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  1. You walk away. Only solution.
  2. Austin Seferian-Jenkins

    So, he clearly lost possession. Those pics above prove that. They ruled that he did not regain possession, which means the ball remained fumbled, and was then ruled to be OB in the end zone. Note: for anyone that does not know, I am one of the die hard Pats homers on this site. I see the above explanation as plausible, if that were actually what happened, and especially if it were close to what happens and were the call on the field. More at issue for me here is the overturn than how the call was overturned. The rules are the rules. Maybe they are dumb, but I would rather see dumb rules applied evenly and then changed in the off-season. IMO, thatbwas clearly a TD, as thebplyer was a runner and had his hands on the ball as it crossed the plain / touched the pylon. I am sick of the refs not applying replay properly, which means clear and undisputable evidence of th call being wrong. I remember seeing it in a game recently, where the refs changed a spot and awarded a first down in a critical situation, and clearly the camera angle did not supply indisputable evidence. Perhaps not as aggregious as this call, but it affected the outcome of the game. To quote a famous coach, Do Your Job! Even though this went in my team’s favor, I have no interest in gift wins. Who knows how that game would have turned out....and that’s maddening to everyone!
  3. Week 4 Tailgate

    All came out very good. The sandwiches went fast, and migrated several tailgates away the ribs came out nicely. Not quite falling off the bone, but easy to eat and with just a little kick.
  4. Week 4 Tailgate

    I prepped my ribs last night. I am going to cook them sous vide on Saturday and finish them on the grill to reheat / sear on Sunday. they are dry spiced and vacuum sealed. I started by grinding alder smoked salt onto the meat, followed that with a lightly applied pepper mix that is habanero based, and then put a traditional spice rub over that (brown sugar, cumin, garlic powder, oregano, paprika) i have to figure out a sauce, still, but I will probably go with a whiskey based sauce and leave it on the side for dipping. i also prepped muffaletta mix, which is sitting in my fridge co-mingling until I make the sandwiches Sunday AM. All this stuff is sliced / chopped / minced as appropriate. pimento stuffed olives kalamata olives artichoke hearts capers banana peppers shallots garlic thyme oregano parsley crushed red olive oil balsamic vinegar a little juice from each can / jar i will dice up some fresh mozzarella and add that at the last minute. i typically do not measure. I know there is too much thyme in the mix, but once I spread it over cappicola ham, genoa salami, mortadella and provolone cheese, that will disappear. Probably going to make the sandwiches on thin baguettes and cut into roughly 2 inch squared. Should be good!
  5. Audible/Audio Books

    Just finished "The Lies of Locke Lamora", and it was good enough to get the sequel. love the Dresden Files as audio books. Light, entertaining and funny. the First Law series by Joe Abercrombie is a good listen. American Gods by Neil Gaimon 👍 For Sanderson, try The Way of Kings. Stephen King's 11-22-63 was very good.

    Hopefully going one kicker will not bite me in the rump. One defense I am definitely ok with. Crosby needs to stay healthy.

    I hate being on deck with one player as a preselect and waiting it out. Fantasy Football Torture!

    He likes to beat up on first graders, too. 😁

    24 is good.


    I have to agree with FlemingD. We are mid draft....I don't think it's fair to make changes.

    I did not notice either. Not sure if it would have affected my picks, so either way. Obviously prefer regular serpentine.

    I Sent him a PM
  14. Edelman.....that didn't look good

    So you are saying playing with Tom Brady made a big difference...
  15. Edelman.....that didn't look good

    Worker had a skill set that fit well with some things in the Pats system, and his talents were maximized. Woodhead and Edelman as well. The team is using a player in a way that helps the player succeed. Anyone with talent would shine in those circumstances, and so I don't think the above statement is a knock on the talent of the players mentioned.