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  1. NON PPR Benjamin fighting for something or Cole locked into the 3 seed Jimmy G playing for pride or Bortles locked into the 3 seed
  2. Need some final advice for my roster Non PPR Starting Mike Evans Need to decide between Mar. Bryant and K. Cole. Which QB: Bortles, Cousins or Jimmy G?
  3. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    At least my opponent didn't get much from Thielen.....
  4. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    Really thought Alex Collins was going to feast on Indy today.
  5. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    Jamaal Williams
  6. Foles, Bortles, or Brady?

    I don't think OAK is officially eliminated as of now, although maybe by MNF they will be. I'd rank them 1a Foles, 1b Bortles, 2 Brady To me, Foles and Bortles are pretty equivalent this week. If MIN somehow loses Saturday, I would shy away from Foles since PHI will have the #1 locked up. I still think they'll want Foles to get reps with a #1 seed locked up, but maybe not an entire game. Although if the #1 seed is locked up, maybe they unleash Foles and tell him to go nuts since the game doesn't really matter in terms of playoff seeding. JAX can sneak into the #2 spot if things bounce their way so I don't see Bortles letting up until/unless it becomes a blowout. Fournette coming back is what I think knocks Bortles below Foles this week. Brady is always capable of going off, but BUF needs this win and they play NE tough.
  7. Ok with starting bell and bryant?

    AB out, luscious matchup against HOU. Hard to sit Bryant this week.
  8. Ingram and Kamara - both Pro Bowlers

    Bruce and Holt in 2000,2001
  9. Ingram and Kamara - both Pro Bowlers

    Harrison and Wayne in 2006
  10. Ingram and Kamara - both Pro Bowlers

    Bruce and Holt or Harrison and Wayne? Not sure, just throwing those out there as duos that come to mind
  11. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    0.5PPR Need 1 Golden Tate Josh Gordon Jamaal Williams (will GB run him into the ground these last 2 games to see what they have for next year?)
  12. Whats your craptacular championship lineup

    0.5 PPR Foles Hunt M Gordon A Collins Hopkins Josh Gordon Witten Tucker Redskins Non PPR Bortles Hunt Gurley Kamara Mar. Bryant M Evans Kelce Matt Bryant Chargers
  13. Title Game Questions

    I'm all in on Collins this week. Tasty matchup and BAL is playing for a playoff spot. I have Williams in several leagues and am leaning towards benching him. Brutal matchup and GB is out of the playoff hunt.
  14. Now that GB is eliminated from the playoffs, anyone feel confident starting any of their players? I'm assuming they bench Rodgers but who knows.
  15. DAL vs Oak

    Wow. That's a gutter for Oakland.