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  1. Audible/Audio Books

    We are Legion, We are Bob was very enjoyable. i listened to “The Land” by Aleron Kong. Mildly entertaining, but not a hardy recomendation. Off To Be The Wizard was also mildly entertaining, maybe becaue I really enjoy Luke Daniels narration. As much as i like Nick Podehl’s work on Kingkiller Chronicles, I think luke would have been a better choice given the main character’s supposed Baritone voice. Ender’s Game and Ready Player One are good listens.
  2. It’s like Christmas Eve

  3. Who has been here since the 90s?

    2002, but yeah.
  4. Is Evan Engram Overrated?

    Maybe his targets don’t go down because... Defenses have to cover other players? The Giants might actually be able to sustain a few drives? OBJ demands double coverage?
  5. Martavis Bryant traded to the Raiders

    Paging Dez...
  6. Fantasy Football for Beginners

    Perhaps a subscription to could help him
  7. Whatever the rules say. If they don’t say, change that.
  8. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    I think Brissett will continue to develop, especially with the o-line and RB help they drafted.
  9. You really want to pick through this thread:
  10. Have we had any rookie drafts yet? Fusion Rookie Draft. As always, it has it’s own spirit and pattern!
  11. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    Aaaannd he’s doomed.
  12. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    No, Don’t listen to Taz...lots of folks have the Chubb at 1.02. I took him there when I had the pick.

    If i posted something that people like...say like...calling out another board member for posting a ‘naughty’ link, and that thread gets deleted, do I lose my likes? Tyranny, I tell you. No wonder I never win the day!
  14. Rankings PLEASE HELP

    DMD, this request sounds like an expanded version of the consistency articles you used to do. Maybe if would help the OP to get a membership and review that material?
  15. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    2 16 team IDP with positionally adjusted PPR scoring kicking off today: