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  1. The Huddle: Do you read the site and forum support? Apparently not. I'm very disappointed in The Huddle. I still can not access Weekly Player Rankings - Dorey (Wednesday). Look, I paid for the service, and I should receive what I paid for. The customer service at The Huddle leaves a lot to be desired. Next season, I'll be using another fantasy football website. John
  2. Good Evening: I've been a loyal "The Huddle" member for years. However, this year, I am unable to view the Weekly Player Rankings - Dorey (Wednesday). Upon clicking the web link, I receive the following error message: The website cannot display the page. All other links can be viewed with no issues. I've tried both Internet Explorer as well as Firefox, but the result is the same - The website cannot display the page. Help!!! I've paid for the information, so I would like to receive it. John
  3. Hey, Huddle: Come on, man. I pay good money to use this website for fantasy football! I do not pay to get drop down ads (Ford). If this continues, I'm terminating my subscription. A dissatisfied (and long time) user. J
  4. Hello: I currently have Willis McGahee on my roster. Mike Bell (Saints) is available on waivers. Should I drop McGahee and pick up Mike Bell? My current roster: QB: M.Shaub QB: T. Romo RB: M. Turner RB: J. Addai RB: C. Benson RB: W. MaGahee WR: R. Wayne WR: C. Ochocinco WR: D. Bowe WR: S. Rice TE: O. Daniels K: Nate Kaeding D: NO C: S. Payton I am in a TD only leage. Thanks, John
  5. Hey, fellas: Who is the better start at the QB position this week: J. Kitna (Det) or D. Garrard (Jack)? jdbeez
  6. When did Fantasy Football start?

    I think it started on July 17, 1913.
  7. Rate my team

    Great team! You have fantasy studs at all positions...
  8. Draft Question

    Hey, fellas: Quick question: I draft this week on Sunday (14 team league). My first 4 picks are as follows: Round 1: 8th pick overall Round 2: 21st pick overall Round 3: 29th pick overall, and Round 4: 56th pick overall. Should I pick a RB, RB, WR, and a WR (in Rounds 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively), or should I pick a RB, WR, RB, WR? By using the latter, I would get both a stud RB and a stud WR in rounds 1 and 2. Or should I be conservative, and draft RBs in the first and second rounds? Thanks, jdbeez