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  1. Finance thread

    Yeah, everyone will have received that email for the new site. You can only log into to your specific franchise though.
  2. Finance thread

    Email sent to the email address given. Great to have you back in the league T-bone!
  3. Finance thread

    Thanks. Does your friend have a preference on which team he wants? To be clear, we haven't decided how we are going to figure this out yet. (Dispersal draft vs. coin flip for first pick vs. FCFS)
  4. 2018 - important off-season dates

    Last year, they were due the Monday before RFA and RFA started Apr 12th. The rulebook isn't clear on the starting dates of either.
  5. Finance thread

    Still need another one after this. If you have some other hopefuls, don't be shy about bringing them forward as we are already behind schedule.
  6. Finance thread

    What's your buddy's email address?
  7. Finance thread

    I emailed D3 to see where he's at.