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  1. AGB Roster Moves

    Including Howard and Slye dead years, you only have room for 3 years Scratch that, I failed to add your IR years for Evans and Speaks.
  2. Waivers 12/11

    1 Angry Groper Brewhounds Waiver Acquired Wilson, Tavon DET S for $1 2 Favre Dollar Footlongs Waiver Acquired Payne, Donald JAC LB for $2 3 Favre Dollar Footlongs Waiver Acquired Scott, Boston PHI RB for $1 4 Allen's Team Waiver Acquired Sprinkle, Jeremy WAS TE for $1 5 Angry Groper Brewhounds Waiver Acquired Watson, Justin TBB WR for $9 Dropped Allen, Kyle CAR QB 6 Angry Groper Brewhounds Waiver Acquired Tannehill, Ryan TEN QB for $10 Need a contract for Sprinkle.
  3. AGB Roster Moves

  4. Waivers 11/27

    I got rid of Scarborough's contract and entered him as DTS. To avoid this situation going forward, owners have the ability to demote players themselves. If you don't move him to the DTS yourself or specify in the comments what you want, I default to 1 year.
  5. Congrats Tford

    Cheers my friend. Been a weird year of FF this year. Arguably my best teams are out and the teams that shouldn't have made the dance are still in.
  6. 2020 Rookie/Devy draft Slots

    1) Keep Calm and Kerryon (3-10) 2) Allen's team (4-9) 3) Giant amongst Fems (5-8) 4) Maryland Crabs (6-7, 2455.56 PF) 5) Beirut Shisha (6-7, 2523.04 PF) 6) Saskatchewan Yetis (7-6) 7) Hagerstown Seminoles (7-6, week 14 elimination) 8) Huntington Beach Longhorns (8-5, week 14 elimination)
  7. 2019 Playoff Seedings

    The MFL Bracket can be found here. Beavis Division: #1 Seed - Dragline (11-2) #2 Seed - Huntington Beach Longhorns (8-5) #3 Seed - River City Reform (7-6, 2-0 H2H over Yetis) Butthead Division: #1 Seed - Angry Groper Brewhounds (8-5) #2 Seed - Hagerstown Seminoles (7-6) #3 Seed - Favre Dollar Footlongs (6-7, 3-1 Group H2H over Beirut and Maryland)
  8. Playoffs

    Yeah, sorry. Was on a road trip for work. I'll have them up tonight.
  9. AGB Roster Moves

  10. Allen's Team Roster Moves

  11. Trade - Keep Calm you silly Longhorns

    Sorry for the delay but I think I got this one sorted out.
  12. Dragline-roster

  13. Waivers 11/20

    Need a contract for JPP
  14. Waivers 11/20

    Maryland Crabs dead year for JPP returned.
  15. Waivers 11/20

    1 Angry Groper Brewhounds Waiver Acquired Clark, Chuck BAL S for $2 2 Huntington Beach Longhorns Waiver Acquired Pierre-Paul, Jason TBB DE for $5 Dropped Wake, Cameron TEN LB