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  1. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    The easy response is “pay the guy and he will show up and do his job”. Several GMs will take the risk because winning is a panacea, and most of them are clueless as to how to accomplish this. They know that talent helps, though, and he has that. I left Conner on my DTS to see hiw this playes out. I think it will end up being a decent move, becaue he will get a much longer deal next season than I would have given this year.
  2. Congratulations Brees!

    I’m not saying the other players never had any talent around them. I am saying none of them had as much for as long as Manning. I’m not even counting talented guys that didn’t stick very long like Austin Collie or Pierre Garcon, and I didn’t mention his always-on security slot receiver Brandon Stokley. Maybe his offensive line was only amazing because of the illegal hearing aids, but we won’t talk about that
  3. Congratulations Brees!

    Manning played with Harrison, Wayne and Clark for years, and had a top notch offensive line. Let’s not forget the security blanket of edgerrin james. none of the other QBs had that level of talent around them for the number of years Manning did.
  4. Congratulations Brees!

    Manning took a dump in his uniform in way too many big games to be considered the best ever or even the best of this group. All time great, yes. Best of those 4? Nah. I put him third, if I am ranking. Brady, Brees, Manning, Rogers. I will get accused of homer glasses, fine, but IMO when you look at team success both playoffs and regular season, passing numbers, longevity, and accolades, noting that none of those players other than Manning ever had any sustained time with terrific skill players, Brady is far and away the top of that group. Brees has done more with less in less time than Manning, ans has enjoyed similar overall success. Rogers...well...keep trying to stay healthy. The game is more fun when you are in it, but you keep getting knocked out.
  5. Congratulations Brees!

    There’s no reason for anyone to reduce Brees. He’s an all-time great. If someone can’t see that with their eyes, they are hopeless. At 39 he looks as sharp as ever. It will be fun to see how he and Brady finish up. Imo, the career records for passing yards and TDs will come down to who plays longer, not talent. Yards may not even come into play if Brady plays one more than Brees.
  6. Playoff Strategy/Losing on purpose

    FF at it’s core is a game of chance. At the end of the day, you are trying to apply a fix to a fair bet of chance. That’s dishonest and disrespectful to anyone else in the league. I’d leave a league where anyone acted like that if there was no action to oust the offending owner.
  7. Playoff Strategy/Losing on purpose

    Bush league. You are knowingly tampering with results. Possibly affecting who gets into the playoffs. Your actions affect more than your own team. Totally unethical.
  8. Audible/Audio Books

    Lisrened to “Off to be the Wizard” recently. The writing is not good, but the story is original and the performance bu Luke Daniels makes it entertaining.
  9. Audible/Audio Books

    Really limited titles, though
  10. Colts/Patriots game tonight

    Stadium is jumping
  11. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    Nobody around here appreciates a good fishing expedition anymore
  12. Huddle seeming unreliable

    You’ve been playing that long and you can blame someone else for your line-up choices with a straight face?
  13. Audible/Audio Books

    We are Legion, We are Bob was very enjoyable. i listened to “The Land” by Aleron Kong. Mildly entertaining, but not a hardy recomendation. Off To Be The Wizard was also mildly entertaining, maybe becaue I really enjoy Luke Daniels narration. As much as i like Nick Podehl’s work on Kingkiller Chronicles, I think luke would have been a better choice given the main character’s supposed Baritone voice. Ender’s Game and Ready Player One are good listens.
  14. It’s like Christmas Eve

  15. Who has been here since the 90s?

    2002, but yeah.
  16. Is Evan Engram Overrated?

    Maybe his targets don’t go down because... Defenses have to cover other players? The Giants might actually be able to sustain a few drives? OBJ demands double coverage?
  17. Martavis Bryant traded to the Raiders

    Paging Dez...
  18. Fantasy Football for Beginners

    Perhaps a subscription to could help him
  19. Whatever the rules say. If they don’t say, change that.
  20. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    I think Brissett will continue to develop, especially with the o-line and RB help they drafted.
  21. You really want to pick through this thread:
  22. Funny thing I am seeing in my Dynasty leagues is people consistantly working to move down from these spots. I am among them, although my reasoning is more that i have a lot of talent at RB and would rather get value at other positions. There’s not a lot of interest, so I will end up standing pat and using my Chubb to cover my Hyde. What are you seeing? Seems like there are a lot of worthy rb candidates, and for some reason nobody wants them. Weird.
  23. Have we had any rookie drafts yet? Fusion Rookie Draft. As always, it has it’s own spirit and pattern!

    If i posted something that people like...say like...calling out another board member for posting a ‘naughty’ link, and that thread gets deleted, do I lose my likes? Tyranny, I tell you. No wonder I never win the day!
  25. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    Aaaannd he’s doomed.