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  1. first suggestion, STOP PLAYING ON YAHOO , that is all.
  2. Qb is so deep I would wait
  3. Make that deal , I like Miller better then Johnson and Allen over Watkins, no brainier
  4. Any league in which u get Gurley ,Johnson and Green is a joke . Sorry but stop playing with preschoolers.
  5. jc
  6. take the trade, Charles may be dealt and even if not I see West having more value then Foster, possibly this year but for sure in the future.
  7. try losing J. Charles and K. Allen , in a 16 team league!!
  8. seems somewhat lateral , not sure it helps
  9. you give them your old one and pay extra for a new one?
  10. You my friend, should be banned from playing Fantasy Football anywhere in the free world !
  11. How bout we try to tell rookies (and all young people for that matter) to do the right thing? Instead of fostering the whole you're special crap they have been receiving their whole lives. smh C.C.
  12. we ve been doing this for years at diff houses too, and we never had any problems. Maybe just lucky but
  13. this is a keper league, nelson is getting old ,OBJ ( not odb , hes not from wu-tang clan for Christ sake) will probably out score him this year and every year til Jordy retires.