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  1. Willing to deal in ConFusion?

    1. Boyce


      Depends what it is. I am finally getting this team in shape.

    2. Hoosier Daddy

      Hoosier Daddy

      I will send in mfl. Let me know if we are close. Thanks

    3. Boyce


      Not close on that last offer. He is worth a couple 1sts if I even think about getting rid of him.

  2. Confusion Did you look at my trade offer?

    1. Boyce


      Looking for higher picks and cash. No players. Let me know if you can do that.

  3. offer sent in MFL

    1. Boyce


      Ok. I will check it out

  4. HFA

    PM Sent back
  5. HFA

    Detroit is gone. Cleveland and Arizona. Who is in?
  6. HFA

    Arizona left.
  7. And Irish I do love some fantasy football. I was in 10 leagues total last year and won 5 of them. I just love it. Its my hobby.
  8. I don't know Irish personally but I do know he has been on here for a good while. Seems to be a good huddled as well. I would trust him.
  9. I have my own redraft league every year as well.
  10. I am an assistant commish in a league but I am in so many leagues I dunno if I have the time. I will do it if no one steps up.
  11. I would be interested in as many leagues as someone needs owners. Pm me
  12. HFA

    Arizona Detroit Still open
  13. HFA

    We still have 3 franchises open. Arizona Denver Detroit