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  1. Trade: Oddjob / TMWTGGG

  2. MFL won’t let me take out reed and put in James , even though reed is on bye and James does not play until 820 tonight, can someone fix this ?
  3. Pick 2

    Is anyone else worried about Bell at this spot? Starting to think maybe I should take D Johnson , thoughts ?
  4. Saquan Barley themed team names?

    On one team I have Mahomes, T. Hill and Kelce along with Saquon. team name : KC and the Saquon Band!
  5. Tmggg roster

    brees 2 manning 2 prescott 4 miller 2 perkins 2 foreman 3 rawls 1 cohen 3 aghelor 2 bryant 1 gordon 3 hogan 3 nelson 1 wallace 2 kendricks 1 simms 1 sea 2 rosas 2 c. michael drop t. mizell drop vereen drop max williams drop simien drop 37 taxi rudolph r. jones a. wadley c. wilson h. hurst e. mcguire t mizzell bold is new yrs or drop
  6. Tmggg roster

    Left it in my office, will post it tomorrow morning
  7. nevermind was in wrong league
  8. Carson Palmer 0 Point Projection?

    first suggestion, STOP PLAYING ON YAHOO , that is all.
  9. 8 Team League Strategy?!

    Qb is so deep I would wait
  10. Make that deal , I like Miller better then Johnson and Allen over Watkins, no brainier
  11. Rate My Team (10 team standard, 5th pick)

    Any league in which u get Gurley ,Johnson and Green is a joke . Sorry but stop playing with preschoolers.
  12. Keeper help

  13. Arian Foster or Charcandrick West - Dynasty

    take the trade, Charles may be dealt and even if not I see West having more value then Foster, possibly this year but for sure in the future.