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  1. steve smith

    nice reception for 19... that's it so far.
  2. Is he worth a roster spot? (12 team performance league). If so... who so you think is more valuable, Battle or Dallas Clark in a league that doesn't require TE's (ie, TE=just another WR). Thanks in advance.
  3. Hugh... performance league, 6 pts for tds, 1 pt for every 25 yards passing starting at 50. No penalty of int's. Favre vs Cleveland Palmer vs Minn. I've already slotted Palmer in... just wondering if you can think of any reason to start Favre (other than the fact that he's facing Cleveland... and he is Favre.). Thanks.
  4. Start Which WR?

    Actually, it is exactly a pass offense thanks to their new vertical offense.
  5. I'm pretty surprised he's still available in a 14 team league... I'm in a 12 team league and he was taken in the 9th round. I'd grab him.... he's no Walker, but he's the guy in Cleveland and should be pretty solid all year... besides, they'll be playing from behind a lot.... I'd definitely take him.
  6. Arnaz Battle

    12 team performance league... 6 pt for tds, 1 point for every ten yards starting at 40... Would you guys drop Reggie Williams and pick up Battle? Thanks.
  7. Anyone else pick 12th

    Favre Palmer J. Lewis K. Jones L. Suggs M. Moore M. Williams S. Smith I. Bruce J. Smith D. Clark (TE/WR) R. Williams B. Engram J. Wilkins
  8. Ravens game

    Thanks. Breathing a sigh of relief.
  9. I would take Duece, J. Lewis, or Kevin Jones over Portis... In fact... If it were me I'd probably take Jones before the other three... but that's a tough one... it's hard to leave Duece on the board. In any event, I think all three are far better options than Portis.
  10. I agree, forget Turner... go for a WR. But back to your question... I think your team looks rock-solid... actually, I think it looks better than rock-solid. If you want to get picky, I have some questions about Evans, but hey, as your number 3 you can't complain. What WR's are still on waivers?
  11. kevin curtis

    For the record... Bruce is two and a half months older than Marvin Harrison... don't hear anyone talking about his age.
  12. Clayton or Williams?

    Thanks... Actually, Steve Smith fell to me and I took him without thinking. Threados Endos.
  13. Clayton or Williams?

    Anyone? Need some help here... Boldin is starting to creep into my thoughts... now that's scary...
  14. Clayton or Williams?

    sorry... or Gonzo or Gates as a WR... no te required in this league.