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  1. Eli Manning retiring...

    I thought this was funny
  2. Seahawks vs Eagles

    That was probably game on that Sanders drop
  3. Titans vs. Patriots

    Maybe someone knows the answer to this. When TEN had the ball and it was 4th down and they were getting ready to punt to NE with like 25 seconds left, why not take a false start penalty? The clock was running. Wouldn't that result in a 10 second runoff and run the game clock down to 15 seconds?
  4. 2019 Playoff Fantasy Football League!!!

    I put hezagenius in the note
  5. 2019 Playoff Fantasy Football League!!!

    Yeah, submitted my lineup
  6. 2019 Playoff Fantasy Football League!!!

    The degenerate gambler in me can't stay away.
  7. Week 17 Championship Game?

    F'in Boone
  8. Fitzmagic

    Seems like he does waaaaay better as the backup coming in for an injured/benched starter. It's like he needs that "I'll show them" motivation. When he is given the starting job, he seems more prone to dud games.
  9. Week 17 Championship Game?

    Same setup as me. Total trash.
  10. Week 17 Championship Game?

    I'm in 2 week championship. My team is dog poop. Dropped Fitzmagic for Daniel Jones CMC Mostert Kupp Ward Jr Not sure on flex: Boone , picked up Gus Edwards, Lat Murray, Thielen Going against Brees, Barkley, Freeman, Perriman, some others. I'm down 21 after week 16. Standard scoring. I'm lobbying for a change next year.
  11. Too much Abullah. WTH?

    Did Boone even touch the ball in the 2nd half? Every time I looked, it was Abdullah with the carry.
  12. Marshawn Lynch

    Could he possibly be in game shape?
  13. Boone or Laird

    Fitz is the leading rusher for Miami now this season
  14. The Indianapolis Colts defense is single-handedly keeping me in my matchup