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  1. Please Help Settle a Dispute

    Buyer knows where the seller lives. Unless he paid by check, the seller knows jack manure about the buyer. Buyer returns the broken water heater for no refund through the front window of the seller in the middle of the night. Problem solved.
  2. That Indy "fake punt..."

  3. Internet TV

    My biggest worry was missing out on kids shows, because... lets be honest, they control the TV now and probably for the next 15 years. But I have more kids TV now than I know what to do with. I set up the DVR to record off PBS: WordWorld Calliou Barney Dinosaur Train (the 4 yo's favorite show in the world now) Bob the Builder Sesame Street Super Why Sid the Science Kid Then Netflix has several seasons of SpongeBob Wow Wow Wubbzy movie More fricking Barney Then I downloaded off the torrrentz Seasons of Yo Gabba Gabba Seasons of Wow Wow Wubbzy So, I've got enough kids TV at this point to get me through the apocalypse. Hulu has surprisingly little good Kids TV. I hope they hook up with a new partner on that front.
  4. Internet TV

    So... upon closer inspection Sezmi only offers the cable channel in LA now, and the basic service in 9 other markets (not mine). And by the time they clear all the regulatory hurdles to release nationwide, I'm positive Google and Apple will jump in to eat their lunch. Yeah, I was psyched that I initially got 20-something channels. Then I turned off all the Espanol, Christian and home shopping channels and ended up with half that.
  5. Internet TV

    That Sezmi thing looks pretty awesome too. That's the first I've seen of it. It's missing ESPN, but I know their carrier fees are outrageous.
  6. has anyone tried the new android phone?

    It does not look like Cyanogen is putting out mods for the Moment (, but they do create root tools and updated OSs for most HTC phones, the Droid, and the Samsung Galaxy. My G1 stopped getting official updates at 1.6, but I'm up to 2.1 now with hacks. 2.2 is in beta, but I'm waiting for the official release. And, unlike Windows, each new OS actually makes my phone faster instead of slower.
  7. Internet TV

    It kills me to say this... but I use Windows Media Center on a PC and it works well. I put an antenna on the roof and I get all the networks, plus a few independents and PBS in HQ HD. Then I run that into a tuner card on the PC, and WMC is a surprisingly excellent DVR to record programs I want to watch and time shift. WMC includes some internet TV stuff, but it's awful. Instead, I added plugins for Hulu desktop and Boxee so I can stream all kinds of web-broadcast TV. And WMC includes Netflix natively and I stream a lot of that content for 8.99 a month. So.. the equipment I got: Acer AX1301-U1302 - silent, HDMI out, and lots of bells and whistles - refurbed for $300 ATI HD600 USB tuner stick - says it doesn't work on Win7... but it does - used for $35 Channelmaster antenna - stuck on the old DirecTV pole on my roof - $40 Then I pay $9 for Netflix, and $25 for DSL per month. So I should have ROI on cancelling cable in less than 4 months. And you'd be surprised how little you miss it. Most of the cable shows we had on were background noise or time-fillers. That kind of stuff is easily replaced without effect. Oh, and Boxee has an app for in case I need to see the cable-only football games. Its just a matter of time until someone makes a better webcast of those games. is already an official plugin for Boxee to watch HD streams of any game.
  8. State Debt Per Capita

    $2500 difference between living in Texas and New York? I'd pay more. Lots more.
  9. bye bye netflix

    I pay for Netflix and couldn't care less if they ever send me a movie. I stream content from them almost daily.
  10. the chevy dolt

    Needs more interior space? People don't care about the environment? That must be why the Prius failed and Hummer sales are through the roof. You guys should go back in time 5 years and run GM.
  11. Riddle me this!