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  1. Waivers aren't on calendar

    I'd argue that Maryland would be the one who'd be short-changed in your scenario. He placed that bid on Monday and for all we know, thought that waivers would have run as scheduled as per the rulebook.
  2. Waivers aren't on calendar

    Because it should have run last night.
  3. Waivers aren't on calendar

    Should be set up.
  4. Devy Player Tracker

    Since the NFL rookie draft is tomorrow and our league's rookie/devy draft is less than two weeks away, I thought I'd create this thread to help with tracking of our devy players. Rules surrounding devys are summarized in the quote below. I am interpreting this as teams cannot have more than 3 devys at any time. Therefore, teams need to be cognizant of the devys on their team and must cut/trade a devy prior to selecting another devy in the draft if up against the cap of 3.
  5. Ongoing Rules Talk

    One or two can't hurt IMO
  6. Ongoing Rules Talk

    I'd support this. Something fun with a minor reward that isn't league-changing. I'd like to see a fourth devy spot added but with the stipulation but it has to be used on a defensive player. As it stands, I'm never going to use a devy spot on defense unless we increase the number of devy spots.
  7. Devy Player Tracker

  8. Devy Player Tracker

  9. Devy Player Tracker

    Good pick here. It was between Ahmmon Richards and this guy for me at 3.08.
  10. Devy Player Tracker

  11. Devy Player Tracker

  12. Devy Player Tracker

    Fixed to show as WR
  13. Devy Player Tracker

    I changed that Devy custom player to RB.
  14. Devy Player Tracker

    Not unless we roll back the entire draft so I can stop failing to trade up...
  15. Devy/Rookie Draft - May 7

    For Owners >> Draft Scroll down to the letter D for last names and you will see them.
  16. Devy/Rookie Draft - May 7

    The College Devy players are still in the system and are available to be selected should you want to take a devy. The position attached to the Devy doesn't really matter as long as the name, position and school are clearly written in the comments. Be mindful of the rules surrounding devy selections. It would be ideal if each owner could update the thread below after every devy selection so that things are up-to-date during the draft.
  17. Ongoing Rules Talk

    I sent you an email on this but I think that it was handled correctly. Rookie draft and vet draft were serpentine because no standings to base things on. Every subsequent draft should be non-serpentine because you have standings to base things on. Might have been written differently in the rules but I think we executed it correctly.
  18. 2018 RFA - franchise tagged players

  19. 2018 RFA - franchise tagged players

    Beirut - $44 Can assign Jerrick McKinnon SFO RB up to 4 years. Hagerstown - $23 Can assign LeGarrette Blount DET RB up to 2 years. Keep Calm - $11 Can assign Larry Fitzgerald ARI WR only 1 year.
  20. Trade - Seminoles/Footlongs

  21. 2018 - important off-season dates

    $100 Reload complete
  22. Title says it all. I have $76 currently as well another $100 to play with shortly. Those who need to get an early start on planning their defense of 2019 RFAs, hit me up.
  23. Footlongs available for trade

    Sent out a few offers yesterday and today. Drop me a line if you'd like to discuss.
  24. Footlongs available for trade

    Looking to shake up a bit prior to the draft. The following players are open to offers with the return value expected varying by player. Rob Kelley RB WAS - 1 year Samaje Perine RB WAS - DTS eligible James White RB NEP - 1 year Aaron Jones RB GBP - 2 years Jamaal Williams RB GBP - DTS eligible Devante Mays RB GBP - DTS eligible Lamar Miller RB HOU - 3 years D'Onta Foreman RB HOU - DTS eligible Danny Amendola WR MIA - open contract Emmanuel Sanders WR DEN - 2 years Adam Thielen WR MIN - 1 year Robert Woods WR LAR - 1 year Keelan Cole WR JAC - DTS eligible Nigel Bradham LB PHI - 2 years Preston Brown LB CIN - 2 years Looking to make a multi-player deal for an impact player at WR, LB or both. Will consider picks, devys or cash.
  25. Devy Player Tracker

    There are no limits on when you can make cuts.