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  1. Weekly Blitz

  2. Can you believe someone in my league...

    collusion: secret cooperation: secret cooperation between people in order to do something illegal or underhanded People like to throw around the "C" word but it is usually not warranted.
  3. Patriots - Steelers Avatar / Sig Bet Anyone ?

    But this isn't an AFC Champoinship game, just a regular season, advantage Steelers.
  4. Patriots - Steelers Avatar / Sig Bet Anyone ?

    Add another to the Steeler faithful. Steelers
  5. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    I wonder why that would be?
  6. Steven Jackson...

    I see an increased roll for Faulk as a result of his speaking out.
  7. Willie Parker Owners summit meeting

    I one league I have Arington and McGahee, I'll hold. In another I haveKJ and Anderson, again, I'll hold. He's saving my RB corps in a couple of leagues, I can't afford to let him go.
  8. I was wrong !

    You may be getting dangerously close to having to change your name to uglymenudo37.
  9. Only Week 2, but the most overhyped

    I drank a big glass of the KJ kool-aid and took him 2-1 (I will forever say Moss was my 1-12 pick). He will be planted on the bench for a while.
  10. Edge

    Ran Carthon is so selfish for stealing TD's from Edge.
  11. LaMont Jordan Owners

    I'm with you BS1. I know it's early but Jordan is a fantastic #2 so far. I would be more than happy to "expect that (15-20 pts) every week".
  12. where is Ladanian

    respectable average
  13. Wr Help who to start

    Best Buy? TO