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  1. Are the Rams going to feed Brown today, or do I just play it safe with Cupp?
  2. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    Makes me think of that Idris Elba sketch on SNL where he was a soccer player turned commentator and basically talked about if he would smash other players' wives. I predict Gronk will make Witten sound like Winston Churchill.
  3. The complete and utter lack of a passing game in MIN has killed Thielen's value this year so far. He's got a great matchup this week. Is this the week he turns it around? Or do I take a tougher matchup with Gallman and hope for volume?
  4. Need to bench one of these guys in full PPR Melvin Juju John Brown Juju is dinged up, Melvin is rusty
  5. 0.5PPR I am not a Zeke or Gurley owner, but I like stashing decent backups with potential. Jones (who I drafted but dropped for Brown) is maybe ready to step it up. Should I drop either Brown or Pollard for him?
  6. Anyone else have Godwin and Mclaurin???

    I'm going DJ Moore over Godwin this week.
  7. TNF: Eagles/Packers

    I get that Philly's run D is good, but to not try it when you have 1st and goal from the 1 is not smart.
  8. TNF: Eagles/Packers

    Would've been nice to see Jones punch it in on that goal line drive.
  9. Brown released by Patriots

    Yes @LordOpie . It was a "I played on the Patriots team the year they won the superbowl" kind of a thing that he could tell his kids.
  10. Brown released by Patriots

    If the Patriots win the superbowl, does he get a ring or anything? Name on the trophy?
  11. Trade away Josh Gordon for AB

    It's a local case to Allegheny Co so who else would be more likely to report on it? Maybe read it to find out if they are bashing him? Spoiler alert: they aren't.
  12. Adam Theilen dropped..

    Yeah, 500 might not even be enough
  13. Trade away Josh Gordon for AB

    Not saying it will go anywhere but https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2019/09/11/allegheny-county-district-attorney-antonio-brown-rape-allegations/ I'd honestly stand pat with Gordon.
  14. Half PPR I kinda want to hang onto Pollard in case Zeke has an injury due to lack of conditioning. But would it be worth dropping either Ronald Jones or Pollard for Justin Jackson?