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  1. BOTH League Needs One Owner

    Ok, looks like a reasonable team, I'll give it a go. What BOTH league is this? Please IM me and let me know what you need to set me up on the site.
  2. BOTH League Needs One Owner

    I am interested, would like to take a look see at the team.
  3. I am interested, live or slow draft?
  4. Hmmm, can't say I like the winner of the league getting the same as the high point... Or paying 3rd high point. Winner only gets 29 percent of the pot. What happens if you don't get 12 players by tonight?
  5. What is the payout structure? What is this "unique" playoff structure?
  6. Way too early predictions for your team

    Win the Division, win the Superbowl... duh
  7. I'd be shocked if they don't take a QB. Cook seems like the logical pick at 32.
  8. Who's your teams 1st rder? Who do you want?

    For the Steelers, Eli Apple would be nice, really doubt he will be there though so my next man up is William Jackson. Better be a CB, or I will not be happy. For the Jags, I'd love to see Ramsey drop to 5, but I think he will go to Dallas at 4. Jack is a perfect fit, as long as they are comfortable with his knee, otherwise Bosa. The Jags are setting pretty to get an impact player on D. If Tunsil drops to them, I think they will trade down a few spots and still get a player they really like. That would be the ideal situation, more draft picks.
  9. I think we will finish this in about 2 weeks.
  10. Well they did it - Browns trade #2 to Philly

    Enlighten us, exactly why do you think Bortles is garbage?
  11. Pfft... If the players do not like the power that Goddell has, then perhaps they should not have agreed to giving it to him under the collective bargaining agreement.
  12. Jonny Manziel and Josh Gordon are roommates

    Pu-lease... Manziel did this to himself... It is NOT because he didn't have any guidance... Dude is a putz, not a victim.
  13. I considered switching it up this time with Mackensie Alexander or Artie Burns, who I have heard the Steelers like, but my gut still says that if Apple is there, he is their guy. He is the most NFL ready of the three, and the Steelers need a guy that they can plug in from day 1. Both Alexander and Burns are intriguing, but I think they both need some seasoning. And, I am not sure that Apple isn't the most talented guy anyway. A great pick of need for the Steelers, I still doubt he will be there at 25, but one can hope. PM sent to heehawks