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  1. Superbowl 2019 Thread

    I have very strong feelings about this, since a playoff game in the 90’s when Matt Chatham let up and didn’t crush Kordell Stewart out of bounds. Slash made like he was going to fo OOB, ans when the defender slowed up, he dashed down the sidelined for what was a critical TD. Ever since that game I have always felt that in bounds is fair game when you are a runner. Turn TommyBoy into a smear if he’s running for the sidelines and you catch him, I’ll never complain about that! Anyways, i generally agree that the refs tried to stay out of the way for the most part, and I think everyone was glad for it. EDIT: Whoops, sorry. It was Todd Collins.,amp.html
  2. Superbowl 2019 Thread

    Fair point. I thought that was where the LOS distinction came in, though? There was another case earlier in the game that was also questionable for not being called grounding. Maybe even more so, but the situation would not have been as impactful. It’s when Goff was being chased OOB, and he launched the ball also OOB. That ball also did not cross the LOS, except maybe far OOB. d’Opie pointed out, it didn’t affect the winner. I was just curious as to what other folks observed there.
  3. Superbowl 2019 Thread

    Haven’t we known Brady was metro since the first Ugg commercial? I am not sure why this is a surprise to anyone. Swingin’ time with Tom and SuperG must be an ‘experience’
  4. Superbowl 2019 Thread

    Sorry I interrupted your trolling to talk technical football. I was looking for an actual opinion, maybe even some knowledge of the subject to clarify what made it grounding or not.
  5. Superbowl 2019 Thread

    I was on the edge of my seat the wholw game, but I imagine that’s natural as I was vested. Overall I was entertained. From a technical standpoint, can anyone comment on why Goff’s throw from the endzone when he had a herd of Pats defenders in his face was not Intentional Grounding? - Under diress, Check - In the pocket, Check - Ball didn’t make the LOS, Check. - No receiver within 5 yards of the ball, Check?
  6. I am tired of the moaning

    Are you confused by my assessment or my being not sure if I would like the coaches having this additional ‘power’ over game officiation? it’s just my again, I’m not really sure what the difficulty is. I didn’t even say I was against it. I just said i might not like it.
  7. I am tired of the moaning

    I am not arguing the system ‘isn’t broken’. I am arguing that the strategic implications of coaches being able to essentially throw their own penalty flags is not something to look on lightly.
  8. I am tired of the moaning

    And that means you are basically giving each HC 2 penalty flags to throw. I am not sure I like that. What’s so hard to understand?
  9. I am tired of the moaning

    My money says that If such a thing were to happen it would result in a penalty 90+% of the time.
  10. I am tired of the moaning

    Challenging a ‘No Call’ is essentially giving the HC the chance to call a penalty that was not called. Don’t split hairs.
  11. I am tired of the moaning

    I just want to make sure I understand your suggestion, Whomp. You want the coaches to not only be able to challenge flags that are thrown, but essentially to be able to call two penalties themselves when they think they deserve a call? Just think about how that could play out as a strategic chip. I am not sure how I would feel about that, even with The Hoodie as my head coach.
  12. I am tired of the moaning

    Maybe so, but overall it would reduce the number of penalties that grossly affect field postion.
  13. I am tired of the moaning

    So add a ‘flagrant’ grade that is a spot foul.
  14. I am tired of the moaning

    Everyone wants the officials to be consistant. I am not sure we can ever ask that they always “get it right”, but we can ask that they be consistant with their calls in the context of a single game and be in the ballpark of what each rule calls for. i am in the camp that thinks the NFL needs full time officials, and that weekly training, review of film, case by case discussion, and peer review is the best remedy for these problems. More review is not it, IMO. Also, please remove the spot foul aspect of PI. It’s devastatingly game changing for a penalty that is often a. Missed b. Ticky-Tack c. Wrong. Make it a 15 yard foul, and if it’s called in the last 2 minutes give the offense an extra 10 seconds (opposite of the 10 sec run off). re: this situation, people need to move past it. It did not end the game. The play call was questionable. The Saints still had to make the kick. The Saints still had a chance, winning the coin toss in OT, but choked. If they had just played better in regulation and not given up the lead, the situation would not have occurred. I know it’s hard to swallow, but you have to move on. In the end, they didn’t put themselves in a position to decisively win the game, and when games are coming down to last minute plays anything can happen. That’s sports!
  15. NFC Championship Thread

    Maybe the Saints fans should sue Payton for not calling a run play... Can any Seattle fans comment on this?