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  1. Urban Carry Holster

    Has anyone tried this holster? Hate to throw out $70 for a piece of crap.
  2. Please help vote for my friend

    Thanks guys. Please remember to vote daily. God blesd!
  3. Please help vote for my friend

    My friend Jeff is trying to win s wheelchair and could use your help. You can vote daily. Nothing to sign up and only takes a second. Thank you.
  4. Should I trade V. Davis (SF) for J. Thomas (Den) - non-ppr?
  5. WDIS @ QB?

    Matt Ryan vs Miami or Matt Schuab vs Baltimore. Thanks for any help.
  6. Anyone here use straight talk?

    I have signed up for Straight Talk thru Walmart. Has been working really well. I was looking into the easy exchange plus program to replace the phone if it gets damaged. It says it covers... Covers accidents such as: water damage, shattered screens and drops Covers Electrical and Mechanical failures 24/7/364 Support Available Your broken phone will be exchanged easily via mail, with NO Shipping Costs Easy claims process - no receipt needed Must purchase coverage within the first 30 days after initial activation Small monthly payments are automatically deducted for you Cancel at any time See plan terms and conditions for additional coverage information But when you look at terms and conditions one of the conditions is... Damage or other equipment failure due to causes beyond our control including, but not limited to, repairs necessary due to operator negligence, the failure to maintain the equipment according to the owner’s manual instructions, abuse, vandalism, theft, fire, flood, wind, freezing, power failure, inadequate power supply, unusual atmospheric conditions, acts of war or acts of God. Doesnt this pretty much cover everything possible? Has anyone used this program? Does it work? Would hate to sign up for this and find out that any kind of damage would be considered abuse. But the phone cost me a bundle and with my job Im kinda hard on phones. Thanks for any input.
  7. Tebow Tebow gets offer.
  8. Smith to the Chiefs

    I dont think Bowe cares about getting the ball more. He just wants a high paying, long term contract.
  9. Smith to the Chiefs

    I would say that Bowe would be pissed because he will probably get franchised again.
  10. Smith to the Chiefs

    I realize that there are not alot of QB's out there to pick up right now, but I think this is way to steep for a 29 year old, average QB. What's more is I can see KC trading off the first pick for more picks. This is eerily reminiscent of Pioli making the Cassel trade. Im concerned that they will put all of the eggs in Smiths basket.
  11. 2013 SuperBowl Box Pool...

    Bal SF 1 7 6 8 7 5 9 4 Not bad.
  12. 2013 SuperBowl Box Pool...

    So where do we see our numbers at?
  13. 2013 SuperBowl Box Pool...

    paypal sent. thanks.
  14. New Head Coaches/GM Tracker

    Chiefs hire John Dorsey as GM.
  15. Have you ever gone undefeated?

    went 15-1 one year. lost in the superbowl.