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  1. Where the hell are you? You make a Vegas post and are never heard from again. :shrug:

  2. What the hell are you doing here anyway?

  3. Trent Dilfer

    I'm going with an Brown shutdown with a major pointfest by everyone in the game.
  4. Bettis' days as TD vulture are numbered

    I agree 100%, MSaint. Bettis is great to have on your team when you try to plunge from the 1 and it would be silly not to have him do it. I think if we looked back at last year he was something like 5-4-5 at one point. That is 5 carries for 4 yards and 5 touchdowns. He wasn't coming in there on the seven yard line so I'm not as concerned about Bettis as a lot of people may be.
  5. what do you need on MNF?

    Thank you. After my day today this is the least that could happen for me.
  6. W.Parker

    I'm not ready to put him in the "stud" category either. However, I do watch each and every Steeler game and I was lucky enough to see Parker in camp this summer. As well as talk to a few other people, one a media guy, that watched Parker in camp all summer. All I will say is that what he is doing is not surprising me. There was plenty of buzz about Parker before Bettis even got hurt. He was set to take over the third down job and it was quietly being said that he would get his chance. I think he has made the best of his chance and I think that Cowher and everyone else that matters has taken notice. It would be foolish for you guys to think that Staley and Bettis won't see the field when healthy but how much they see the field is the question. Cowher has said very good things about Parker and I am sure that as of today he is the Steeler number one RB. Bettis is still going to get goal line plunges and it would be silly of any of us not to think so. The big question in my mind is what they do with Stayley when he comes back.
  7. what do you need on MNF?

    I need mini Moss to score and have about 70 yards. Or score twice with 10 yards. Or score three times with no yards. Or have about 130 yards.
  8. Did Theezman and Crew

    I agree. Plus, Sharpe is to Moss what Madden is to Favre & Brady.
  9. W.Parker

    I convinced. I'm still not ready to say that he is going to be the one and only back in there at all times. Just take a look back to last year vs Buffalo when Buffalo desperatly needed to win in order to make the playoffs. 19-102 vs Buffalo's run defense made me take notice last yeaer. This is a legitimate worry and the only reason that I would not have him in the top ten of RB's if we were to draft right now. However, I am at this time ready to say that Parker is the number one RB on this team and he has both Bettis, and Stayley’s support. Not to mention Cowher has had nothing but good things to say.
  10. Willie Parker is for real

    The bad thing is that I feel that the Steelers are not giving him the ball enough.
  11. MFL troubles again!

    I've had two leagues up and running all day with no problems at all.
  12. Randle-El?

    Prognosis is up in the air. No one is really saying anything that would rule him, Roeth, in or out at this point. Randle-El is exciting and I think can go all the way everytime he touches the ball but to be honest I don't see them digging into the bag of tricks for this game. I'm not saying that Houston will be a pushover but this early in the season and in a game like this isn't the time to show all the tricks. Randle-El will be streaky in my opinion and picking the right weeks will be anyones guess until we see more consitant play from him.
  13. Maddox to start?

    I haven't heard that. They are prepairing for the possibility but I don't think anyone has said that Tommy will start at this point.
  14. I'm in that same trend of thought. I would drop him and pick up Kurtis as you are already thinking. One week does not a season make but I'd still make the move.