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  1. Need 2 of these guys for a 0.5PPR Brandin Cooks Gio Bernard Amari Cooper Emmanuel Sanders Chris Thompson WHIR
  2. Greg Zeuerlein out with groin injury

    Lost by 1.9 with Zuerlein. Ugh.
  3. I ended up building the league on MFL. They have the ability to make schedule changes to week 1 and recalculate so at least I was able to get things back on track. It is a hassle for the other owners to sign up but MFL is better than Yahoo in my opinion and I'll eat the cost of the league setup. It was pretty reasonably priced for a new league switching over from another site. We'll see if people want to keep MFL next year.
  4. I already have the schedule built for each week and there's no single week that has the games that corresponded to the default games Yahoo had. If I leave the week 1 games as is, I can't reconcile out the rest of the season so that each team plays the correct number of in-division and out-of-division games. Not to mention that I already told managers who they'd be playing in week 1 so if I left it as is, some teams would get wins that should have lost and vice versa. For example, on the website, the guy I played beat me, but in my schedule, we both won. So I can't just edit scores to make the outcome correct. Can I manually override standings in Yahoo?
  5. I am commissioner of a league in Yahoo and updated the schedule prior to the season so each team plays division opponents twice and everyone else once, but it must not have saved because the default matchups are still there. I was out of the country last week and could not edit the week 1 schedule on my phone. It wouldn't let me drag and drop teams in the Edit Schedule screen. I got back home tonight and was going to update last week's schedule on my computer but it turns out Yahoo won't let you do that. If I remember correctly, Yahoo had a pay version of their free site that had more customization options. Do they still have that and can last week's schedule be modified? Or are there any pay sites that allow you to set and modify previous week's schedules? MFL or some other site? Or any other free site?
  6. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    What is the pool type? I can't get the login to work on either type of squares pool.
  7. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    I'll take 4 on each sheet if there's still room. I need something to root for.
  8. NON PPR Benjamin fighting for something or Cole locked into the 3 seed Jimmy G playing for pride or Bortles locked into the 3 seed
  9. Need some final advice for my roster Non PPR Starting Mike Evans Need to decide between Mar. Bryant and K. Cole. Which QB: Bortles, Cousins or Jimmy G?
  10. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    At least my opponent didn't get much from Thielen.....
  11. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    Really thought Alex Collins was going to feast on Indy today.
  12. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    Jamaal Williams
  13. Foles, Bortles, or Brady?

    I don't think OAK is officially eliminated as of now, although maybe by MNF they will be. I'd rank them 1a Foles, 1b Bortles, 2 Brady To me, Foles and Bortles are pretty equivalent this week. If MIN somehow loses Saturday, I would shy away from Foles since PHI will have the #1 locked up. I still think they'll want Foles to get reps with a #1 seed locked up, but maybe not an entire game. Although if the #1 seed is locked up, maybe they unleash Foles and tell him to go nuts since the game doesn't really matter in terms of playoff seeding. JAX can sneak into the #2 spot if things bounce their way so I don't see Bortles letting up until/unless it becomes a blowout. Fournette coming back is what I think knocks Bortles below Foles this week. Brady is always capable of going off, but BUF needs this win and they play NE tough.
  14. Ok with starting bell and bryant?

    AB out, luscious matchup against HOU. Hard to sit Bryant this week.