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  1. HFA

    We have 2 teams currently open in a 32 team dynasty league and need some huddlers to help out. 50.00 league. Pm me if interested to get more details.
  2. HFA

    PM Sent back
  3. HFA

    Detroit is gone. Cleveland and Arizona. Who is in?
  4. PM me if someone has an opening. Thanks
  5. HFA

    Arizona left.
  6. And Irish I do love some fantasy football. I was in 10 leagues total last year and won 5 of them. I just love it. Its my hobby.
  7. I don't know Irish personally but I do know he has been on here for a good while. Seems to be a good huddled as well. I would trust him.
  8. I have my own redraft league every year as well.
  9. I am an assistant commish in a league but I am in so many leagues I dunno if I have the time. I will do it if no one steps up.
  10. I would be interested in as many leagues as someone needs owners. Pm me
  11. HFA

    Arizona Detroit Still open
  12. HFA

    We still have 3 franchises open. Arizona Denver Detroit
  13. BOTH League openings (AOTAOP)

    PM's sent. I responded to your latest PM so whenever.
  14. Which New England RB?

    Blount. He is a beast but in a PPR Vereen is the play because he is used like a WR.
  15. BOTH League openings (AOTAOP)

    I may be interested.
  16. I have these picks in a 32 team league IDP league. Should I trade them away for something or keep them and draft?
  17. Rams to trade 1.2 to Washington?

    Cleveland will get RG3 and St Louis could take Blackmon at number 4 pick.
  18. Rams to trade 1.2 to Washington?

    Being a Washington fan I feel if they give up that much for RG3 they are stupid. If the scenerio with Manning falls through then trade down and take Tanehill. I feel Manning is closer to signing with the Skins then most people think. Skins are under the cap by a mile which means they can bring in Wayne with Manning. Bring in Saturday as well because he might be 37 but he is better then what we have. You can still try to lure Colston away from the Saints as well. Not to mention they still have the 6th pick in the draft. Just my opinion.
  19. PM me if there is one out there because I have yet to find one.
  20. I might be interested if a spot is open.....