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  1. It's Playoff Time!!!!

    3 and 3 for me.
  2. Josh Gordon Swag

    I still say Kizer has a shot. Now that he’s got a little talent to plY with, let’s see what he does. I think Johnny Unitas wouldnhave struggled running that offense the way the rest of the team was playing earlier this season. If Kizer looks decent, it would be smart of the Brownies to pick up other talent.
  3. How much of a downgrade for Eagles Ertz and Alshon?

    Foles isn’t terrible. He’s been qb of some fairly hig scoring teams. Obviously he’s not long term starter material, but i think overall the eagles skill players will not become junk.
  4. Zach Cleared??

    “God, I always said I would never bother you about baseball, Lord knows you have bigger things to worry about. But if you could make this pain in my shoulder stop for ten minutes, I would really appreciate it.”
  5. Coach of the Year

    I know that in a sense you are agreeing, I’ll just point out that to have to nitpick my points like that only proves them.
  6. Coach of the Year

    No coach is ever better. Jmo, but year in and year out he get the job done, never loses the team, deals with controversy and player turnover, manages the salary cap, deals with coaches leaving, etc. he just doesn’t get the COY nods becAuse someone else’s short term success is shinier for XYZ reason. honestly, i don’t care as long as the team keeps having great seasons, but he deserves it every year. Case Keenum having a breakout season is not an argument against it
  7. Coach of the Year

    It’s Bill Belichick every year. 17 straight winning seasons, missing the playoffs twice at 9-7 and 11-5. 10 AFC Championship game appearances, 7 SB appearances, and 2 miracle catches stand in the way of their being 7 time SB champs. Nobody else even comes close
  8. CRUNCH TIME! How close is your leagues playoff race?

    6 leagues, 5 of them have playoffs. One is a points league, and I expect to finish middle of the pack there. Fusion IDP Contract Dynasty: 16 teams, 6 make the playoffs. Expect to get a bye. ATAP IDP Contract Dynasty: 16 teams, 6 make the playoffs. Expect to miss the playoffs. Very disapponting as I will be the second or third highest scoring team and have the second best all play record. AOTAOP. IDP Contract Dynasty: 16 teams, 6 make the playoffs. I will draft second. Dynasty Wars. IDP Contract Dynasty: 16 teams, 6 make the playoffs. Won my division, will play in the first round. Local, 12 team league with a snake draft. 2 player keeper, not allowed to keep 2 from the same position, unrestricted otherwise. 6 make the playoffs. Expect to get a bye.
  9. Possible suspension for Gronk?

    He’ll probably get suspended a game, and deserves it. He at least deserves a fine. that being said, defenses have been abusing Gronk all season, holding , clutching, grabbing, and he keeps getting called for OPI that was at least a 50/50 OPI / DPI. The league has mot come close to getting it right and he has to be getting frustrated. No excuse for a late hit, but i can only guess that has a lot to do with it. If you are going to allow the defender to be handsy, don’t call the receiver for OPI just for freeing himself of some pencil-topper DB.
  10. SNF Pats/Broncos

    Pats looked pretty good, though...right? 😁
  11. Monday night - Panthers/Dolphins

    Gruden and McDonaugh are awful. Practically unwatchable.
  12. The Browns never ending search for a QB.

    So...on the actual topic, I am excited to see how much better (or not) Kizer looks having Coleman and Gordon to throw to as opposed to the complete zeros he has now. Maybe we’ll even see the running game take a turn for the better when the DBs have to cover someone with talent.
  13. Any News On Zeke Hearing?

    So, you’re saying there is no evidence and he got suspended. 🤔
  14. Any News On Zeke Hearing?

    So you are willing to denounce Brady on your logical conjecture which lacks evidence, but want to run to zeke’s defense?
  15. Any News On Zeke Hearing?

    Not being charged is not the same as didn’t do it. I am not saying he did anything, but Clearly the NFL is power mad when it comes to its image. Tom Brady didn’t do anything either, but he lost 4 games. Were you so offended by that?