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  1. Who's more droppable: McKinnon or AJ Green?

    Thanks. I dumped him so he'll probably go off for 10/150/2 now.
  2. With Mostert back, McKinnon bake is obviously not great. AJ Green has been a letdown all season and also is fighting a hammy. If you had to drop one, who would it be?
  3. Dak injured

    He could just be taking a break
  4. Dak injured

    Yeah, ugly
  5. Risk playing Allen or pick up Jimmy G?

    Herbert not available. Guess I'm rolling with Allen. I think the league really wants the game to happen so that's what I'm hoping for.
  6. Is it worth risking playing Josh Allen this week? Or should I pick up Jimmy G and play it safe?
  7. Bills/Titans game moved

    So Bills players play twice next week I guess
  8. Saints/Lions, Saints player tests positive for COVID-19

    Yeah, almost seems like the NFL could have maybe played games in 4 week bunches with 2-3 weeks in between to allow for postponed games. And then there'd be no need for bye weeks.
  9. Saints/Lions, Saints player tests positive for COVID-19

    How many weeks of extra games are they going to have to tack on to the end of the regular season for all these postponed games?
  10. Chiefs - Patriots being moved to Mon/Tue

    Anyone know if websites are treating tueaday games as part of the following week? Or part of week 4?
  11. Week 2 Chat

    So I guess Hines wasn't a great start
  12. Eli Manning retiring...

    I thought this was funny
  13. Seahawks vs Eagles

    That was probably game on that Sanders drop
  14. Titans vs. Patriots

    Maybe someone knows the answer to this. When TEN had the ball and it was 4th down and they were getting ready to punt to NE with like 25 seconds left, why not take a false start penalty? The clock was running. Wouldn't that result in a 10 second runoff and run the game clock down to 15 seconds?