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  1. My best back up is Fleener and plays before I'd know if Gronk was active. If I roll the dice and Gronk doesn't play, I'd have to start either Griffin from Hou or Jordan Cameron in the Monday night game. First round playoff game that looks like it is going to be close. Try to go big or play it safe with Fleener? Thanks
  2. Fantasy Parity in a 10 team league...

    I was just talking about this the other day. I have never seen a league as bunched up as my auction league is right now. (1) 8-4 (4) 7-5 (4) 5-7 (1) 4-8
  3. Thanks, I pulled him and will be starting Laurinaitis. Not great but need to start 3 and I'm pretty thin. Only other option could be Jonathan Freeny with Collins out. Think I'll stick with the safe to at least get some points option with Laurinaitis.
  4. How big a hit does Sheppards value take today since Jenkins is active again? Thanks
  5. Would you do this trade for Gurley?

    I should have said I'm high on Gurly, just think that the rest of the team might pull him down. Until they can have some success passing, he is going to be facing a stacked box. I made the trade and I'm glad to have him. I'm not expecting him to carry me to the championship either.
  6. Would you do this trade for Gurley?

    I'm not as high on Gurley as most but the trade was to good to turn down. Gurley only gained 38 total yards after the first series vs the Bears. Still to good of an offer to turn down and I had the depth to step in and cover it. The team trading Gurly really needed WR help.
  7. Would you do this trade for Gurley?

    I just traded Blount and Crabtree for Gurly. Its a 12 team ppr. I had the depth to cover it but still was uneasy giving up what I did. I now start Gurly, Stewart, Julio Jones, Evens, Landry, Diggs, and Gronk.
  8. Sanders or Randle

    I might go with Sanders if I felt like I needed a big game but think Randle is the safer play and has a little upside this week also if NE focus is to stop Odell.
  9. Saw something that they may pull Manning after breaking the record. Smith stunk it up the first time the teams met but would he be the safter play at this point? Thanks
  10. I've been offered Gurly for Blount and either Crabtree or Landry and wanted to see what you think about the trade. League is PPR. We only have to start 1 RB but all I have is Stewart, Blount, and Duke Johnson. My WR are Julio, Landry, Evens, Diggs, and Crabtree. I start all 5 of them right now and play match up at RB. Start 6 total between RB and WR. Thanks
  11. Thomas Davis was putting up big numbers while he was out but his tackle numbers have dropped off 2 of the 3 games since Kuechly returned but put up 11 solos in the other game. I was looking to trade for him but his performance vs the Colts has me second guessing what he will do the rest of the year. Thanks
  12. I have Julio Jones, Landry, Evans, Diggs and Crabtree. My RBs are Blount, Duke Johnson, and Stewart. Right now I start 1 of my RBs depending on match up and can start all 5 of the WRs. The owner of DeAngelo Williams has more RBs than he can start but needs help at WR. Would you trade Landry for Williams? I'm not trading Jones but would one of my other WR be enough? Scoring is PPR. He also has Adrian Peterson and said he would be willing to trade him also but I'd assume the asking price would be higher. Thanks
  13. Harris or Randle tonight?

    Its close enough I think I might go with the healthy option. I think Randle has more upside and would have a better chance at a TD. Since I just need an OK game to win, I think either might be able to get me there but Randle has a better chance of being a complete bust if he reinjures his hamstring. I guess I'm saying if you need a big game go Randle if a few point will be enough, I'd go Harris. Here is hoping it works out. Thanks for the help everyone
  14. Looks like Randle is active and starting but not sure how healthy he is. I need about 10 points in ppr tonight. Who is the better bet? Thanks