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  1. Willie Parker

    I had the 2nd to last pick in my 12 league and picked him up, this was Saturday. I'm sure I could make a trade before the season starts as his value is going up big time. But I have never held the last player I drafted on my roster for more than 2 weeks into the season, so I'm keeping him and hope to actually see him tear it up
  2. Free Fantasy Advice Here - Week 13

    Std performance scoring. Which two RB would you start: K. Jones vs. GB LT vs. TB McGahee vs. Clev Goings vs. Stl Pittman vs. SD Thanks in advance!!
  3. Crack question

    I also like Farve, but it is such a close call, you would be best to go with your gut. There is some good reasons to stay with the hot hand.
  4. I have a bye first round by in my playoffs and am behind the Manning owner in total points by about a touchdown. We have 3 weeks left in the total points race. This is a 12 team standard performance league and I need to start 2 running backs. I'm only playing for points this week that add to my season total. My RBs are: LT vs. TB McGahee vs. Clev Goings vs. Stl Pittman vs. SD K. Jones vs. GB I have totally lucked out at RB this year but it is screwing with my head. I really like McGahee and Goings this week. I figure if there is a week to do something stupid, this is the one. I'm pretty much planning on going with LT and McGahee the rest of the way, after this week. Also I have TB as my defense if that make any difference.
  5. k. jones running wild

    I will tell you as a 9er fan, that if Mooch can screw it up he will. Detroit has talent, but until they get a good coach, they will be stuck. Too bad a guy like Parcells or Green is not in charge. K. Jones is deep on my bench
  6. I have Pittman and McGahee for my #2 backs. Last week I start the wrong one and lost. This week and from here on out, I'm sticking with Pittman until he gives me a reason not to. He has made my offical stud list, and you always start your... The past is the past, you can't discount what he is doing in the present.
  7. Yeah, now that is what I needed. I might still lose this week, but seeing LT get those carries and even in the 4th qtr is a great sign!
  8. 7 carries in a row to the 1 yard line, LT get 1 chance to punch it in, then Brees throws to incomplete passes, FG kicked, man LT just can't get a break. Yup looks like LT owners are snake bit.
  9. Drive is dead, missed FG. SD get the ball back on Oakland 23, LT is getting the Rock, please let the FF gods give him a nice TD!
  10. LT has two back to back carries for 16 and 9 yards coming out in the 2nd 1/2, maybe this will be the drive he earns a TD!
  11. Yeah, I drafted LT in my keeper league as my #1 pick. Every week it is just the same thing. I hope next year he will do better, but I don't see much changing right now. He will be back, when is the question, looks like it is not this week. Bummer
  12. No Catches for TO

    What the hell is going on? Is he hurt, not getting opening or just dropping passes? I need him to get me some point, I'm in a shoot out this weekend and now am hoping that TO can beat H. Ward. Anyone watching the game?
  13. The New Skin

    I agree that the reduced size of the board is a big drawback. It fill only 2/3 of my screen and I see these bright blue bars on either side. Very tough on the eyes. There also is little contrast between things now and it is almost all white with some red. There was confort with the old colors, kinda felt like home. I feel like someone remodel my house without asking me. Was there some major problem with the old format? Or is it just time to make a change? I all for new as long as it is equal or better. Thanks and I hope this feedback helps. I know people work hard, so I'm not just complaining, just letting you know my impressions.