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  1. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    What a wild scoring game! SO the missed EP in 1st quarter cost me first quarter (9-3 not 10-3) and half (2-2 not 3-2) and at the end of game I had 0-3 not 1-3!!! Oh well, I can always replace the smashed TV!! Thanks for another fun, frustrating Super Bowl, Irish!
  2. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    That's 4 more boxes, right? Why don't you give one box to each of 4 of us who wanted more at the beginning. I'd add one more for 5, anybody else?

    All right! I'm highest scoring team to have NO players left! Go Steelers and Vikes!
  4. Annual Huddler Superbowl Box Pool (2018)

    Give me at least 8, the same worthless numbers as before! (And I'll probably do 4 more if you get to page three!) BeachBum
  5. Greatest QB of all-time

    Why Thank you, Whomper! Me and Brady, what a pair!
  6. Annual Huddler Super Bowl Box Pool (2017)

    Hmmm, final was NE 4-8. I had NE 4-7 And NE 4-9. Guess that's what you call "just missing out?" Thanks for giving us something to root for, even if it didn't come to pass!
  7. Annual Huddler Super Bowl Box Pool (2017)

    "Don't mess with old men, they didn't get old by being stupid." Except sometimes!
  8. Annual Huddler Super Bowl Box Pool (2017)

    I assume the difference is that DKs pay a commission to Paypal. A charity I work with uses PP for donations etc, and gets dinged about 2.5%.
  9. Annual Huddler Super Bowl Box Pool (2017)

    Sent 80 for BeachBum and Bobber Thanks for this great opportunity to once again just miss out on actually winning anything!
  10. Annual Huddler Super Bowl Box Pool (2017)

    That's perfect. You are the King of Pools! (Or is than "of Phools"?)
  11. Annual Huddler Super Bowl Box Pool (2017)

    I'm a little confused. I asked for 3 x 4, for 3 sheets. If you only have 2 sheets are you giving me 2 sets for 1 and 1 set for the other? If so, and you need another for sheet 2 give Bobber a second set on second sheet. Clear?
  12. Annual Huddler Super Bowl Box Pool (2017)

    ‚ÄčI've got a friend who'd like 4 in first pool: Bobber. I'll pay it with mine.
  13. Annual Huddler Super Bowl Box Pool (2017)

    Please enter me for 4 on each sheet you end up with! Thanks.
  14. Help!

    How in the world can you be so stupid . . . and still dominate the Huddle Old Timers League!!!
  15. SPIT contest info

    How exciting to once again be in and screw up every week's lineup - thinking too much about who might make the finals and the super bowl, and never playing any of the good scorers until they're all gone! I love it and I am in!
  16. Longest FF Championship Drought ($$ League)

    In the USDA Dynasty League, in op since 1999, this year's Finals was between 2 never-wons: me and Chicago Pratts. With 9 seconds left in the season, Bryant holds the ball over the end line, is "given" a TD, Pratts winns by 2.44 points! Congratulations Pratts!
  17. Pardon the interruption, but I wonder why a Top "ten" is of any real importance in FF? In a redraft league, you are going to get - at most - one of these players. So whether you think Brown or Beckham is number one if you have the 6th pick it don't matter. I'm much more interested in predictions of stats so I can slot players by position over a 20 round draft. Now back to your regular "top ten" guesses.
  18. How about (at least) one Bronco rooter LOSING the pot by them NOT kicking the EP???
  19. WHAT! Kick the danm EP! Make the score 23 - 10! (Says the guy with 3 - 0)
  20. Smack Bowl Standings - Week 3

    I dunno, I like Wild Turkey's chances and maybe Cowboys Die Hard too
  21. Great job as usual, Irish! You ought to get a cut from all the work you do. Tell you what, I'll give you 10% of all my winnings! Including all the past years that would amount to . . . uh, nothing! But thanks for doing this. All my local friends at the SB party with the $1 pool, look at me and my 2 or 3 sheets of numbers and think I'm Mr Big Time Gambler!
  22. I actually meant ALL sheets! Missed 2, so add me to #3 too, for four.
  23. Hope I didn't sleep in too long! I'll take 4 on any sheet you let me! BB
  24. SMACKBOWL standings - Week 1

    Is there yet a list of all the picks? (I've forgotten who to root for!)