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  1. [ My team defense consists of the following: Roy Williams Dall Ronde Barber TB DJ Williams Den Barrett Ruud TB Roman Harper NO We play 3 defenders any position with a rather unique scoring system 1 pt tackle, 6 pts sack, 8 pts int In my opinion it was worth waiting on defense in order to get a good offensive team. It is a 15 team league that is entering its 20th year. Possible Pickups LBs DBs D-Line Jeramiah Trotter (will he replace Ruud) TB LaRon Landry SS Wash Jared Allen KC Ahmed Brooks MLB Cinn Bob Sanders SS Indy Tamba Hali KC Gerald Hayes MLB Ariz Brian Dawkins FS Philly Jammal Anderson Atl Chad Greenway WLB Minn Bernard Pollard SS KC Bert Berry Ariz Freddie Keiaho WLB Indy ???? Grant SS Seat Keith Brooking MLB Atl Michael Huff SS Oak Dan Morgan MLB Car Sean Jones SS Cle Gary Brackett MLB Indy Atari Bigby SS GB Tully Banta-Cain WLB SF Other players available... I thought these were the most intriguing.... all these may not be available full rosters not on line yet and I had been drinking a little. Thanks for any thoughts on any of these players Sorry I had the lists in neat rows pre-post