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  1. It's been mentioned about eventually installing an NHL-like replay system on all scoring plays. Too little too late, but after this it might be necessary, regular refs or not.
  2. I look forward to jacking up his price.
  3. So far, this has been my best fantasy season record-wise. 13-3 HFADL 10-2 Crooners 23-5 I'm enjoying this while it lasts!
  4. Bills also hosted Bob recently.
  5. Considering New England's defense is considerably weak this year, he has quite a few more opportunities to rack up points. He's an instinctive player and considering New England's other ILB tends to crash into the line all willy nilly his tackles are not being stolen.
  6. Good to know. I can chalk up a zero for your DT spot. That might be the turning point.
  7. Being an Eagles fan myself, Laws has been a major disappoint, so far, in his short career. That being said, he was all over the field against the Jags. As keg stated though, he is a rotation guy and would be lucky to sniff those numbers again. Feel free to start him if we meet head-to-head at some point.
  8. You gotta love the quote by Jackon's agent about AJ. Them's fightin words.
  9. It was just reported on NFL Live that V-Jax is still a Charger. No dice on a trade from any team.
  10. I thought I read that the Skins were looking for some monetary compensation in return if he was traded. I know for the frugal Eagles that they would never accept the contract that the Skins signed him for, but if you're correct it could have worked.
  11. You might want to check out because they have relatively up to date NFL depth charts for both sides of the ball.
  12. I believe the press conference is tonight. ESPN continues to mention hearing from Reid later on.
  13. I've been in a non-IDP league run by Duchess Jack for the past 3 years and it's a helluva time. The key is active owners.
  14. I'm glad someone finally mentioned the Monkey Island series. I remember staying up to all hours trying to get off that damn pirate ship. They just don't make games like these anymore. Everything seems to be based graphically.