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  1. Trade Stuff

    Anyone out there like Eric Decker for Latavius Murray? This a 12 team PPR.
  2. Big Trade

    I'm 0-5 (we have doubleheader weeks). I haven't scored over the league average in 5 games. I would be trading Antonio Brown and Jeremy Hill for James Jones, Kendall Wright, and Carlos Hyde (Blount could be substituted for Hyde). I don't think I can wait for Big Ben to come back based on possibly another 4-5 weeks. It looks like Vick won't do Brown any favors. My roster: Brees Carr Hill McCoy Karlos Williams Brown Landry Crabtree Decker S.Johnson His roster M. Ryan Mariota Hyde Blount Ingram Dez Bryant Julio Jones James Jones Kendall Wright Brandon Marshall
  3. Defense: Options for Championship

    I have both the Indy and Carolina def. I am going Carolina def because I think Palmer will be throwing from behind and forcing the ball into coverage. Car has beeter def with high sack total, etc. Yes, KC is absolutely terrible but I think they will be too conservative running the ball and wont pass much, which will lead to less turnovers and sacks.
  4. Same dilema. I am starting Colts over Panthers at the moment. The only thing that worries me about Indy is that KC plays it conservative and runs the ball a lot (meaning no sacks, interceptions, etc.).
  5. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

    Looking to win out title for the second time and have missed the playoffs in the last 5 years. PPR. I have some good options but need help. I need 3 of 4 WR's to go with Marshall: Garcon vs Philly Moore vs Dall Shorts vs New Eng Cobb vs Tenn I am leaning with Cobb, Garcon, and Shorts. I like Moore, but he is iffy and will draw top corner from Dallas. Also deciding between: Car Def at home versus Oakland or Indy def on the road against KC Leaning towards KC because they are just plain awful.
  6. Need a flex spot for the championship

    Garcon and Richardson have been hot lately and White is your stud. I would say Garcon if Griffin plays (not sold on Cousins). Unless you here news that White is practicing and looking good. I am afraid that White might be decoy material if he isn't quite healthy.
  7. WR help!

  8. Dwyer, shorts, m. willams?(also rg3 opinions)

    Shorts and williams. Also, RGIII is out tomorrow. Please see mine.
  9. WR help!

    PPR. Have some decent options, here we go: Need 3 of these 4 to start at WR: Cobb-still a main target but down the last couple of weeks Garcon-Cousins is now starting at QB Lance Moore-Had a good game against TB last time, but Brees has been so-so and there are lots of options Cecil Shorts-Should be back and has been red hot but concerned about first week coming back from injury. Help and will answer yours.
  10. Should I start Calvin in the snow?

    I once sat Aaron Rodgers because of snow. It bit me in the BUTT, dont do it.
  11. Must win need to start 2 of 3 at RB

    ridley and martin
  12. Garcon, Shorts, Cobb

    Anyone else?
  13. Garcon, Shorts, Cobb

    PPR. Need to start 2 of the 3. Garcon appears to be Number 1 for RG Shorts has been hot most of the year, but had a minor hamstring thing show up Cobb may loose some looks with Nelson and Jennings back. Need some help on this. Will answer yours as well.
  14. Last minute quick help: before late games

    Torrey Smith. See mine
  15. Moore or Cobb

    I have Cobb and tried trading to get Moore, so I like both guys. Both games will be shootouts. I think it comes down to this, Cobb is more explosive and could go off for 2 td's, whereas Moore is safer due to less competition on team to get 7-9 catches, 100 yards, and TD. If you have a tough matchup in your league, you go for the Cobb, if not, go Moore. See mine