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  1. Game 6 thoughts

    Sorry for typos in above post. I am still hung over from crying in my beer.
  2. Game 6 thoughts

    Dear Chris Chelios: When Scotty Platehead gave his rousing between periods speech about taking the Avs hearts and balls he was speeking metaphorically. In the future please do not take his speeches so literally. Signed Peter Forsberg's scrotum
  3. Tonight's score:

    LOL Hav'nt they grounded and shielded that thing yet.
  4. Is Avs/Wings over Hurricanes/Leafs a sure bet?

    Just heard on local radio 850 KOA that Hinote is out with a broken leg sustained in the third period of last nights game. No further comments from the team on the status of Tanguay or Keane.
  5. Is Avs/Wings over Hurricanes/Leafs a sure bet?

    I have no question that a healthy and rested Avs team is far superior to either team from the east, but before betting I would like some info on the injuries to Keane and Tanguay, and I would like to see how Foote's foot is after that blast he absorbed last night.

    Who could blame you for drinking. Shanahan's play lately would be enough to drive anyone to drink. If he was playing even close to his normal game the series could well be much different.
  7. Bowman: He was offsides *Waaaaaaaaaah*

    The post game crowd shots were classic. Unfortunately, I know the feelings shown in those faces only too well. Heartbreak over your teams defeat is understandable, whinning and bitching are not. When you loose, it is nice if you do so with class (which means Scotty no backhanded jabs at the refs over a close non-call on offsides).
  8. Detroit is in trouble

    I know that thus far home ice has not meant much throughout these playoffs. Still, I think the Avs must take the next two games to win this series. If Detroit gets a split here it is a three game series with Detroit having the home ice advantage. Frankly that, coupled with Bowman's intimidation of the Refs, and Detroit's talent level, and I think the Wings win. On the other hand if Detroit goes home down 3-1 I think they start doubting themselves, listening to the aches in their aged joints, and they start reserving tee times.
  9. What's up with 33?

    LOL! Mr. Pot, you are one black m'f'er! Aren't you the one wanting to throw out StL's 5 goals in a game to make Hasek look good? Freakin Bronco, always trying to ruin a perfectly good argument by refering to the facts.
  10. Why Not.... Conference Finals Predictions

    Is this new? If so, congrats. I was always under the impression you were an employee, not the owner.
  11. Where'd all the Avs fans go?

    I've been busy cleaning my T.V. I had a bunch of wings fans over to the house-I know, my mistake, chimps on acid have better manners. After McCarty's third goal my T.V. was slathered in octipi tenticles and spunk. Nice win, but still, how about, you know, a little respect for the equipment. Post script: Sometimes no matter how hard you scrub, and no matter how many cleaning supplies you go through, you just never feel truely clean.
  12. hockeytown loses the opener

    Wow. Losing home ice in game #1. Does this make game #2 a 'must win' for the Wings?
  13. Setting up a new League in the League Area

    I, for one, am anxiously awaiting the league forum since I got banned at the other site and I will not be making any efforts to get reinstated over there.