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  1. I'd lean Cooper also.
  2. Impossible to choose!! Help!!

    Wow that is tough...I'd lean Cooper also.
  3. Need 1 of these.. Ingram at Carolina Jeff Wilson vs Seattle Gus Edwards vs Tampa Thanx!!
  4. RB and WR help

    Pick one RB Ingram at Tampa Ekeler vs Cincy Samuels at Oakland Pick two WR's Shepard at Washington with Beckham out Tate at Dallas Sutton at 49ers Lockett vs Minnesota Thanx in advance!!
  5. Tyler Lockett tonite at home vs Packers or Sterling Shepard at home vs Tampa
  6. Lineup Week3

    Whats the question?? Its pretty obvious the group you have playing is much better than your bench...go with it.
  7. Who do you like ROS?

    Same here...
  8. WR help..Pick 2

    I can start 2 of these...all pretty good matchups but... Keenan Cole vs the Titans Golden Tate vs Pats Enunwa vs Cleveland As always thanx in advance...
  9. RB Help...

    I'm mired in mediocrity here...I can only play one of these: James White at Jax Crowell vs Miami A. Morris vs Detroit Ekeler @ Buffalo As always thanx in advance...
  10. Cole or Ridley ppr

    I'd go with Cole.
  11. Tate/Greg Olsen for A Cooper/Burton

    Thats a close one but I'd lean on the Tate/Olsen side.
  12. Great article DMD! We noticed this trend in our leagues as well...nice to see it in a well written piece with background!
  13. Who has been here since the 90s?

    2002 and still lovin it!
  14. Quick Help..

    I need to play one of these: Jimmy Graham tonite at Arizona DeVante Parker @ Carolina Monday night Thx in advance
  15. Least Mode

    Second worst year of his career! What a LOSER!!