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  1. Keeper League - Who Has A Better Value

    I'm not on the Damien Williams train, even though a 7th is good value for him based on his projections. Henry is a solid pick and while a 3rd is just fair value imo, it's better than a crap shoot which is what I think Williams is....too short of a stat span last year for me to trust he's going to be an RB1 for KC. He did what in 4 yrs at Miami?.... Just my .02
  2. Need WR Help!!!

    White and Gordon for Diggs and Fitz? or Diggs and Washington?....that's more fair at least....his RB's suck and he knows it. I would wait for a better offer, he obviously doesn't want to really give up anything to actually improve his team.
  3. Does this league have a website with prior years on it? One where you can look back and see how prior drafts went? Being a PPR WR only I doubt Thomas and Ju Ju both will come down to you. Unless there are some blind bats in the league I'm sure WR's come off the board like RB's do normally.
  4. Need WR Help!!!

    Just tell him to buzz off and come back when he's serious, that's just a stupid trade offer.
  5. Z.Elliot vs S.Barkley

    They stacked the box on Barkley plenty last year, his schedule is easier this year, they have enough weapons in the passing game, and Barkley spits out wide sometimes too....Barkley imo....
  6. Bell + AB for Saquon?

    I can see the merit's of it, based on the potential of Bell and AB, so I will have to disagree with the hell no's lol.... The point I agree with them on is players going to new teams, do NOT usually replicate where they left we've seen neither one in actual action with their new teams. So the trade while fair imo based on value given vs. value received, is not without risk. The thing to ask yourself obviously, is whether Barkley and whichever WR you play, would under produce what Bell and AB would produce on a weekly basis....I'm not sure Barkley and Robinson, or Barkley and Landry, would under produce Bell and AB on a regular enough basis to make the trade. It may apper to strengthen your team on paper, but in reality I'm not sure it does. I could see pulling the trigger because you've done some research and believe Bell and AB will be better than others think, but don't do it because you think you'll be getting Bell from 2017 and AB from last year...because odds are you will not.
  7. Sorry, but no I would not use a site for this purpose.
  8. Cook is not in the conversation vs. the other two imo. I would go Chubb, but can see the merits of Adams depending on your draft position. Do you get to know that before making this decision?
  9. #1 pick Kamara or CmC

    Barkley or CMC, and RB, RB, WR imo, because in PPR the valid WR field is larger, unless the draft goes weird and you find yourself looking at someone you rated higher and didn't think would be there when it comes back to you.
  10. Pick #2 or #10-12?

    I would take #2 over get the bounce back in the next round, and I'd rather have a guy I feel is worthy of #2 over a guy worthy of #10-12....Kamara or CMcM is a coin flip imo, I would be happy with either one as my RB1...If you wait til #10-12 who will be your RB1?.....If you don't believe either one is worth a #2 pick, can you trade down AND possibly get another late round pick from that person? A non-PPR league does devalue both Kamara and McCaffrey, is it TD ONLY or do you get any bonus points for yardage?
  11. Keep 1 - A Cooper, B Cooks, or S Diggs

    Coop, playing under 5th and last year option, big year means big money next contract....although 13.9 million this year isn't too shabby.
  12. Winston, Ryan, Murray, Rivers

    What they said....
  13. Keeper help auction draft

    I would keep, Kamara, DJ, Chubb and can spend another $50 and get Adams or another top WR I'm sure. $15 on those 4 guys with $185 still to spend? Sign me up. Kareem Hunt can't play til week 9, and how much will they use him right away? He might just be trade bait. You'll have your 2 RB's and Flex covered, a stud TE and enough money to spend you can grab two good/great WR's anyway most likely. The value is too good to pass up imo.
  14. 12 team Keeper league ( can keep 4 players)

    The only decision is Rodgers vs. Fournette imo....they both have risk, but I think Rodgers has a bounce back year this year so I would lean his way....depending on your draft position you may snag another high rank RB and have a nice core.
  15. Pick a keeper,decisons decisons...

    Never played auction style....but I'll give my .02 anyway....So Hopkins would cost you $22 and McCaffrey $31 of your $100 budget? How much would Kittle be? $5? Are all the ones showing no salary only $5 to keep? I'd be doing a calculation of the players I wanted, divide last years points by the keeper price to determine points earned per $ of cost, then do the same with the projected numbers. This would give you which guy provides the most value on cost vs. points earned....which while not the determining factor as though it's all statistical decision making, would at least give you some food for thought. Quick calc: McCaffrey provided 16 points for every dollar spent last year (418/26) keeping him drops that to 14.25 points per dollar all being equal (418/31)....but only 11 pts per dollar based on projections (342/31) Hopkins = 19.7 points per dollar last year (335/17) and keeping him drops that to 14.56 pts per dollar (335/23)....but 15.8 pts per dollar based on projections (364/23) Was Kittle a FA acquisition? Is he only a $5 cost to keep? If so he's the best value at 53 pts per keeper dollar last year (265/5) and as a keeper/projected points of (227/5) provides 45pts per dollar spent. You can do the rest if you want for Rodgers, etc, etc, etc, but you get my point. Bang for the buck you can't beat Kittle the way I'm seeing things, and I'm guessing you can't get him for $5 considering the avg price for a top 5 TE? But that might not be the reason to keep him, looking at the other guys too. I mean if it only costs $5 to get Dak as your starting QB, who else could you afford at other positions? Hope I helped and didn't just muddy the waters lol. Good luck.