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  1. L. Jordan or W. Parker?

    parker. pit is happy running the ball. jordan only gets his after moss is happy.
  2. Jordan for arrington?

    jordan in a heartbeat. call him know and do it.
  3. 6pt all tds, 1pt/10yds, 1pt/rec need 2 to go with t.o. fitzgerald vs stl driver vs cle burleson at cin thanks
  4. Help me choose... 3RB's & 2 WR's

    edge, dillon, cmart, key, mason
  5. Big Trade

    hard to tell w/o knowing your entire team. i'd make the trade though. t.o. will be top3 wr and parker will be in rbbc when staley/bettis are healthy.
  6. LJ or Caddy

    lj gets 1/3 of the carries. thats 10-50yds-1td. i think thats better than cad puts up. one thing that makes me like cad is the hot humid fla weather. it killed den last wk.
  7. T.Jones or Droughens

    i like droughns. tj splits time and (i cant believe i'm saying this) det has the better def.
  8. Quick Poll

    plummer targeted lelie 10 times last wk. i think den was looking past mia to this game. i like lelie.
  9. 6pt all tds, 1pt/25 passing yds need 1. palmer vs min hasselbeck vs atl i think min really wants to bounce back, their db's are good and tj is a little nicked. atl has the better overall def but i think they'll have a letdown after mon nite. any help is appreciated.
  10. WR huhDIS !

    i'd play bruce. woodson should limit kennison and kc wont throw much cuz they want to control clock. i think arz/stl will be airing it all day.
  11. Bench Favre for Warner

    farve is the safer play. probably 250yds 2tds. green and davenport will limit him. shipp, jj wont eat into warner as much. warner stoked vs old team but does martz know him better? i believe i read that both stl starting db's missed last and will miss this wk also. that sways it for me, i'd go warner.
  12. flex help

    lelie is way too streaky but i do believe den was looking past mia last wk to this game; their home opener vs division champ. personally, i hate playing guys vs my def but the florida hot humid weather should wear down defenders. key and bledsoe go way back and seem to have chemistry. 1-keyshwan 2-clayton 3-lelie
  13. Need a #4 / backup RB

    hard to say w/o knowing your scoring system. if td only, grab tj. if getting 1pt/rec grab moe.
  14. 1pt/10yds, 6pt/tds, 1pt/rec need to start 3 wr's djax vs atl driver vs cle tj vs min burleson at cin at first i figuired tj would sit but atl def looked awfully good mon nite, i'm not sure about farve and gb offensive problems and min looked bad at home and usually plays worse on the road outside. any help is appreciated.
  15. Caddilac or Larry Johnson?

    i think lj is a safer play. he probably gets 10-70-1 vs oak def. cadillac is more of a wild card. bad tb off line doesnt help but he will get a lot of carries in what looks to be a low scoring game. look what happened to denver last wk in that hot humid weather. cw could have a big game vs a worn out buf def line or he could get shut down totally. if its looks like you have a better lineup than your opponent, i'd take lj and the sure pts. if you think you're aa underdog, go with cw. good luck