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  1. Is this an insane thought?

    I don't know if I'd double up on a GB RBs. There's only so much to go around. I'd start CMC, Jones, Moore and Parker. Flex Kamara or Ridley.
  2. Mostert or Alexander Mattison

    If you need a starter, probably Mostert. Not sure Breida will contribute much even if he comes back. And Coleman isn't the answer. If you want to speculate, Mattison. IF Cook is out, Mattison could win you a championship.
  3. Vikings vs Seahawks (MNF)

    You don't see that one too often
  4. Who else had Aaron Jones in their line up?

    My hope is that Jones crapped the bed this week to get it out of his system and he's going to go on a tear down the stretch. I'd rather have him do this this week than next.
  5. Week 13 Milk Carton

    Thanks Foles, you f'in f.
  6. Odds on the new Cowboys coach

    Isn't Clemens the Jason Garrett to Jason Garrett?
  7. PPR Not a Cook owner I moved Juju into my IR spot. Should I pick up Mattison, Darrel Williams or Snell?
  8. Stupid ESPN

    I got burned by this a few weeks back with Stafford. He was listed as "O" on ESPN maybe 90 minutes before his game but he was not eligigle to be moved to my IR spot before his game started. Really annoying.
  9. Brady or Ryan with Julio out?
  10. Darnold weeks 15,16,17 are rough for sure, but 13 and 14 are glorious. Thanks guys
  11. Right now, I have Jimmy G as my only QB. Foles and Darnold are on the WW. 4pts for passing TDs and we play through week 17 Should I make the switch to either Foles or Darnold? Either for this week or the rest of the season? Jimmy G's matchup this week is bad news. Darnold has some potential weather concerns for 3 of his games. Foles has 2 dome games and 3 southern outdoor games. Jimmy G remaining games: @BAL @NO ATL LAR @SEA Darnold remaining games: @CIN MIA @BAL PIT @BUF Foles remaining games: TB LAC @OAK @ATL IND
  12. Week 12 Milk Carton

    Aaron Jones would be nice
  13. Stafford droppable?

    I only need 1 for now. Juju is in my IR slot.
  14. Stafford droppable?

    At least for this week? I need a backup K for Butker and don't want to drop Butker. The remaining Ks available are trash so I'll have to go with the CLE K. If I drop Butker, I definitely won't get him back. Stafford was in my IR spot but I moved Juju there today.
  15. Trade: Ripped off?

    There's a term I use for trades like this: No Vaseline