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  1. Culpepper Projection?

    Well I got Cpep too and i'm giving him one more shot this week If he fails me then it's 3 strikes your out. I'm lucky to be 1-1 with him leading my team.
  2. Steve Heiden

    What's the deal with Heiden just grabbed him off waivers and dumped Troupe. Looks like Dilfer looked his way alot last weekend and connected. Is this the start of a good relationship or was this a one week wonder? Looks like Dilfer's been picking a different guy each week to play catch with. Cleveland homers have any insite?
  3. Our draft is tomorrow 7pm

    The latest our league has ever held a draft. Cutting it close but nice that all preseason is finished.
  4. Post your team names here

    The Gridiron Goons The Running Zulus.
  5. TO Reaggravated Groin

    You are 100% correct he didn't hurt his groin at all. Just a PR move so he doesn't have to attend the carnival.
  6. Antsports Online Drafts

    yes it was a private league.
  7. Bennett Hurt, M Moore to Start Friday

    well this blows. I'm officially calling Micheal Bennett my worst pick in the draft 3rd rounder.
  8. Antsports Online Drafts

    We just did our entire draft 14 teams yesterday on antsport took a bit over 5hrs.
  9. IMO the NFL is currently on top of the sports world. Take a look at the other sports. the NBA tarnished with thugery and violence as we all witnessed a few weeks ago in Det. MLB in the center of a steroid scandal that the Gvt is ready to get involved with if Selig doesn't do anything about it. Then the NHL a joke IMO. The NFL is cranking on all 8 cylinders right now.
  10. Politics and football shouldn't belong in the same thread. Get the political BS outta here.
  11. Hey I've talked to arrogant Steeler fans who think they already won the SB. And you shouldn't even be talking about who plays who and where in the playoffs. Worry about the Jets this weekend as the Pats and their fans are concerned about the Bungles. The only arrogant Pat fan i've seen in here is Tuna. Over confidence breeds arrogance.
  12. Did anyone else find this NOT surprising?

    Right in the NFL it's called "Touch Down Cream"
  13. Did anyone else find this NOT surprising?

    The topical cream that Bonds rubbed on was called "Home Run Cream" But he didn't know it had Roids in it.
  14. The Pope takes the Brownies...

    The Browns have their 4th string QB starting this week. Suggs is out. Andre Davis was placed on IR this week. I just don't see this as being a trap game for the Pats. I think the Pats are gonna dominate this game. Much more concerned with Cin next weekend then Cle this weekend.
  15. Colts Defense Is Improving...

    Ihearya them dam 10-1 Pats i've lost all faith in them.