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  1. AFC Championship Game

    I know everyone is ‘dying’ to see a Peyton Manning / Rex Grossman rematch, but the other choices are like Rex Grossman vs Jake Plummer. 😝
  2. I just got an email stating as much, trying to find a source to corroborate.
  3. Anyone hearing that Tomlin resigned?

    Same here.

    Watch out for JoJo.
  5. AFC Championship Game

    I have nothing but respect for Browns fans. Truth is that most multi-sport Pats Fans that are of GenX age feel that pain. Curse of the Bambino. Hugh drought for the Bruins until 2011, the Dark Years of the Celtics through the 90s. The Pats before 2001. We get it more than you think
  6. AFC Championship Game

    Looooove the broad brush, though.
  7. AFC Championship Game

    clearly someone has an opinion.
  8. AFC Championship Game

    Philly in the SB would at least ignite a big market area....wouldn’t be the worst thing. Jax is not compelling. The Pats give people a reason to watch, even if it’s by and large a negative reason.

    Blake Bortles to the Steelers Defense:
  10. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    Btw, from the article you linked: In non-scientific use, however, hypothesisand theory are often used interchangeably to mean simply an idea, speculation, or hunch (though theory is more common in this regard) you’re even proving yourself wrong. Did you read the whole article or just enough to get a blurb you liked?
  11. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    Ow. I don’t have a lot of likes. :cry: Likes have been around less time than you have. Moran.
  12. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    You are a complete idiot. Not all things one might theorize about are related to science. Many words have multiple definitions. Your definition relates only to the use of the word with respect to scientific theory. But please, keep arguing with the top dictionaries in the world. It’s entertaining.
  13. Here we go Steelers..... again , ughh

    He did...after he said other stuff...
  14. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    You could just mark the forum as read.
  15. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    Wait...Let's check noun, plural theories. 1. a coherent group of tested general propositions, commonly regarded as correct, that can be used as principles of explanation and prediction for a class of phenomena: Einstein's theory of relativity. Synonyms: principle, law, doctrine. 2. a proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural and subject to experimentation, in contrast to well-established propositions that are regarded as reporting matters of actual fact. Synonyms: idea, notion hypothesis, postulate. Antonyms: practice, verification, corroboration, substantiation. 3. Mathematics. a body of principles, theorems, or the like, belonging to one subject: number theory.
  16. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    Oxford English says: 1A supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained. ‘Darwin's theory of evolution’ More example sentencesSynonyms 1.1 A set of principles on which the practice of an activity is based. ‘a theory of education’ mass noun ‘music theory’ More example sentencesSynonyms 1.2 An idea used to account for a situation or justify a course of action. ‘my theory would be that the place has been seriously mismanaged’
  17. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    You are just flat out wrong. From Merriam-Webster: "Definition of theory plural theories 1 : a plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena the wave theory of light 2 a : a belief, policy, or procedure proposed or followed as the basis of action her method is based on the theory that all children want to learn b : an ideal or hypothetical set of facts, principles, or circumstances —often used in the phrase in theory in theory, we have always advocated freedom for all 3 a : a hypothesis assumed for the sake of argument or investigation b : an unproved assumption : conjecture c : a body of theorems presenting a concise systematic view of a subject theory of equations 4 : the general or abstract principles of a body of fact, a science, or an art music theory 5 : abstract thought : speculation 6 : the analysis of a set of facts in their relation to one another" educator
  18. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    We aren’t attempting to validate scientific concepts, moran. My use of the word is perfectly acceptable in the context of its use. Use a dictionary before you try and criticize word usage, unless you are trying to look like a dummy.
  19. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    Fantasy football is not a physics class, Herman
  20. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    There is an interesting theory I heard recently as to why Brady is motivated to defy the odds, and it has to do with selling the TB12. Sure, he’s a competitive guy, wants like heck to win again at least once, etc. that being said, what better ‘walking billboard’ for the TB12 method could there be than for Tom to have unprecedented success in his 40s. I can see how that would affect his thinking and keep him doing whatever is necessary to stay at the top of his game s few years longer.
  21. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    Def, you’re fine. Maybe a little off in a few spots, but i wouldn’t say biased.