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  1. I'd go with the Bears at home over the 'Boys on the road. I think home-field has a great effect upon defenses. And, Cincy has to have an off game eventually.
  2. Who Will have the Bigger Day

    The answer to that question entirely depends upon which 49ers team shows up to face Julius; the team from week 1, or the team from week 2?
  3. Trade Randy Moss or Chad Johnson

    I wouldn't make any of those deals. For Moss or CJ, I would want to get back a RB who has had at least one productive game so far THIS season. As for whom to trade between Moss and CJ, I'd say Moss. I think they are very close in value, given how well Palmer is throwing the ball. But, Moss has a bigger "name", and therefore has more trade value than Chad.
  4. WDIS QB

    I think both will do well this week, but agree Hass is the way to go. I think Arizona is much more capable of putting up points, and forcing the Seahawks to pass than the Niners are.
  5. "Advice" and "Advise"

    "Don't mean to rant, but seriously, look at what your writing once in awhile" So, would you like me to explain to you the difference between "your" and "you're"?
  6. Gotta play 2 QBs

    Start Manning and Palmer
  7. WDIS at Qb and RB

    I agree, start Caddy & Bulger
  8. Benching Caddy...again

    You would bench Julius for Caddy in a week where Caddy is playing hurt, and Julius is facing the 49ers, who have surrendered a total of 67 points in two games?
  9. I have had Caddy Williams on the bench both weeks, because I also have Julius Jones and Shaun Alexander. And, this week, I love the matchups that both Jones and Alexander have. I don't want to trade any of them because I like having three stud RBs for bye weeks, possible injuries, etc. But, is there any time when you would bench Julius for Caddy?
  10. And once again, I am glad that I walk back and forth to work.
  11. I need to improve WR

    I agree. Stand pat with the WRs you have.
  12. QB's?

    Start Brady. They both face tough defenses this week, but, Brady is the better QB of the two.
  13. Flex Position Decision

    I'd start Glenn. I see the Cowboys doing alot offensively against the Niners.
  14. Need to start 1

    Start Jones. The way he is going, the only WRs I would start in his place for fantasy purposes would be guys like Randy Moss, Owens, Chad Johnson, Harrison, and Holt.
  15. Which mediocre D for week 3?

    I'd start the Seattle D. They are at home, and Arizona has no running game right now. Seattle should take an early lead, forcing Warner to pass alot, which means the possibility of sacks, fumbles, and INTs. One reason the Giants have scored alot of fantasy points defensively, by the way, is that they faced Arizona in week 1.