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  1. Blood test for concussions approved by FDA

    Hopefully it will at least keep people from coming back too soon.
  2. [dynasty] Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB

    Sounds like a smart deal for a rebuilding team, so long as he performs.
  3. [dynasty] ... most under valued players?

    There are a lot of ‘should be better’ guys out there. Add Jordan Matthews to the list. Malcolm Mitchell will be interesting. What happens with Martavis Bryant?
  4. [dynasty] Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB

    Tell that to Osweiller owners
  5. Congrats to the Eagles

    Well done And well won!
  6. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    Or, if they win, go for the never before achieved Threepeat.
  7. People actually believe this

  8. Ugghh, Now I have to root for NE

  9. Ugghh, Now I have to root for NE

    Pats vs Steelers/Ravens in the playoffs....and you can’t root for the meteor...?
  10. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    Tennis is really interesting, at least on the Men’s side. What a match if you could see Sampras and Federer in their primes! Serena probably curb stomps Graf or Navratalova.
  11. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    I am not sure what your point is. i am not saying Brady is ‘Better than Rice’. I am not saying Rice is ‘Better than Brady’. I am just saying that Rice had (approximately) as many advantageous factors around his success that they are a wash. Maybe more....maybe a bit less. Who can quantify? Doesn’t matter.
  12. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    Umm....Walsh ans Montana were the GOATs until recently... Young is HOF... the other coaches all were considered very good coaches. There was no slouch around Rice, and he even had the chance to pair up with Tim Brown late in his career. turning that reply around, what player had Brady had on the field playing with him who was a GOAT?
  13. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    I have hears this argument over and over, and it’s nonsense. let’s start with the division. They okayed six games against the Dolphins, Jets, and Bills. The roster was pretty talented, with a great o-line, moss and welker at wr, a perenially good running game, the best d-line in football, Mayo, Brabel and Mayo at LB, and a decent secondary anchored by Rodney Harrison. There was enough talent there to win some games. Week 1: beat the Chiefs Week 2: beat the Jets week 3: lost to Dolphins week 4 bye week 5: beat 49ers week 6: lost to Chargers week 7: spanked the Broncos (surprisingly....looks like a trap game) week 8: beat Rams week 9: lost Colts week 10: Beat bills week 11: Lost Jets week 12: Beat Dolphins week 13: lost Steelers week 14: Beat Seahawks week 15: Beat Raiders week 16: beat Cardinals week 17: beat Bills scored 410 points, game up 309 they went 4-0 against a weak NFC west, 4-2 against a weak AFC east, and went 3-3 against the rest of the AFC. Compare that performance to 2007, where they scored 589 points and gave up 275, to 2009 when Brady was not himself, scoring 427 and giving up 285, and 2010, back to the old brady, scoring 513 and giving up 313. Brady made a huge difference.
  14. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    Isn’t the argument against Brady the same as you would make against Rice? played with Montana and Young with much better talent around him played for Walsh, Siefert, Marriucci, and Gruden. Mind you, I am not arguing for Tom or against Rice, i think both are the best at what they did, and my opinion is that the OP presents an unanswerable question. The logic you are using is flawed as a case for Rice,though. IMO.