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  1. Returning for 2019?

    I'll be sticking around as well.
  2. Congrats River City Reform

    What do I gotta do to keep you in the league brother? I'll fly out your way and bring ya a poutine?
  3. Congrats River City Reform

    Congrats RCR on the perfect season! I didn't have a bad week but certainly wasn't good enough to take you down. I'll take my payout minus 2019 fees to my paypal: tford (at) ualberta (dot) ca
  4. river city roster

  5. Playoff Seeding

    Thanks man. Definitely not a pretty game from both our squads. Weird week.
  6. Playoff Seeding

    All the best my friend.
  7. river city roster

  8. Waivers 12/5

  9. Waivers 12/5

  10. Waivers 12/5

    1. Maryland Blue Crabs Waiver acquired Dixon, Kenneth BAL RB for $1.00 dropped Allen, Javorius BAL RB 2. Keep calm and Kerryon Waiver acquired Taylor, Taywan TEN WR for $1.00 dropped Nickerson, Hardy CIN LB 3. Beirut Shisha Waiver acquired Heuerman, Jeff DEN TE for $1.00 4. Beirut Shisha Waiver acquired Oluokun, Foyesade ATL LB for $1.00 5. Beirut Shisha Waiver acquired Myers, Jason NYJ PK for $2.00 6. Beirut Shisha Waiver acquired Wilson, Jeffery SFO RB for $5.00 7. River City Reform Waiver acquired Hodges, Gerald ARI LB for $6.00 Need contracts for Wilson, Myers, Oluokun, Heueman and Dixon.
  11. river city roster

  12. Stepping down

    Sorry to read that man. All the best (except this week).
  13. Playoff Seeding

    Not falling for your double-reverse jinx...
  14. Playoff Seeding

    Bracket can be found here: Playoff Bracket Beavis Division: #1 Seed - Dragline (9-4) (Tied H2H with Seminoles, higher total points) #2 Seed - Hagerstown Seminoles (9-4) #3 Seed - Favre Dollar Footlongs (8-5) Butthead Division #1 Seed - River City Reform (13-0) #2 Seed - Saskatchewan Yetis (9-4) #3 Seed - Keep Calm and Kerryon (6-7)
  15. Waivers 11/28

    2. Keep calm and Kerryon Waiver acquired Bucannon, Deone ARI LB for $1.00 dropped Prosise, C.J. SEA RB 3. River City Reform Waiver acquired Whitehead, Jordan TBB S for $2.00 4. River City Reform Waiver acquired Foster, Robert BUF WR for $5.00 Need a contract for Whitehead. Refunded dead year on Bucannon.