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  1. Culpepper Projection?

    Manning: 34-64, 2 TDs, 1 int, 376 yards, 74.7 QB rating, 2-0 record Culpepper: 43-70, 0 TDs, 8 ints, 469 yards, 41.6 QB rating, 0-2 record I understand there is a difference between real football and fatansy football, which is why most people would draft, say, Hasselbeck over Brady. Still, to say that Manning and Culpepper are having similar starts fantasy-wise, and to think about benching Culpepper is like thinking about benching Manning, is a bit of a reach. A lot of the concern about Culpepper isn't just Culpepper, or the Moss, O-line, OC losses. A lot of the concern is that the Vikings just flat out suck. When you add a QB with a 41 QB rating to a team that just flat out sucks ... is that a good fantasy risk, regardless of opponent? They've scored 1 TD in two games. And that TD was on the final drive of a game sitting at 37-0. I think those of us who play fantasy football get a little caught up in stats and history sometimes to our demise. I think DMD even said as much in a recent column ("Never draft last year's team ..."). Sometimes, a team just loses its chemistry, it self-destructs, and when it does, from a fantasy perspective, it's time to run like hell, at least until they prove otherwise. Disclaimer: I don't own Culpepper on any team. But if I needed a QB, I know I wouldn't give squat for Culpepper right now, but I'd be happy to take Manning off some fool's hands if they were concerned about his slow start. I bet most people here would say the same thing. And if you wouldn't trade for Culpepper ... why on earth would you start him? And this is in no way intended as a slam on DMD -- he's screwed no matter what he predicts. While I normally envy his job, not with this prediction I don't.
  2. Housh!

    I think he's a pretty good risk. CJ and TJ have said they want to be the top WR duo in the NFL this year -- and looking at what's happening to Bruce, and Reggie Wayne, and Detroit, it could happen. Plus the Bengals are looking like they are gonna play musical third WR this year, so Palmer is still gonna have his biggest rapport with his two main guys. Don't forget CJ and TJ were teammates at Oregon State, so they go back a ways. Of course, Chad will always be the man, and there's that risk with any No. 2 from week to week. You don't have a lot of history to go on since Palmer "hit his stride" in the last part of last season, but it's good to remember that when Palmer started getting it, so did Housh. A lot. Here's a couple of interesting stats from the last three weeks Palmer played before he got hurt. Sure, the first game was the Browns, but the next two defenses were pretty good, and on the road: vs. Brownies: TJ 4/79 2 TDs at Baltimore: TJ 10/171 1 TD at New England: TJ 12/145 0 TDs
  3. Your Team.~~.Who should we be watching?

    The Bengals deactivated Kelley Washington for Chris Henry yesterday, and the kid looked decent. Of course, Palmer threw completions to nine different receivers yesterday, too. I think the Chris Perry thing bears watching, not just for his potential, but what impact he could have on Rudi's numbers. Take away the 86-yard TD reception Perry had called back for a stupid holding penalty, and he still had about one-third of the RB touches (9 rushes, 47 yards; 4 receptions for 33) compared to Rudi (22/90 and 1/3). This offense doesn't look too interested in ball control or field position to me. They want to score early and often, and Perry may play an increased role in that offense. Rudi's job could essentially end up being keeping the defenses honest for the passing game. This team is now unquestionably Carson Palmer's team, and that boy likes to throw the ball.
  4. Hear Them Bengals Growling!

    Been a Bengals fan way too long to get overly optimistic about a 2-0 start. Don't get me wrong: I had as much fun yesterday as I've ever had doing something neither illegal nor immoral, and I'm just stoked about having a team to root for that is this much fun to watch. Not just on offense, either: I love that Odell Thurman kid, who I think really is turning out to be a second-round steal. He's gonna hurt some people. And of course Palmer looks more like Manning every week. The no-huddle audibles yesterday were just making me so giddy I had to drink more beer. But the defense is also still managing to give up over five yards per carry. It's pretty clear how Marvin intends to handle this: Score early and often, and just take out the running game. They were able to do that against the Browns and the Vikings, but that's not a plan that will probably work for 16 games, especially against better defenses. And they did set a franchise record for penalties yesterday. So, way too early to be talking trash. But ... who dey who dey who dey, hell yeah ...
  5. the first to get the axe

