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  1. Should I stick with Koo?

    You roster 4 kickers?
  2. Coin flip

    Yep, hindsight's a bitch in Fantasy Football. Especially in the playoffs. I had the Ravens D.
  3. Tie Breakers

    We use total bench points.
  4. A.J. Green

    Now he's not expected to play. He looked SO good in the 8th round expected to return in a few weeks. lol I hate to drop him and watch him go off next week on someone else's team. Fantasy misery!
  5. James Conner Owners, grab and start Samuels?

    I picked him up and I don’t have Conner. He has serious skills and would be an rb2 if Conner sits.
  6. White has the safest floor. If Conner sits, then it would be hard not to go with Samuels. Metcalf would have to score to beat the other 2. I usually lean towards safe in the flex.
  7. Time to trade Murray????

    I would rather have Murray.
  8. Rare trade question from me....

    I agree. Minshew may not even keep his job once Foles returns. I can’t see them benching him but I wouldn’t ignore that possibility.
  9. A.J. Green

    So now he's on track to play week 10 and the Bengals have benched Dalton. This has not gone well for those of us that drafted him late and been waiting.
  10. Andy Dalton benched

    Can a player just quit playing and still get paid? lol Green didn’t get traded and has had a long recovery. I would think he has to play or retire or do something soon. It will be interesting to see what happens.
  11. Andy Dalton benched

    What’s this do to A.J. Greens value if and when he comes back? At least Dalton could find him.
  12. Did I screw myself? No players week 12

    I’m in the same situation week 10 and I’m just going to put warm bodies in there and take my lumps. No reason to blow up a playoff team for one week. Just roll with it and hope for the best.
  13. Murray or Sony? RB2

    I have the same choice for flex. I think I’m going with Latavius.
  14. Williams or White?

    Yes, ppr I would start White.
  15. Tell me I did not screw up.

    I don’t think you screwed up. Hopkins, while being a disappointment, still has a much better floor than Evans. Hopefully that will offset the difference between Cohen and Henry. Only time will tell, but I think it was a fair trade with you getting a chance for upside.