Dallas JHoward vs Detroit Gurley @ Arizona Ingram @ San Diego McKinnon vs New York Giants Thank you.
  17. redraft PPR...1/10 rush/rec 6 for all td's Who would you rather have for Rest of Season LeSean McCoy or Mark Ingram? Thanks
  18. I need your help on this trade please... 10 team ppr...start 1qb 2rb 2wr 1flex 1te roster: Wilson/Rivers/Bradford McCoy/Gurley/JHoward/JMcKinnon/Hyde Antonio/Jordon Matthews/Hurns/Parker/MThomas/MFloyd Rudolph/Ertz/MBennett/Fleener The Brady owner is desperate for a RB but also a real jerk. He wants McCoy for Brady. I know that is a lot, but I am deep at RB and I think Brady is going to blow the world up when he comes back. He won't do any of my other backs. He won't do a lesser back and a WR. The ONLY thing he will do is McCoy for Brady....I think it is overpaying but I also think my team would be better. I am currently in first place....and I want to stay there. Do I ship McCoy for Brady? Thanks.
  19. 10 team redraft. No PPR 6 per TD and 1/10 rush/rec I start 3 rb's Please choose my 3 starters this week. Thanks!!! T. Gurley @ Arizona J. McKinnon vs Giants J. Howard vs. Detroit C. Hyde vs. Dallas L. McCoy @ Patriots
  20. Would you make this trade? 10 team redraft. No PPR. We start 1 qb 2 rb 2 wr 1 flex 1 te k d. roster: Rivers/Wilson/Bradford McCoy/Gurley/JHoward/McKinnon/Hyde Antonio/DParker/Josh Gordon/JMatthews/Hurns/MFloyd/MThomas Fleener/Rudolph/Ertz I think I can get DHopkins for Hyde? What do you think? Thanks
  21. 10 team ppr. We start 1qb 2rb 2wr 1 flex 1te roster: Cam/Rivers Langford/McCoy/Hyde/Blount/Starks Antonio/Demaryus Thomas/ Michael Thomas/John Brown/Josh Gordon/CColeman/Tyler Lockett Olsen/Ertz I am getting some offers for Blount given his performance and all the injuries. I was shown Dez Bryant for Blount straight up. Do I do it or do I keep the RB depth? Thanks
  22. 10 team ppr Antonio is WR1 Can you help me choose WR2 please? Michael Thomas New Orleans....@NYGiants Demarius Thomas vs. Indy Tyler Lockett @Rams John Brown vs Tampa Bay Corey Coleman vs. Baltimore Which one of those 5 is my WR2 today? Thanks
  23. 10 team re-draft. No ppr. we start 1qb 2rb 2 wr 1 te k d. roster...Cam/Rivers Langford/McCoy/Hyde/Blount/Starks Antonio/DThomas/Michael Thomas/Josh Gordon/Lockett/John Brown Greg Olsen/Ertz I am being shown Gurley and either DAllen or EEbron for Greg Olsen and Langford. Do I pull the trigger or sit tight? Thank You!!
  24. it could be cancelled at any time.
  25. 10 team standard ppr. 1 for 20 passing 1 for 10 rush/rec. we start 1qb 2 rb 2wr 1te 1 flex k d I was just shown Amari Cooper and Latavius Murry for Gurley my team: Ryan/Mariota/Tannehill Foster/Lacy/Gurley/Lamar/Crowell DThomas/SSmith/DeSean/Colstan/Charles Johnson I am long rb's and short wr's (injuries) He offered me Lat Murray and Amari Cooper for Gurley. Am I missing something? I am going to jump all over that right? Thanks