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  1. Preparing for a butt-whipping?

    In one dynasty league this season I have lost: Keanu Neal Jake Ryan Marquise Lee Emmanuel Sanders Kareem Hunt Ziggy Ansah Darren Lee and also own Jordan Reed D foot James Connor Q ankle Ben Roethlisberger Q ribs i am going to get beaten like a drum this week!
  2. I love you George Kittle

    I traded him to your opponent.
  3. Emmanuel Sanders tore his Achilles during practice

    I am dealing with that in Fusion. Lost both, plus three other starters this season. I am toast.
  4. Choosing my playoff matchup?

    This title should read “Is tanking ok”?
  5. Week 12 MNF - whatcha need?

    it’s been a fun season, and you deserve the bye as much as I do or more. good luck the rest of the way!
  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Huddlers!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. But they won’t Just watch for it next year...threads get posted and people pipe up to take over dropped teams.
  8. I have a theory, but I am not sure you will appreciate it
  9. Yeah, so I took Bell in the Huddle Message Board League first overall...mainly because I like to spread my risk and already owned Gurley in 2 leagues. that season has been a complete bust
  10. Is this cheating??

    Sometimes it’s worth the $50 to know who you don’t want to associate with.
  11. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    Just speculting
  12. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    I Like to think the best of people. Maybe Bell is looking at this in a way that’s bigger than one contract. RBs generally get the shaft in the NFL. They probably take the most abuse in terms of hits / body wear and yet teams don’t want to pay them. RBs are constantly going down with season ending or career ending injuries. At some point the players at the position need to stand up for themselves, because they are giving a lot by comparison to other positions. Maybe he’s just trying to make a stand and be a leader for his positional bretheren.
  13. What happened to Opie?

  14. I’m not quite sure how to take this...

    so maybe i did this to myself and can’t recall. That is a baaaad sign
  15. From time to time I take an interest in the Huddle’s statistics, like post count, liked content, Huddler rank, etc. Most recently I was looking at Huddler Rank, and I found the following: Dcat (formerly SeductiveNun?) - Huddler Skylive5 - Huddler All Pro Big John - Huddler Hall Of Fame Keggerz - Huddle Staff DMD - Administrator then... Trojan Mojo - Little Lebowski Urban Achiever Rajncajn - Title? I don’t need no stinking title. Darin3 - Frequent poster and... Caveman_Nick - furniture Thanks...?