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  1. Add Funchess Drop Tannehill?

    Doesnt RG3 actually hurt Duke? and help Crowell??
  2. no Joique?

    Thank god
  3. Seems like he is almost 100% and his ADP is around the 3rd-4th round in a 12 team league so yes its a great value.
  4. Charles, his ADP is a consensus #1 anyway so your decision should be easy.
  5. PPR WR - Allen or Wright

    Allen hands down. A top 10 in dynasty and the #1 on great passing team. Wright you can get later in the draft. Keep the guy who by all experts believe will be a elite WR.
  6. keeper help

    Jeffery and it's not even close.
  7. Get to keep 5...

    +1 no brainer
  8. Your Superbowl Team(s)

    12 team PPR QB Cutler RB Bush,Forte WR Allen,Garcon Flex Vereen TE J Thomas K Gould Def Lions
  9. Cutler Sunday Night

    Look just play whoever you want to. If you think they will rest your specific players, then play someone else. I for one don't play that way. To add, why on earth are you so damn bitter and hostile? You Answered my post with a total pissed off attitude. Now you're saying I'm arrogant?? I in no way think there is zero chance of this happening BUT you play this game based on chance and luck. Just play the game and if honda happens oh well you did your best. You can't control what teams are going to do. In the future please refrain from being so hostile to ppl on this board. We are here to help others and to give our opinions, right or wrong. If you think someones opinion is off the mark or not to your liking, you can certainly respond in a more mature way rather than being harsh and defensive. Good luck on your endeavours
  10. Cutler Sunday Night

    Win that game, and Trestman might wind up resting his starters in Week 17. This coming from the article you just posted. Trestman know he has to win the game THIS WEEK!! He will not rest players if he knows he needs to win this week. Unless they are blowing out the Eagles buy 4 TDs, which is very unlikely, he may consider it. Bottom line he is not resting anyone.
  11. Cutler Sunday Night

    I assume this is a joke. The Bears and the Eagles are still having to play for seeding no matter how you slice it. And seeding is important. No players are going to be benched for this game on either side no matter how the early games go, I am certain of that. C'mon already. I'm really getting tired of ppl talking about "resting players". Are the Eagles going to rest players as well? You have to play like you think you are going to win in the playoffs. If they lose to Philly, they have to play in Philly in the NFC Championship if somehow both win against Seattle/NO or Carolina. That is a big enough incentive to not get your team out of sync and thus miss the playoffs completely. The #1 and #2 seeds are set. Seattle (with a remote chance of SF) and most likely the winner of the NO/Carolina game. No other teams have a chance at the byes. Also, Cutler has played one game now since coming back, pretty sure you want him sharp in the playoffs. The Bears offense looks good enough to play with anyone, so getting the 3 seed could be huge if they continue to play well. I think getting Cutler sharp and getting the 3 seed is important enough and way outweighs getting rest for the week 17. Getting rest for week 17 makes the ultimate goal getting into the playoffs. The Bears ultimate goal is winning the Super Bowl and resting starters in week 16 goes against that goal. No Bears fan cares about just getting in, they want to host the NFC Championship game at Soldier Field. Won't happen, CHI sits everyone in week 16. Then they get beat in week 17. Then Trestman gets run out of town because "his guys weren't sharp." Think like a coach and not like a fan.
  12. Vereen

    Anyone risking playing Vereen in their championship game? In my situation I'm actually waiting to see if Rodgers is cleared to play. If he is I'm considering playing Boykin over him as my flex. What worries me is that from this point on, defenses will try and mimic what Miami did.
  13. What do you need tonight to keep rolling

    I can't believe it but bush did it for me hello championship game