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  1. Website new look

    agree w. blips.. the huge font has to be fixed. I realize that most people access via mobile, but there are ways to adjust the site based on the browser/system, keep the small font for desktops. I have a 27 inch mac and it's using 30% of the real estate and looks pretty bad. Huddler since '07 and never had a complaint until this change.
  2. that's a tough one, but I would go with AJ as the top tier guy he is
  3. tough choice... no other options, can't make any pickups... I'll get back to you in the AM!!
  4. With Lafell out, Louis Murphy gets the start. I have a very strong feeling he will have a great game due to his speed and the Skins secondary is dreadful, I can even predict the player he'll probably score on: Josh Wilson. He's owned and started in 0% of the leagues. I started him as my WR4 (1RB) over Blackmon and J Simpson.
  5. Which WR3 for this week?

    Between Blackmon and Murphy for me.. Both will,get a ton of targets Blackmon
  6. Better nickname for Zuerlein.........?

    Drafted this guy in all my leagues. I was on him as soon as I heard him say what he says at 3:10, Made him Mr Insignificant in my home league. "Who?" Sad to say he outscored my entier team Week 3 haha. Can't wait for his first 65+ yarder.. it is coming. This year. YHIHF.
  7. Seahawks Packers Game Thread

    It's funny and sad to see these media folks treat the NFL like the DPRK. Don't disturb the Dear Goodell and the Shield! Gimme a break.
  8. Oh man, this is gonna be a disaster!

    I mean seriously, what are we talking about? .0001% of owner profits?? I'm not a math major but I'm sleeping at a Holiday Inn Express tonight. Let's face facts tho, Seattle kinda deserved the win, no?
  9. Seahawks Packers Game Thread

    In the 3rd quarter, i was saying to a friend "these talking heads are acting like the previous NFL refs were perfect", but after that ridiculously blown call, I say bring them back. Jennings had that ball the entire time... I did have "Russell (= Wilson!" as my QB and I'm glad I won by 30 points.. but GB should've won that game.
  10. A.J Green for my Stevan Ridley?

    Good call my man. I don't always accept trades, but when I do... I upgrade my WR. well played.
  11. What do you need Monday night?

    I was down by .4 when Ingram busted his TD... PHEW, that probably just got me the bye. I drafted Ingram third after Rodgers/Roddy. Now how am I supposed to fall asleep after that?
  12. A. Foster to miss 3-4 weeks

    Oh man, I am SO glad i passed on him and took Ben Tate in EVERY league so far. I had Arian in every league last year. FF is so easy!!!!! *JP from the movie Grandmas Boy's voice* I AM A GENIUS, SAMANTHA, YOU WILL BE MINE!!!!
  13. Sleeper Defenses in 2011?

    I'm partial to Arizona as well, Patrick Peterson is the real deal and everyone will know that soon! he'll probably take a return or two to the house as well... haven't looked at who has the best opposing schedule...*click click click*
  14. Bench Peterson?

    Your blue chip statement is a good point. I have Charles in the other league so that is an extra point in that direction. Cheers!
  15. Bench Peterson?

    I have Peterson, Arian Foster and Jamaal Charles but can only start two. So far I've gotten it right about 4 out of 7 weeks. Charles is a definite this week, but Foster looks to post good numbers as well. Adrian and Arian seems like the best bet, keep Charles' points off someone else's roster? NE def is pretty nasty.. IND and BUF on the other hand... I'm 3-4, don't get me started, 1 pt for 10 yards, 6pt td, 2 pts for 5 receps, 1,2,3 bonus pts for distance TDs, -1 FL Am i crazy? Am I going to die?