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  1. Fire Mike Tomlin

    Not a snow ball chance in hell that Tomlin would be even given a tiny thought as far as getting rid of him. Haley on the other hand might be getting plenty of those thoughts. I was excited at them bringing in Haley but to me he is not a very good fit. And while I think Ben can be a real jerk at times when he says things about play calling and such, I can never remember him doing that in the past. I think there is something wrong between Haley and Ben and while I don't support bowing down to the QB that thinks his is king of the world, I think in this case that Haley is not a good fit. Now I am dying to see what Mike Wallace has done for his stock during this off season.
  2. Oh No! I missed it!

    Congrats on the 5K old buddy! I have had the pleasure of meeting the Bum and all I can say is Beach is a great guy. Him and I got our asses kicked, I think me more than he, at a golf course on my side of the world while he was visiting relatives over this way. I had a great time and would meet up with Beach anytime.
  3. Major Nelson returns to the sky

    I loved him as Major Nelson but I think he was also great as the bad guy in Dallas. I was not a big watcher of Dallas but everyone knew who J.R. was. RIP
  4. My mother died

    Just reread this one and pretend I typed it fresh as this is a perfect reply so far as I am concerned.
  5. Goodbye Hostess...I'm going to miss you!

    I know a few local people that have worked a lifetime for Hostess and they all feel that years and years of very bad management has lead Hostess to where they are today. So Taz, I am not trying to start a argument over this one as I don't have really clear information other than what the three workers that I know sure do feel very committed to thinking is the problem with Hostess.
  6. Mendy...Rush or Rec TD?

    This is going to be significant for Roethlisberger owners and to a much lesser degree Mendenhall owners. From ESPN,
  7. This forum

    I am one of those guys that has not been around very much. Real life can do that to you. Now I am just a casual observer at this point but I am going to say that I am sure we have been though this a few times in the past. The Huddle is part of me. I have been to Vegas with a bunch of you and I have been to Vegas with only a few of you. I have seen things in real life that I am sworn to secrecy over but I am better off today because I have seen them. Well, maybe not that day in Hooters, but you guys get the point. I am going no where and it should surprise no one that rules need to be followed around here. Politics will suck the life out of us so I 100% support it being a none touchable issue. The important issues will still float around here and that is what we have to get back to.
  8. A Date With My Daughter

    I love the father/daughter days that I get. I am lucky in that I seem to get plenty of them but I know that each one of them is special.
  9. mike wallace rfa

    Bronco, you are hitting this nail dead solid on its head. MW leaked it to the press to early about how he really valued himself at a point that I 100% knew the Steelers could never/would never keep him. Now once I heard the Fitz/CJ money I actually started thinking that he could end up right back here in Pittsburgh. No way there is going to be any team that is going to pay him that sort of money and if there is then they need a new GM. It is going to be interesting to see where this goes now as he is worth more than the tender but where him and his agent see that number is just mind boggling to me. Maybe this cold shoulder woke the two up.
  10. Wallace wants Fitz/CJ $$$

    I said a long time ago that I feared by the things that I was hearing that he would price himself right out of Pittsburgh. Well, now I am thinking that he is pricing himself at a point that he will have no choice but stay put. He must have one totally asinine agent that is blowing way to much smoke up his ass. Sports radio has been laughing at his desire. Now I know that all the people on sports radio doesn't mean squat but it just shows what the Steeler nation even thinks of this crazy pay day desire. I can only hope that it is a negotiation point where the talk much higher then they are willing to accept but you never know with these agents.
  11. Steelers Release Hines Ward

    I still think there is a pretty good chance that he will be back with the Steelers. They just were to far away on price so the Steelers decided to let him test the free market.
  12. Franchise Tags are Here

    Colbert has definatly said exactly what was quoted up there but there has been leaked rumors that suggest to me that MW really wants to be paid top WR money. I am 100% in agreement with exactly what Bronco Billy posted up there about the way Pitt operates and that is exactly my way of thinking about what is going on. Now having said all that, I am certian that Kevin Colbert is doing everything REASONABLE to keep MW in Pitt. There is zero chance that the Steelers will cut their throats over Mike Wallace though. That means that MW is going to have to have a reasonable agent who is willing to make a lot of money but not the money that it could get on the free market. That I am certian of. That is what makes me think that his days here may be near and end becuase of his own whispers that tell me that he knows he can cash in somewhere else better then he will here. Are the Steelers smart enough to figure out a way to keep him and keep his satisfied? I am not not sure that is going to be possible without Mike Wallace being a little bit humble.
  13. Franchise Tags are Here

    A lot of what I am going to type actually pains me to do so but I am honest in what I am hearing and feeling. Mike Wallace may very well be done here in Pittsburgh. He is young and not very mature when it comes to what is going on in my opinion. He is also a little full of himself. I mean don't get me wrong, he is a great player and I for sure what him back but I think that he is very much over valuing himself. Now I am sure that is an agent in his ear telling him how he is worth top WR money and it is also an agent that knows that there is a team out there that is going to offer up money that the Steelers simply won't. I would very much love to have him back but I can see where it just can't work with the money and the value that Mike Wallace thinks and probably will get from someone.
  14. 2012 Aqualung Award

    Good job Whoopazz!
  15. Whitney Houston dead at age 48

    RIP Whitney! The part that really bothers is that Bobby Brown is still here and probably will be for a long time.