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  1. Saints suspend Michael Thomas for MNF

    I feel there is a vibe of experience here...
  2. In most of my leagues we are just rolling with it.
  3. Artificial crowd noise

    There was one point in the ‘Aints-Faiders game where there was a noticeable delay between the play and the crowd noise. Made me laugh.
  4. Russel Wilson

    He’s very impressive.
  5. Saints fan rant

    Don’t let “The Media” sucking make you quit things. If more people paid less attention to their stupidity, the tune would change. Just leave them out of it.
  6. 2020 Huddle Draft kit????

  7. Roger Goodell gives up salary

    Try and look at it another way... How many NFL employees salaries is he paying with the money he is giving back, people that otherwise may get furloughed / laid off? Again, just not understanding the animosity towards the action.
  8. Roger Goodell gives up salary

    If the rest of the world’s mega millionaires each gave up 10% of their 2020 earnings that would solve a lot of people’s financial problems. I am not sure why this gesture is getting such a negative reaction. If he had not done this it probably would have gone unmentioned.
  9. Tom Brady No Longer A Patriot

    IMO, odds are the Stidham starts.
  10. Official QB domino thread

  11. One song

    Shouldn’t this get turned into a Spotify list at some point?
  12. Official QB domino thread

    Tom Brady?
  13. Please check in to ATAP