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  1. Pick one please
  2. Hold on to Snead or pickup Lee or Hurns?

    I have Snead as well and I'm keeping him. Not worth jumping yet.
  3. Is Blue the guy if Miller can't go?

    You just never know what NE will do at RB..............
  4. Full PPR. Starting: McCoy Murray Flex spot (need one of these guys) Howard Powell Stewart Leaning Howard right now because of the matchup and he has been solid, but with Forte out would Powell be a g better play?
  5. Is Blue the guy if Miller can't go?

    So it sounds like Miller is out. I picked up Blue earlier in the week. That said, should I start Blue against Cincy or should I roll the dice with Dion Lewis against the Jets? I am leaning Blue right now. 0.5 PPR

    I think Carolina is your best bet out of what you showed.
  7. So Miller is sitting out again and I really need a body with a pulse. Is Blue the guy that will get all the carries if Miller is out? I will grab him right away but when I look at the Texans roster, nobody really gets any work but Miller.
  8. I have Watkins in now, but will Gabriel have a solid game as well?
  9. Squeaked into the playoffs, who do I start?

    QB (start 1) Carson Palmer vs NO RB (start 2) LeVeon Bell @ Cin Lamar Miller vs Jax WR (Start 3) Jordy Nelson @ Chi Larry FItzgerald vs NO Emmanuel Sanders vs NE TE (Start 1) Jimmy Graham vs LA
  10. McCoy is a no brainer and then I would go Miller. Howard is a decent option as well but the OPack are starting to look better and they have some confidence rolling into this game.
  11. I feel the same way about Julio. Can't believe I get a bye in the first round only to come back to having a decision on my top WR..........ugh
  12. It's 0.5 PPR and I have Hilton starting and Julio floating in the wings with his injury. They might just want to sit him to be healthy the following week. That leaves me start either Watkins or Pryor, unless I drop one for Theilin. He is projected pretty high this week. Do I dare start a Viking over Pryor who has been solid but fell off last week and Watkins who has been improving since back? I just have this bad feeling Julio might not play. And I thought about grabbing Gabriel but if Sanu plays he might not be as effective either. Thoughts......
  13. Flex help! Moncrief?

    ^^^^^^^^ agree