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  1. Jets Trade up

    The browns were 3-13 the season before Bill came. In 1994 they went 11-5. The team was they went to the playoffs. In his last season, the team fell apart after the sale was announced, so it’s hard to put that on the HC. Sounds to me like he had started to turn the team around. Different definitions of ‘Good Coach’ and ‘Success’, I guess :shrug:
  2. Jets Trade up

    I thought Belichick was a good coach for the Browns. Wasn’t it the sale/moving of the team that was the reason for him leaving? Iirc it came down to ownership issues. From a coaching standpoint it looked like his program was starting to take hold. It just took a few years to build up. Would have been the same here if not for the Bledsoe / Brady switch. Bledsoe was a very good QB in his own right, but just not ready to buy in to the Belichickian Way.
  3. Zay Jones got Taz'ed ;)

    Drugs are bad, M’kay?
  4. Jets Trade up

    I think that a lot of ‘franchise quarterbacks’ have been ruined by lack of talent around them. There’s not one player on the field. People keep talking about Tom Brady. Look at his development, his coaches, his teammates, the stability in the program, etc. is he great? Undoubtedly. Did he work his rear end off to become great? Without a doubt! If he had been drafted to the Browns would he be the same player with the same accolades? I don’t think so. Nature, nurture, talent and team are all key factors. Time will show this was not an equitable deal for the Jets.
  5. Jets Trade up

    It’s a ridiculous price. Ricky Williams dumb.
  6. Seferian-Jenkins signs with the Jaguars

    ‘Mary Mary Quite Contrary’ vs ‘The Kardashians’
  7. Seferian-Jenkins signs with the Jaguars

    Wait....did someone just reference Draftsharks?
  8. Seferian-Jenkins signs with the Jaguars

    Wasn’t he on suspension to start the year last year? That would affect his Draft slot.
  9. Jets Trade up

    I think of it in terms of overall value to the team, and As a Pats fan I approve of this move by the Jets. Tom Brady being a 6th round pick does not jade me...i’ve been a fan since the early 80s. I lived through the Rod Rust years. I know what it’s like to be a fan of a bad team. I think this is a move that will ultimately hurt them.
  10. Joe Mixon owners rejoice!!!

    Main point was that it was not a trade.
  11. Jets Trade up

    The jets gave up a chance at 3 front line contributors to move up 3 spots in a draft where the talent upgrade from 6-3 is minimal. Draft as many good players as you can. Giving up that much for that move is ridiculous!
  12. Jets Trade up

    “The Jets are sending their sixth, 37th and 49th overall selections in this year's draft and their second-rounder in 2019 to Indianapolis.” AAAAaand this is why the Jets will always suck.
  13. Joe Mixon owners rejoice!!!

    Not traded. Released and signed.
  14. Sammy Watkins to the Chiefs

    Good thing you stopped naming yourself after Chief’s HCs. Chief Dumbass does have a nice ring to it, Though.
  15. FAs: what do you want for your team

    Seems like there is an extra helping of name brand carnage this offseason.
  16. Landry to Cleveland

    Correct, and my point was that any QB drafted in the first round has had a heck of a stone wall to break through, regardless of where TB, etc., were drafted.
  17. Landry to Cleveland

    Oh....don’t be a PITA. He just worded it poorly. Flacco was the last player to be drafted as a first round QB to win a SB.
  18. Landry to Cleveland

    Guys like Brady, Manning, Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Wilson and Rothlisberger might have had something to say there. Even if the one player argument held water, that’s a tough group to punch through.
  19. Bell Making it impossible to sign long Term

    I can’t disagree, but then how much better would the Pats be if they had a Bell level talent in the backfield? MAybe the difference for them is less than it would be for, say, Miami because only one of those 2 teams has TB.
  20. Bell Making it impossible to sign long Term

    It’s a risk, for sure, but is it less of a risk for the player? Imo the RBs in the league need to stand up and get paid for the punishment they are asked to absorb, including the high risk of injury. if NFL teams do not want difference makers, then sign someone else. There is room for the great RBs large sums of guaranteed money, but in short contracts. The 36 for 3 style deals
  21. Bell Making it impossible to sign long Term

    Frankly I think RB’s get the shaft, and good for Bell trying to redefine the market. fact: certain teams have shown that you can have an adequate running game with RBBC and backs that are of average NFL talent. fact: certain RBs have shown that having eleite talent at the position can be a real difference maker. RBs take the most abuse of all the players that handle the ball, by a pretty large margin. When someone playing the position is an elite skill player, regardless of position, then they should be able to get paid a salary that says ‘star’!
  22. Taz check

  23. there are 5-6 standouts in this draft. Imo, if the Browns get 2 of them and manage to pick up extra late first / anytime second round picks, that’s a big win.
  24. I am thinking along the lines of a bridge guy. That allows the browns tonupgrade talent overall and see if the investment on kizer pays off.
  25. Is Kizer considered hopeless? Look at what they guy had to work with last year. Who could have succeeded with that mess around them?