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  1. Tom Brady No Longer A Patriot

    IMO, odds are the Stidham starts.
  2. Official QB domino thread

  3. One song

    Shouldn’t this get turned into a Spotify list at some point?
  4. Official QB domino thread

    Tom Brady?
  5. Please check in to ATAP

  6. Where will Mariota Go??

    This is some serious user necromancy!
  7. Titans vs Ravens

    I’s not like Tannehill lit up the Last 2 games. Kudos to the Titans, but they won on defense, special teams, and Henry. i did get to sit almost right next to his wife at the Pats game. Several nice ladies in the Titans wife group! And it’s hard not to root for Vrabel...i hope they take the whole thing!
  8. Merry Christmas fellow Huddlers!

    Merry Christmas
  9. MB League #1 12 teams

    Sad that I missed this. I was away without access
  10. Top 200

    I am working on an assumption that you have some kind of system behind the curtain that you use to create a value for each player / position, which is a major contributing factor to the top 200. If there could be some way to add a multiplier to each position that changes that value based on scoring system, that would be how I would approach the issue. tAke a league set-up that uses graduated PPR: .5 for RBs .75 for WRs 1.0 for TEs that would definitely skew the top 200 rankings for PPR, not by a lot in most cases, but in ways that might influence draft strategy. i completely understand why this is complicated, because nuance is hard to create mathematically. Still, the ability of a player to put points on the board has to have a dramatic affect on those rankings, so if “total points” is one of your math factors, then maybe that’s something to work with. maybe I will out a bit on this.
  11. Top 200

    DMD, any way that user input scoring systems could be used to reorder your top 200? barring that, would you be willing to put up a top 200 for TE premium leagues, something that I find trends in a lot of leagues that try to bump TE in order to create more positional balance. thanks!
  12. Tyreek Hill again...

    What about the national average for men earning $500,000 (whatever the NFL minimun is) or more annually?
  13. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE!

    SJax Caddy LT