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  1. DeAngelo Hall vs. T.O.

    Hugh- This "chinky soup" that you speak of, is that the egg drop soup?
  3. L. Johnson

    'I didn't beat her, I just threw her ass down"
  4. Ravens to sign Kordell?!

    The rumor is they tried to sign Rick Mirer but he did not want to give up his secure gig as assistant manager at Shoe Carnival.
  5. ECB draft pictures

    and chicken salad in one of those store-bought 5 gallon tubs...
  6. My daughter's softball picnic

    That sh!t ain't right
  7. 1st Madden quote of the night

    Paul Maguire imitating Madden: "Watch this! Vick goes to the right and, then LOOK he goes back to the left and WATCH THIS, poof he spins out and throws it!"
  8. LatherupmyButterfingers Coles?

    No, there were 2 EASY passes that he dropped that would have both been TD's - one in the end zone & the other on a crossing pattern at about the 5. Both throws were perfect & no one was near him. The sideline would have been a very tough catch as the ball was thrown too far outside. He is on my team, naturally.
  9. Official Steelers - Titans Poem

    Menudo- I don't think it's quite long enough... : : : : :
  10. What is the biggest week 1 surprise

    I wouldn't exactly call 362 yards & 2 TD's "shutting him down". Yes, they put a ton of pressure on him, but hardly shut him down. The Rams have beaten the Niners something like 10 times since '99.
  11. Holy Crap, is Corey Simo fat!

    Dude's got to be pushin' 400.
  12. Who is Bollers backup?

    Ask & ye shall receive...
  13. Who the F is Frisman Jackson?

    Uh, thanks, Mr. Theisman.
  14. Why I hate fantasy football

    I love the format in my big $ league. You play every team each week. There are 11 wins possible each week. If you outscore 6 teams in the league, you get 6 wins, etc. It eliminates a lot of the week-to-week matchup luck.
  15. Who the F is Frisman Jackson?

    I keep seeing F Jackson on the ticker for the Browns & I have never heard of this guy. Sounds like a one week wonder, yes?