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  1. henry anderson

    Like him, just not sure he will be playing this week; and if so, snaps may be limited... .
  2. Openings in 2 Huddle Forum Leages

    Interested..PM Sent!
  3. Good topic! 1st..Understand your frustration; and the rules are the rules...Always read carefully before joining any League. However, every long term League must make changes along the way, or even the strongest of Leagues will fade and die. Take a League vote; if it changes and you can't live with it, you can leave, or they can leave...Just the way of FF. 2nd...Offer solutions...I have seen a lot of keeper Leagues move to "contract" keepers. That way the talent pool is always changing, and lesser teams have hope for the future. 3rd...That's why I mostly play in Dynasty with contracts. You are rewarded for your hard work, but have to constantly plan ahead to remain balanced. You have to choose the years you want to make a Superbowl run, and those you need to rebuild. My fave for long term play. Finally, if it's a group of friends...Does it really matter that much? I always have much more fun regardless of format, playing with a group of people I know. Don't let it deter from the fun of the upcoming season. I'm sure you will get it worked out...Have a great Season!!
  4. Benjamin, Cooks or ARob?

    I'd go Benjamin...With the addition of Funchess; he should continue to build as the coverage has to rotate. Also, if he is a keeper, has the younger QB.
  5. Draft strategy

    Team BLUE: Solid and balanced...Competitive this year, and into the future if Dynasty conversion.
  6. CJ Anderson's stock solidifying?

    (Rotoworld) Peyton Manning went out of his way to talk up C.J. Anderson Wednesday. "C.J. of course, if you talk to him you think he's about a 12-year veteran starter and he's only started six games," Manning said. "I'm getting a ton of reps with him, and the sky is the limit for him, I will say that." Could be "Peyton" speak...But if he likes him, I like him.