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  1. Waiver thread?

  2. Crabs 2020 Roster Moves

  3. Aldon smith

  4. Dragline Roster

  5. Cocks roster move

  6. You don't need contracts for the players that you have on DTS.
  7. I have not received any contracts from you and as such, penalties will be imposed. Please get them to me ASAP.
  8. Blind bidding balances

    I will once you give me the rest of your contracts.
  9. This offseason has been hard enough that I've decided that no one gets dead years until the first game has started. Between my own mistakes in entry and figuring out broken waivers, I think it's only fair.
  10. Everything that has been posted should be entered. Please doublecheck my work. Huntington Beach New York Godfathers - Need your contracts, have gotten nothing from you Favre Dollar 4 Star - 13 on Taxi Squad, please cut one Maryland Dragline - Roster was good, need FA contracts Beirut Saskatchewan River City Pennsylvania Giant Sack - Roster was good, need FA contracts Columbus - Showing 16 on your Devy+DTS, I think Darrell Taylor SEA DE is the guy not listed on your DTS but also not listed in your cuts. What do you want to do with him?
  11. Blind bidding balances

    Blind bid balances can be found here. If you missed a player that you think you should have gotten, let me know. I've fixed it since but before the waiver run, MFL had a lock setting on recently dropped players. Might be the reason that you did not win a player. Send me a PM.
  12. river city roster 2020

    I need a contract for Lev Bell
  13. Vote on expanded DTS

    If the DTS being 12 changes who you would have dropped, please PM/email me your changes before the waiver run tonight.