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  1. Questionable trade?

    Luckily there is a 2 day waiting period because the commish vetoed the trade. He said it was shot down as soon as he saw it.
  2. Questionable trade?

    Redraft, not dynasty
  3. Questionable trade?

    Normally I tend to give trades the benefit of the doubt. Maybe a manager is really high on a player and they overpay. I get it. I've been there, too. But then sometimes you see a trade that just doesn't pass the smell test. Is there any way to spin this one as a fair trade? Team A (6-4, 4th place) gets McCaffrey (#8 RB) Team B (2-8, 12th place) gets Golladay (#23 WR) and Rudolph (#11 TE) 3 weeks left in the regular season. Top 4 teams make the playoffs. Team A is in the hunt, Team B is out of the playoffs.
  4. Just need 1 of these for a flex in 0.5 PPR DJax Marlon Mack Aaron Jones Thanks
  5. NON PPR Kupp coming off an injury againts a beatable D, but lots of mouths to feed or Murray against a vulnerable D but has to contend with Cook eating into his carries
  6. Rivers or Mayfield

    Rivers vs the toughest pass D on the road or Mayfield vs the weakest pass D at home
  7. SF starting unknown Mullens at QB

    Great stiffarm by Harris on Bourne
  8. The Mostert Mash

    His arm is questionable to look normal again.
  9. The Mostert Mash

    His arm got thrashed
  10. 0.5PPR Need 1 of the following Chubb vs Pit Mack vs Sea Murray vs NO
  11. Full PPR league Unfortunately I had to drop Richard to pick up a QB this week (turns out I didn't even need a QB to win ). I have the #2 waiver pick so should I burn it Richard or Martin? I feel like Richard is the better pick for me because 1) full PPR, and 2) Raiders should probably be playing from behind a lot and might be more inclined to have a pass-catching RB on the field. And are any of these guys worth dropping for Richard or Martin? Bench: Chubb (not dropping) Kupp (not dropping) Hilton (not dropping) Clement A Jones P Barber (probably the likeliest candidate)
  12. 0.5 PPR Need to pick 3 flex players I've got 3 WRs pencilled in right now: Cooks v SF (no Kupp so that helps but it could be the Gurley show) DJax v CLE (always a big play potential) M Thomas v Bal ( defense is tough but hard to sit Thomas) I've got 3 RBs on the bench I could plug in: L Murray v NYJ (no Cook, but Jets are a decent D) I Smith v NYG (splitting with Coleman and TD dependent) Chubb v TB (does he get his shot or do they ease him in?) Should I rotate in any of those RBs? Thanks
  13. Duke Johnson worth grabbing?

    Grab him while you can. I'd give up a plus matchup with a defense for 1 week in exchange for a borderline RB2 ROS without hesitation. Chicago is not a slouch D, even with a bad matchup.
  14. You get an upgrade at QB and at this point, we don't even know if Bell is playing this season. And if he does, how effective will he be? Increased injury risk? Maybe. And you know Conner will be getting his playing time for several weeks even if Bell comes back. To top it off, if you can't keep him and Chubb is a 8th rounder on a team that seems to be trending in the right direction (I can't believe I said that about CLE), yeah, I'd do it.
  15. Who to drop to pick up a QB?

    I do have the #2 waiver pick so I should be able to get back whoever I drop if I want them that badly. So you'd hang onto Richard over Barber?