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  1. LSU vs WHO?

    Sort like the way this guy thinks LSU is No. 1. LSU is so No. 1, even a score-settling upset by Alabama in the BCS Championship Game can't knock it out of No. 1. If the Tigers beat the Crimson Tide a second time, they'll ascend to the ranks of the greatest teams of the last 30 years. If I could reserve my entire top five exclusively for LSU, I would. • Now for that other thing. I did rank Oklahoma State No. 2, because the structure of the poll mandates that there must be a No. 2, but my default position remains that Oklahoma State and Alabama are 2a and 2b. Oklahoma State has a better set of wins — three vs. ranked teams to Alabama's two, seven vs. winning teams to Alabama's three — but the Crimson Tide have been more dominant against a perfectly respectable slate and didn't lose to a 6-6 team. Alabama's case is not furthered by S-E-C chest thumping because a) The Big 12 easily matched or exceeded the SEC for quality depth, and Alabama didn't face either of the best teams in the SEC's East Division, Georgia and South Carolina. Oklahoma State endured a nine-game, round-robin conference schedule that did not include any weeks off to casually feast on Georgia Southern, and survived the grind to win the conference title outright. Alabama didn't win its own division. Under the circumstances, I would think the Crimson Tide would be satisfied to call it a wash.
  2. LSU vs WHO?

    The one organization that probably didn't want to see this LSU vs Bama game has to be the BCS themselves. Unless of course LSU prevails. Then they can feel good about the process of matching up the two best teams in the BCS NC game. However imagine if Bama wins by a slim margin or worse yet a controversial play. No one really wants to see another split national championship, right? The BCS committee is probably scratching their heads wondering how can people complain when in fact the human vote is the only reason why Bama is in this game.
  3. LSU vs WHO?

    Believe it happenned after the year LSU beat Oklahoma for the 2003 BCS NC? Prior to that the computers played a larger role. Think it had something to do with the fact that the media darlings at that time USC were left out of the big game.
  4. LSU vs WHO?

    FWIW Colley's Bias Free Matrix Rankings agrees Oklahoma State should have been in the game. The only thing I can come up with is that in a one game type deal that people would rather see a re-match between two proven heavy weights than taking a chance on an up and coming contender. 1. LSU 2. Oklahoma St 3. Alabama 4. Kansas St 5. Stanford 6. Oklahoma 7. Boise St 8. Oregon 9. USC 10. Michigan
  5. On to Alanta

    Do you really think a playoff would not cause the same kind of second guessing. Unless of course you are proposing what college & the NBA basketball do and take just about any half deserving team. And even if you did take just a handful I can already predict the second guessing on seeding would cause debate.
  6. On to Alanta

    If I recall correctly when Texas and Ohio State decided to play a home and home series it worked out pretty good for both those schools the year they won. Also LSU beating Virginia Tech that year was probably what put them in the BCS NC game. Those type OOC games are certainy a risk/reward game aka Virginia Tech likely lost a spot that year cause of LSU game. So if it boils down to two teams a signature OOC game goes a long way. Bama's was t Penn State who did Oklahoma State beat?
  7. LSU vs WHO?

    Again not crazy about Bama getting a 2nd chance just making a point. The above point stated is exactly why Bama was selected. Especially considering that LSU is the first team that I know of to end the season with a perfect 1.0000 BCS rating. 1 LSU 13-0 1 2875 1.0000 1 1475 1.0000 1.0000 1 1.0000 Combined the fact that LSU & Bama each spent 8 games playing & dominating similar SEC caliber competition with the fact that it took LSU OT to beat Bama and there you get the reason why Alabama got the nod. LSU historic perfect rating certainly was a huge benefit to Bama.
  8. LSU vs WHO?

    Bama people are using the Big Ten championship game as an example. Who is the Big ten champion? Michigan State had already beat Wisconsin and was forced to play them again.
  9. LSU vs WHO?

    Please tell me which SEC fan base besides Bama are you referring to? People around here would have much preferred Ok St.
  10. LSU vs WHO?

    Oklahoma State has no one to blame but themselves. If you recall SEC called for a playoff years ago and all the other conferences shot it down. As a Tiger fan I am not pleased with Bama getting another shot either, however I do think they picked the 2 best teams to matchup considering how the SEC has dominated the BCS. Not sure what the line is going to be but if I were to guess LSU would have been favored over the Cowboys by double digits. Just saying...the BCS actually got it right this time even though many are getting tired of the SEC SEC chant that I am certain you will hear the night of the big game.
  11. LSU vs WHO?

    You are not the only one ticked off . Check this guy out
  12. LSU vs WHO?

    Coaches poll released. Pretty close but Bama gets the nod. 1. LSU (59) 13-0 1,475 1 2. Alabama 11-1 1,399 2 3. Oklahoma State 11-1 1,367 5
  13. LSU vs WHO?

    Wildcat it seems your favoriite computer rankings Sagarin gives the nod to Bama. Don't think that was expected?
  14. LSU vs WHO?

    Last night it seem like most all the major networks were predicting a LSU vs Bama rematch. However Sunday morning it seems to me at least that LSU vs Oklahoma State matchup has gained alot more support. Computers should have OK State ahead of Bama so it all boils down to the human voters who watched the Cowboys beat up on the Sooners. From what I have read prior to the games yesterday provided Ok State took care of business vs Ok it would require 35% of the voters to choose them over the Tide. However now that Virginia Tech is out of the picture that number drops to a more manageable 25% of the voters. My thoughts are that enough voters will say maybe Bama is the 2nd best team in the nation however they did already have a shot and at HOME, so let's give dem Cowboys a crack.
  15. Virginia Tech does have a shot. Granted it's not much, however if both LSU and OK State were to lose this weekend t's hard to imagine a BCS NC with both opponents not being a conference champion. Personally I think Bama is really rooting for my Tigers this weekend just for that reason. If it comes down to only taking one non confernece champion one would think they would take the team who won the head to head matchup especially if the loser was the home team.