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  1. It's official

    and in other news, water is wet. are ya workin' hard, or hardly workin'?
  2. Rookie Draft Advice

    on a spreadsheet? if you've got the 4th pick, i would count on Ingram, Jones, and Green not being there for you. Little seems to be in a situation where he'll produce as rookie by default. LeShoure is another popular pick inside the top 5, though i might put Thomas in that spot simply b/c MIA likes to run and both Brown (injury-prone) and Williams (age) are closer to the end of their respective careers than the beginning.
  3. Adventures in Retail

    frustrating? sure. language barrier? definitely. worth getting worked up about? probably not. welcome to the world of customer service. it's kinda like the internetz: ya gotta bring your helmet.
  4. Rookie Draft Advice

    1. Daniel Thomas, RB, Miami Dolphins - move down to 5-6 range 2. A.J. Green, WR, Cincinnati Bengals - #1 overall, unless you have a huge hole at RB 3. Mark Ingram, RB, New Orleans Saints - #2 unless you need to fill a hole at RB 4. Leonard Hankerson, WR, Washington Redskins - around #8 - 10...need to see who steps up as the QB in WAS 5. (tie) Mikel Leshoure, RB, Detroit Lions - about right, and if Best can't stay healthy he's in a great situation 5. (tie) Ryan Williams, RB, Arizona Cardinals - maybe a little lower...he'll have to beat out two other RBs for the #1 and AZ is a bad team 7. Julio Jones, WR, Atlanta Falcons - #3 especially in a PPR 8. Roy Helu, RB, Redskins - not in my top 10...too many Qs in the WAS backfield, and The Rat is sketchy 9. Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Kansas City Chiefs - about right 10. Cam Newton, QB, Carolina Panthers - not in my top 10. Rookie QB. team in disarray. Qs about "translating" to the pro game. let someone else pick this guy assuming you're not counting on big-time production from your rookie, and are looking long-term, you might take a flyer on Little (CLE), Cobb (GB), Brown (SD), or Carter (IND)
  5. Fantasy Football Truisms

    Fantasy Football is 95% luck, and 5% luck. Know ALL the league rules before the season begins. Drafting a decent QB on a "bad" team is better fantasy-wise than a decent QB on a "good" team. Avoid RBs coached by Shanny The Rat.
  6. Dot3 brake fluid in a spray bottle. apply liberally to the green Nissan. no fingerprints. paint goes bye-bye. mission accomplished.
  7. Anderson Valley and Napa Valley

    let me know when you do and i can provide reccos to the Sonoma side of things.
  8. rookie draft

    agree with above. and to echo (a third time) it will depend on roster needs. i'm currently in the middle of a three year re-build, and have the 1.01 as well as 1.11, along with a late second and early third. barring some stellar offer, i'm holding on to the 1.01 and will pick Green due mostly to the fact we start 3WR and a Flex, which for me means that position is more valuable. plus, since it's PPR, i think i can build a team around a "special" talent like Green, as WRs tend to have a longer shelf life than RBs. and if you factor in the good possibility that 85 and TO will be out of there, Green turns into the man by default. QB concerns? to be sure. but i'm willing to risk it. Jones may show more success in the short(er) term, simply b/c he's walking into a better situation with a playoff team, solid QB, an elite WR1 opposite, and a running game to keep opposing teams honest. if you've got a competitive team already, then maybe he's your guy as he might put up better numbers sooner than later. if you have your heart set on a RB, then Ingram is your man this year. strong runner, going to a great team, and could challenge a vet like Thomas immediately for playing time. and like BearBroncos suggested: if you can trade the #1 for more picks, you can find talent in the late first and early second. i've got Salas, Baldwin, and Hankerson on my radar. good luck.
  9. 1. Irish Whiskey - mostly neat 2. Vodka - mostly with a splash of Cran-Raspberry, though i've been known to throw it over ice with Rockstar Lemonade 3. every now and again i'll make a rum & coke, put it in a travel cup, and sip that on the golf course i won't touch gin, tequila, brandy, or schnapps.
  10. Extended Warranty/ Protection plans

    normally never. but we had an incident with a Samsung 42" LCD where after about 20 months, it started taking longer and longer to turn on. at the 23 month mark, it stopped working. the unit was past the factory warranty, and after numerous calls to Samsung to try and get it resolved, they told us, "We are aware of the problem with this unit. We are offering to fix out of warranty units which were purchased in October of 2008 and later. Yours was purchased in September of 2008, so you're out of luck. Sorry." new tv purchased in April 2010, with two year extended warranty plan for an extra $125. i figure with all the time and effort spent trying to get some satisfaction on the first unit, an extra $125 over the life of the tv is well worth it.
  11. What are gas prices where you live?

    $4.07 in Sonoma, CA this AM.
  12. Is There ALWAYS One?

    kill 'em with kindness. nothing pisses "that guy" off more than a coworker with positive attitude.
  13. Working at a winery

    excellent. at the tasting room next door to ours, a woman "put 'em on the glass" while outside having a smoke to get her husband's attention inside. wine: more than a social lubricant.
  14. If Moses had The Internetz

    Click Me [note: this is in no way, shape, or form a commentary about religion.]
  15. Working at a winery

    congrats! according to the website, the winery sees 1000 guests a week - that's a LOT of traffic. keep your head on a swivel. hope you post your best Tasting Room stories here too. adding alcohol to the "general public" is an interesting endeavor and can lead to extraordinary results.