    As a Bengals fan, I feel I am qualified to talk about crappy football teams and head coaches. Here is what I think: A mid-season replacement can be a good thing, a nice boost, when the team is playing like it'd rather be doing anything else but play pro football. Just don't make a mistake in keeping that coach around the following year -- find other talent for the new season. Bruce Coslet replaced Dave Shula (just typing his name still makes me ) mid-season, and the team appreciated it enough to play better the rest of the season -- they went 7-2 after a 1-6 start in '96. Coslet himself was replaced mid-season by Dick Labeau, who at least won four games after an awful 0-3 start under Coslet in which the Bengals were outscored 74-7. So, I think the mid-season change can help, as long as you remember you still need to tap the talent that's not available now for the next season.
  6. So, do you think....

    I was pretty stoked about getting to see Culpepper "in person" yesterday for the first time. Instead, I saw Akili Smith, who's apparently bulked up and is wearing Culpepper's jersey.
  7. What's that little red light...

    I was at the game yesterday, and it was like watching the Bengals in the '90s. Only this time, it was the Vikings. The Bengals committed a franchise-record 14 penalties yesterday. Off the top of my head, I know an 86-yard TD pass to Chris Perry was called back, and two fumbles by Culpepper were overturned by penalties. I mean, if you didn't see the game, the score and the stats really don't do justice to just how bad the Vikings played yesterday. And, of course, the stats are pretty miserable. I think Tice will make Happy Trails before Halloween. I know if it were up to the Vikings fans sitting near us, it would happen this week.
  8. Tie-breaker

    Some leagues do play with ties. I'd go with that now -- one team will get unfairly screwed by instituting a tie-breaker after the first week. Make sure you have tiebreakers in place for the playoffs, though (including seeding). Then you can set a tiebreaker rule next season.

    According to Dave Lapham on Bengals radio, Rudi has a habit of being late for meetings and curfew, so he thinks Marv is just trying to send a message. He may only miss a series or even the first play. Again, this is according Lapham, who now says he thinks it's no big deal (but admits he knows no details).

    Just speculation, but how much Rudi plays today may depend on Perry. When Marv had Rudi and Dillon both healthy, he'd go with the hot player (much to the disdain of Dillon). If Perry gets off to a good start, he could end up playing a lot. Not trying to make anyone paranoid ... Rudi will probably still get 20 carries ... but he is more of a risk now.

    No. Marvin has done this before for team violations and the starter plays He may share with Perry more than originally planned, though.

    A link CLEVELAND _ Running back Rudi Johnson won't start the Bengals' opener in Cleveland Sunday because of the violation of an unspecified team rule. Plus, rookie wide receiver Chris Henry is inactive despite a fine preseason with Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis opting to dress wide receivers Kelley Washington and rookie Tab Perry. Perry is earmarked to return kickoffs. Johnson, who started all 16 games last season, is coming off a Bengals' best rushing year of 1,454 yards, still figures to play heavily. Chris Perry makes his first pro start in his place. Also inactive are cornerbacks Rashad Bauman and Greg Brooks, defensive linemen Matthias Askew and Jonathan Fanene, linebacker Hannibal Navies, and guard-tackle Scott Kooistra. The Bengals could be expecting a smash-mouth game by dressing just three cornerbacks and eight offensive linemen instead of seven. Safeties Madieu Williams and Kevin Kaesviharn can also play corner.

    Broke a team rule. Per the radio .... Edit to add: They are saying he will not start, but have no idea if he will later play, and the team violation is unknown ...
  14. Seahawks sign Warrick

    I'm drunk, but this sounds pretty accurate ... It wasn't just CJ, but Kitna throwing underneath coverage. That's what got P-Dub his 2003 stats. If he still had that speed underneath that he had two years ago, I think the Bengals woulda kept him. I'm not at all sure he has that now.
  15. Tiki on PTI

    I didn't know anyone would seriously question your report, skrappy. I saw PTI yesterday as well -- that's why I came to the board to see if anyone had posted on it. And, sure enough, you had it covered ... I think some NFL players see fantasy football players as their main fan base now, so it's not unusual that someone will try to help out his fans. Chad Johnson was talking a couple weeks ago about being an elite WR -- and he listed the group he was in, and it was all the Tier 1 WRs. They pay attention to this stuff. And I don't think talking to fans on PTI is the same as a coach saying some BS in preseason coachspeak. We'll see, I guess.