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  1. AFC Championship Thread

    Patriots win by at least 14. Saints might have been able to give them a run, but not LA.
  2. Annual Huddler Super Bowl Box Pool (2019)

    I'll do 4 boxes in each
  3. Ouch....Allen Hurns :(

    According to Adam Schefter (so take with many grains of salt), dislocated ankle and if recovery is good, he could be back next season. Maybe news directly from the org will come down Sunday.
  4. Ouch....Allen Hurns :(

    Slow mo, you could see the snap. Brutal.
  5. Yeah. I'm thinking Sproles and Dixon, too. I also picked up Washington from NO. What about Moore fro Seattle? In week 17, I like players on teams that need to win.
  6. @Shaft RBs Washington (NO) Riddick Dixon Sproles Burkhead Hill (ATL) WRs Jordy Nelson Sutton Moore (SEA) Crowder Jones (BUF) Conley (KC)
  7. My league has a cumulative playoff the last 2 weeks (believe me, not my choice) and I'm benching Kamara, Ingram and Thomas. I'm looking for some WRs and RBs to pick up. The WW is pretty thin so I need some deep picks. Jordy is available. After that, lots of red shirts. Anyone got any ideas on who to pick up?
  8. Half my friggin team are Saints it seems like (Kamara, Ingram and Thomas). I feel like none of them are trustworthy but that means I have to start guys like Hogan and Chris Samuels. Can any Saint RB or WR be trusted this week? And who are people starting their places?
  9. Close championship

    Looks like it worked out for you!
  10. Close championship

    Hopefully 2nd place pays out
  11. Unique Fantasy Football Ideas, do you have any?

    I really hate the bonus points for 100 yards rush/rec or 300 yards passing. It's completely arbitrary. I've played in leagues where you get 3 bonus pts for a 20-39 yard TD and 6 bonus points for a 40+ yard TD. That wasn't so bad. Some players that lived or died on those deep bombs like DeSean Jackson could score a lot of points. A buddy of mine is in a league where it is 1 pt per reception, rush, and completion. He said the point totals get out of hand in that league. Not sure I'd like to play in a league like that.
  12. 2018 Playoff Fantasy Football!!!

    Sent PP around 9:25am CT. Forgot to add my username.
  13. 2018 Playoff Fantasy Football!!!

    @irish , sent you an PM with my email
  14. 2018 Playoff Fantasy Football!!!

    Sounds fun. I'm in.