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  1. ive been hanging onto him thinking about dropping him and picking up either nate burleson or tiquan underwood
  2. who should i start? cam newton or aaron rodgers?
  3. depends on how much the pot is. ill do something like an 80/20 split,
  4. is the guy you? lol let me know where i can send the details
  5. im looking for an owner to take over a squad in my IDP PPR money league. the entry fee is $50 with good prizes (100% payout) if you are interested please send me a message or leave your email, i will send you the roster and details.
  6. PLEASE JOIN ASAP AND PAY12 team PPR scoring Invite URL:
  7. last spot available
  8. 2 more spots
  9. i need one more, draft is at 6 PM EST tonite Invite URL:
  10. 4 more spots Invite URL:
  11. trying to draft has been a bitch though might move it to ESPN and draft tonight or wednesday
  12. draft has been moved to wednesday i feel no league has a better setup and would like to see us continue this season. low buy in with great prize money. sportsvault does not charge fees for entry or withdrawal like leaguesafe.
  13. looking to get a 12 team $200 PPR league together, draft scheduled for tomorrow at 10:30 PM EST. 100% payouts through sportsvault (no fees for entry or prize money) prize money is $1200, $800, $400 PPR scoring (1 pt per reception) with return yardage) league is through yahoo. please leave your email here or PM for invite. serious inquiries and you must pay the league fee in order to draft.
  14. still looking for teams, would love to have a few huddlers join us this season!
  15. i am looking for competitive owners to fill a 14 team IDP PPR H2H money league. entry fee is $50, $700 pot with 100% payout. 1st- 350 2nd- 210 3rd- 140 payouts will be handled through sportsvault this league has been running for a few years now with experienced owners Roster Positions: QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/T, W/R, K, D, DB, DB, DL, DL, LB, LB, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN draft september 1st at 10:30 PM EST