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  1. Investing in the stock market...

    Jesus Irish I come back after a decade hiatus and you are fishing for stock tips from these momos who can’t even figure out what QB to start? Come on man!
  2. Dynasty openings?

    Hi all, Fantasy football vet here - long time huddler but inactive for more than a bit between work and kids. Would love to join an existing or startup dynasty league if anyone has a spot. Would prefer not IDP Thanks all WashD
  3. LLD Fee's. How do I owe the league per chance?

  4. WashD,

    You got me an addiitional 31pts by following your advice. Beanie got me 23!

    Thanks again man. I'll be back this weekend!

  5. Can be counted on to give well-thought out advice. A huge help for newbies like me!

  6. WashD makes the site better by his presence. Good Job

  7. Very good insight! Well thought out replies!!

  8. WashD provides well thought input and key insight. One of the best on the forum in my opinion. GO EAGLES!!!

  9. WashD consistently gives solid and reasonable advice. Thanks...