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  1. LLD Fee's. How do I owe the league per chance?

  2. Hey Huddlers - I have an opportunity for folks to help out my wife and make a bit of money while at it. She is conducting some quick consumer research on Financial Planning. Here is what she is looking for: • Willingness to participate in a one week study to build a financial plan for yourself without using a human financial advisor ... • You would need to meet via Skype with someone for an hour in the beginning of the week and the end of the week • You would need to journal your experience and share any websites you use You would also need to meet the following criteria: • Not be working with a financial advisor • Have at least $50K annual household income • Be interested in your financial future - Be from anywhere in US, EXCEPT the North East. Payment for your hard work would be $350. If you are interested in being considered please DM me asap as they are getting started with the research shortly. Thanks! WashingtonD (Dave)
  3. Thoughts and Prayers his way
  4. Skins need interior defense and toughness, love that Rankins could still be available at this spot - heckuva player with a lot of quickness that will help shore up run defense and potentially add some penetration toward the QB.
  5. Redskins select Sheldon Rankins DL Louisville
  6. 2016 Huddle Mock Draft, who's interested?

    Skins baby - Irish I keep my message box full because I hate how many clicks it takes me to respond but you have my email and text if you need to prompt me
  7. Thanks Huddlers! Dynasty King Title

    http://www.scout.com/fantasy/story/1650890-scouts-dynasty-kings-brothers-story Article about the win and the process just came out
  8. One decision I would have changed .......

    Traded my 1st and 3rd rookie picks next year for Danny Woodhead, Martellus Bennet and Steve Smith. All three got hurt or disappointed and combined that with losing Forte and Charles left my trade partner with a nice set of picks from me
  9. So MNF after Nugent kicked his first extra point I secured Scout Fantasy Sports inaugural Dynasty King title - awarded for most total points over the first three years against every other team competing in the DFWC (144 original teams - up to over 220 now). Over 8 years ago when I first joined this community I didn't even know what "dynasty" fantasy football was. I was an experienced redraft player looking for more leagues to compete in. This community has the most vibrant and competitive set of dynasty football players in the world. Competing against you all these past 8 years has been an absolute blast and a great learning experience. Way too many names for me to mention you all but truly I appreciate it especially if you competed in: Any Time, Any Place Any Other Time, Any Other Place Live and Let Dy (First Dynasty league I ever started) You only Dy Twice Full Impact IDP (Congrats to 5 Rings for bringing that title home to the Huddle this year vs the pros!) Dy Another Day Dymonds are Forever Thanks to this great community for not just introducing me to Dynasty Fantasy football, but helping me fall in love with it and for schooling me on all the ways to win (and lose!) WashD
  10. Doug Baldwin. Legit #1 type WR now?

    Busy year with work and family- didn't get to spend almost any quality time on Huddle forums unfortunately!
  11. Doug Baldwin. Legit #1 type WR now?

    He's not a WR #1 - regression on the TDs alone will knock him out of that conversation. That said - I think he's a nice player in that offense and easily could be a solid WR3 to low end WR2. I doubt I'll get him in re-draft, but he's a solid "hold" in Dynasty unless someone is willing to overpay for him.
  12. Steve Smith, Keenan Allen, Calvin Johnson in that order PPR or Standard - though I'm close to a coin flip between Smith and Allen
  13. Rishard Mathews or Steve Smith

    Smith by a long shot Mathews has had success - but his plays are shrinking against the other dolphin WR
  14. March Madness Tourney Pool...

    Do I show two or one brackets? I wasn't clear and want to PayPal the other ten if I owe it
  15. Looking for help from more experienced parents

    Phases and waves - don't give up! Involve him in cooking - game changer when they feel like they are making their food. Our kids get a list of three things they won't eat - everything else is fair game. They can change their list every week. Just saw your add that he is two. Yeah two year olds are jerks in general so I wouldn't sweat it much - but setting good patterns won't hurt either Good luck bro d