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  1. TE Witten.... worthless?

    I traded Witten for a thrid round draft pick this year glad I did.
  2. Det D or Chi D

    Which one Det ve Chi or Alt Vs SEA
  3. Which ATL RB?

    At this point it's Dunn but as the season goes on I say Ducketts carries will increase. I own Duckett and just waiting for Dunn to get a ding.
  4. Farve or Plummer?

    I asked last week ya'll said Farve so I started him. Who will it be this week? Farve or Plummer?
  5. Trade advice

    I agree, NO WAY make that trade!
  6. Which Defense?

    I agree with you I like the Lions matchup better plus this is a game that they will win easy and control the clock. Bears have a 2nd qb playing there should be some turnovers go in the favor of the Lions. I am starting them over the Redskins in one league and the Falcons in another. Good luck
  7. J.J. Arrington

    I'm from AZ and Shipp has looked so much better in person then Arrington. The Cards will give JJ every chance to hang onto the spot but I think Shipp will end up the starter or split carries most of the year. Be carefull with your choice.
  8. R. Brown or Boldin

    I will be starting Brown Over Boldin. Thanks ans i hope ya'll are right on this!
  9. R. Brown or Boldin

    Just answer Brown or Boldin. Brown to get the share of the carries?
  10. Plummer or Farve

    I asked once, ya'll said Farve but my gut tells me Plummer will have a better game who you think?
  11. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    LT2, Holt, Parker
  12. If you don't start KJ they should kick you out of the league yur in! KJ
  13. WDIS WRs

    i must agree with the boys, bruce is the best this week. Williams will score throughout the season and have good games you will have plenty or weeks to use him. Sit tight and watch the Greastest show on Turf.
  14. WDIS? L. Evans, Housh, K Curtis #3 WR

    i like L. Evans vs the Houston D this week. Clev's D will be much improved with the new HC
  15. Last second WDIS RB Poll!~

    Hate to say it i'm a jordan owner but Anderson has the better match up by far. I'm starting jordan on my team because i have too.