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  1. MFL is back!!

    MAybe now, but they weren’t when my league was moved to MFL.
  2. Dez Bryant cut

    Players that are above working and working with the team usually don’t make it in NE.
  3. MFL is back!!

    The blind bidding / waiver system is a big draw
  4. Custom Dynasty rankings

    So, i think the answer is
  5. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

    Very quiet. Truth be told, the local sports media is continuing to try and vulture on perceived discord in the organization. Everything that’s discussed goes through that filter :oldrolleyes:
  6. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

    Brady has never looked good throwing the ball deep. 2007 was an outlier, mainly because of amazing chemistry between Brady and Moss. It’s really never been a strong suit. To his credit, he keeps trying and works to improve it yearly. i don’t see the loss of Cooks as being particularly devastating to that offense. Edelman, Hogan, Gronk and White already know the offense inside and out. Burkhead is back. And there’s still a pile of potential in Dorsett, Patterson, Mitchell, and Britt. I think this was a very smart move.
  7. Jets Trade up

    the stupidity of the Jets surprises you?
  8. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

  9. Who does Cleveland take at 1.01?

    I’ll take your word...or Dan’s...on that. I’m just parroting some opinion I heard on why Darnold is ‘the guy’
  10. Who does Cleveland take at 1.01?

    I heard a comparison on the radio over the weekend by Dan Orlovsky. He compared Darnold to Roethlisberger/Romo (ability to create plays), and Rosen to Matt Ryan (Pocket Presence). His take was that the things Darnold does well are things you can’t teach, and his shortcomings can be coached out of him. If Taylor is looked at as a bridge QB, Darnold makes a lot of sense.
  11. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

  12. Jets Trade up

    The browns were 3-13 the season before Bill came. In 1994 they went 11-5. The team was they went to the playoffs. In his last season, the team fell apart after the sale was announced, so it’s hard to put that on the HC. Sounds to me like he had started to turn the team around. Different definitions of ‘Good Coach’ and ‘Success’, I guess :shrug:
  13. Jets Trade up

    I thought Belichick was a good coach for the Browns. Wasn’t it the sale/moving of the team that was the reason for him leaving? Iirc it came down to ownership issues. From a coaching standpoint it looked like his program was starting to take hold. It just took a few years to build up. Would have been the same here if not for the Bledsoe / Brady switch. Bledsoe was a very good QB in his own right, but just not ready to buy in to the Belichickian Way.
  14. Zay Jones got Taz'ed ;)

    Drugs are bad, M’kay?
  15. Jets Trade up

    I think that a lot of ‘franchise quarterbacks’ have been ruined by lack of talent around them. There’s not one player on the field. People keep talking about Tom Brady. Look at his development, his coaches, his teammates, the stability in the program, etc. is he great? Undoubtedly. Did he work his rear end off to become great? Without a doubt! If he had been drafted to the Browns would he be the same player with the same accolades? I don’t think so. Nature, nurture, talent and team are all key factors. Time will show this was not an equitable deal for the Jets.